What's delicious in Busan

8 - guessing game

Jungkook couldn't believe what he was hearing there. He stared perplexed at the radio.
Did he want to know what food he liked? Or was it going in a completely different direction?
Jungkook looked at his cell phone, cheeks flushed.
How should he answer that? Write to the radio hoping it's Jimin who'll answer?


As if in a trance, Jungkook grabbed his cell phone and wrote a private message to the broadcaster.

Hello, I hope Jimin can read this. He asked what's delicious in Busan, and I wanted to give him an answer.

And already he had sent the message and cursed his Gehrin for these lines of thought. He quickly locked his cell phone and took a long shower to sort his thoughts. Why did he always do everything without thinking?

After a while he left the steamy shower and tied a towel around his waist. He left the bathroom and padded into the living room. He switched on the television and let it run quietly in the background.
Jungkook grabbed his cell phone and took it into the sparsely furnished bedroom. From his bed, he took his sleeping clothes and put them on, when suddenly his cell phone rang.

Startled, he unlocked it and opened Instagram.

Hello :)
Here is Jimin, glad you listened and really want to answer it. What's your answer?

Jungkook smiled and read the message. He actually wrote with him. He was able to get to know the person with the beautiful voice better.

The fish from the Jagalchi fish market is one of the tastiest things in Busan for me :)
What do you like, if I may ask?

Sweet ^ ~ ^
It's not the fish, even though it's already good.

So what? More like something sweet?

You could say that ;)

Don't you want to tell me : /

That would be too boring. Rate: 3

But what salty?

Nah. Keep guessing :)

Angry? Bitter? Kimchi? Lamb skewers?

No. No. No. No. Any more suggestions?

Are we still talking about food?

What do you think? ;>

Embarrassed, he dropped the cell phone on his lap. What is all this going to be here? Jimin can never mean anything else in life and if he did, he wouldn't know what exactly, what Jimin wanted to hear.

You know what, from now on you have one try every day to guess. You can use it or not. If you haven't got it out after a month, I'll tell you. With a small consideration, of course. Otherwise it wouldn't be fun anymore.
You already had today's attempt;)

Jungkook couldn't believe that he was really in contact with Jimin any longer. Maybe he would actually meet him someday. He really wanted to know which face belonged to that beautiful voice.

This story really won't last long πŸ™ˆ
I hope you like the idea of ​​where Jikook gets closer. And when the time comes, the story is almost over. πŸ˜‚