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Discover the top sights in San Marino

In northern Italy, for example 15 km from the Adriatic coast and Rimini, is San Marino. What is special about this attractive travel destination is that it is the oldest republic in Europe and an independent state. But apart from its special political position, San Marino exudes the same Italian charm as its surroundings.

And of course San Marino also has many sights to offer. The location of the capital of the same name on Mount Titano alone is a sight that will be remembered.

And it was not for nothing that the city and the mountain became UNESCO World Heritage Site explains: The historic city center with the fortress is only one reason why you should vacation in San Marino. Here I am going to present you the highlights of the sights of San Marino in detail.

Attractions in San Marino

The defense towers of San Marino

The medieval fortress that meanders up Monte Titano is a very imposing structure and is one of the top sights in San Marino. It is protected by three defense towers, one after the other Peaks of the Titano mountain named are: Guaita, Cesta and Montale.

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The oldest tower, Guaita, comes from the 11th century and used to be a prison for a while. There is a in the Cesta tower Ancient Arms Museum. Both towers can be visited, but unfortunately the third one is not.

You can reach the fortress and the three towers via hiking trails and a fascinating view of the whole area awaits you at the top.

opening hours

  • March 20 - September 20: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • September 21 - March 19: 8:50 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Entrance fee
€ 4.50 for the Guaita and Cesta towers combined


The streets in San Marino are steep and mostly cobblestone. So think about good shoes!

The government palace

Another must-see attraction in San Marino is the neo-Gothic government palace, which was inaugurated at the end of the 19th century. While the tourist information is located on the ground floor, there are regular exhibitions on the upper floor. Incidentally, there is a work of the famous painter Guernico.

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The. Twice a day takes place in front of the government building Changing of the guard instead, which is very popular with tourists. An even bigger attraction is that Military parade, each Early April and early October attracts many visitors.

And in case you are wondering what kind of figure that stands outside the palace: it is Statue of Liberty designed by sculptor Galetti, which was donated in 1876 by Countess Otilia Heyroth Wagener.

The basilica of San Marino

Your sightseeing tour of the most important sights in San Marino continues to the basilica, the tallest church in town and at the same time the most important in the entire state.

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It was built between 1826 and 1838 and 1926 by Pope Pius XI. to Basilica minor raised - an honorary title that has so far only been awarded to around 1,500 churches around the world.

Inside the sacred building you can find many statues, such as one Sculpture of Saint Marinus, admire. The relics and the skull of the patron saint are buried under the altar. There are also numerous paintings in the church, including some by Titian's students.

The museums of San Marino

The many museums are among the most interesting sights in San Marino. You can easily spend a whole day just museum hopping.

The most important is that State Museum in the Palazzo Pergami. There you will learn everything about the history of San Marino and the legend of the patron saint Marinus. painting of Guernico, Pompeo Batoni and others can be admired here as well as archaeological finds, sculptures and works from the Middle Ages.

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Modern art can also be found in San Marino: in the Gallery for modern and contemporary art paintings, photos, drawings and sculptures from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day are exhibited.

in the Museum of curiosities it is less intellectual: Here the humor is in the foreground and unusual to bizarre objects such as old mousetraps and obscure figures are presented.

There is also another Wax museum, a Postage Stamp Museum, a Emigrant Museum and the Pinacoteca San Francesco, waiting for your visit.

Tip for sports car fans

If you are already in the area and still have time after your visit to San Marino, drive to it by rental car Maranello, where a particularly exciting car museum is located: the Ferrari Museum, in which everything revolves around the red speedsters.

Not far from San Marino, by the way, is also the famous one Imola Circuit.

Handicrafts and souvenirs

The many small shops that are scattered in the alleys of the old town are also among the sights in San Marino. You will find many regional goods, clothing, jewelry, leather products, a lot of handicrafts such as ceramics, precious metals and unique items made of knitwear or lace. The state of San Marino is also known for the production of coins and postage stamps.

Shop tax free

In San Marino, shopping is particularly fun, because it is mostly only low or even at all no taxes raised. Watch out for stores that are members of the Tax-free systems are. But be careful: The purchased goods must be declared when they are exported to the EU (except Italy).

There is one once a week Market with historical products from the First and Second World War. But you have to know: Although buying old weapons is legal in San Marino, it is illegal and even punishable if you bring these or similar souvenirs across the border without having an Italian gun license.

The forts

In addition to the capital of the same name, San Marino has other attractions to offer in the vicinity. This also includes the forts, all of which are between 5 and 10 km away.

You can find that in the northwest of the republic Serravalle Castle, which was already mentioned in the 10th century, in the east that Faetano Castle, that once belonged to a noble family from Rimini - just like that Fiorentino Castle in the south. In the west you come across that Acquaviva Castle, in the southeast near the Italian border on the Montegiardino Castle.


The easiest way to reach San Marino and its surroundings is by rental car. Since there is no rental station in San Marino itself, it is best to book your rental car from Rimini. From there it is only around 17 km to the border with San Marino and around 30 km to San Marino city.


Border crossings to San Marino are normally allowed, but must be registered with the landlord in advance.

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