Why is my iPhone not charging anymore

iPad / iPhone iPhone stops charging - what to do?


The iPhone performs at its best every day. Of course, the demands on the charger are high. The iPhone's battery usually has to be recharged every day, which is only possible with a functioning connection to the mains. But the loading doesn't work for you? Then you should try these tips:

Charge your iPhone: use official accessories

In some cases, power supplies or USB cables from other manufacturers are not recognized by the iPhone. To be on the safe side, you should always either original Apple accessories use for charging or Accessories that Apple markets itself. These are certified by Apple and have a "Made for Apple"Logo. This Apple support page explains how to identify counterfeit or uncertified accessories.

You can also use an iPad power adapter for charging. Although this has more power (12W) than the iPhone power supply (5W), it does not damage the battery in any way and even enables faster charging.

iPhone won't charge: you can do that

Check accessories and connection

If your iPhone doesn't charge properly even with the official power adapter and a USB cable from Apple, you should first check whether Faulty cable or power supply are. Take for it another Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to help. So if the charger works on any of these other devices, then the problem is with your iPhone. Check if the Lightning connector on the iPhone is ok. If there is dust or dirt on the contacts or if something is bent, the connection must be cleaned or repaired.

Reduce power consumption


If your iPhone shows that the Charging works, but the Battery indicator does not change really? Perhaps your battery is being used particularly heavily and preventing normal charging. Try that Reduce power consumptionby closing all open apps and disconnecting all connections, for example. The easiest way to do this is to plug the iPhone directly into the Flight mode offset.

Restart the iPhone

Maybe there is a small bug in the system somewhere that is preventing the loading process. The To switch on and off the iPhone can help. Turn the iPhone off and then back on again after a short while and see if it is charging. Still no improvement in sight? Maybe one can help Hard reset, the "forced restart". This deletes the iPhone's cache and can also fix minor malfunctions. Our article "iPhone: Hard Reset - this is how it works" explains which buttons you have to press on which iPhone model.

iPhone does not charge on the PC: That helps

You can of course also charge your iPhone on the computer. Every now and then there is the problem with Windows computers that the iPhone is not recognized. In our article "PC does not recognize iPhone - that helps!" you will find a few possible solutions.