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Equipment 9.00

McAfee puts on completely Cross-platform products, just like competitors Norton. The software licenses can therefore be used independently of the operating system. Whoever has purchased the security suite is free to decide whether to use it for one Mac or one Windows-PC, uses for a smartphone or a tablet.

The best Mac antivirus software in comparison

For home users McAfee two products: Total Protection and LiveSafe. However, the manufacturer does not make it easy for potential customers to find out about the differences. The website is sensational little information about the range of functions price. At least the potential new customer learns something about the features of the security suite. It can be installed on an unlimited number of devices and contains, among other things, a password manager and a gigabyte of cloud storage. What are the differences between Total protection and LiveSafe persist is not clear. A table with a Comparison of functions the user searches in vain. From the brief overview of features, it can be seen that LiveSafe includes cloud backup while buyers of Total protection also got a function for file encryption.

Another difference can be seen: While the customer Total protection can only install on one computer for 59.95 euros LiveSafe 89.95 euros and runs on an unlimited number of devices. For the same price, the customer can purchase a ten-user license for Total protection acquire.

Anyone interested in buying LiveSafe decides to have access to a customer account on the McAfeeWebsite. There he can download the software he has purchased. In case of LiveSafe there are three different programs:

  • LiveSafe itself contains a firewall, a firewall and the web security module SiteAdvisor. In fact, this software can be installed on an unlimited number of devices.
  • The password manager True key, which is apparently the advertised identity protection. This program may only be installed on five devices at the same time.
  • An app for using the Cloud storage. However, this does not work on the Macbut only with the operating systems iOS, Android or Windows. In addition, only one license is included in the package for this.

Blasts through firewall, password manager and cloud storage McAfee LiveSafe the range of functions of a typical antivirus program, the equipment corresponds more to that of a virus scanner suite, which also corresponds to the relatively high costs. Unfortunately, there is no anti-tracking extension for browsers, but users can access free extensions from third-party manufacturers such as uBlock Origin or Ghostery To fall back on. The lack of parental controls is also bearable, after all, this protection is with macOS already part of the operating system.


AV test and AV-Comparatives, the two Antivirus testing laboratoriesthat also have data too Mac-Publish software, unfortunately currently do not have a test McAfee LiveSafe carried out. AV test but at least it has McAfee Endpoint Security For Mac under the microscope, the corporate solution from McAfeewhich is likely to use the same malware signatures as the private customer solution. Endpoint Security achieves a recognition rate of 99.6 percent. McAfee thus finds almost all malware. In the same test, however, the majority of all programs achieved a detection rate of 100 percent, which is actually very good malware detection of McAfee does not shine in direct comparison.

Much good, nothing specific

AV-Comparatives Has LiveSafe last tested in 2016. At that time, the program detected 100 percent of the malware for the Mac and 94 percent of the malware for Windows. In the roughly two years since then, the test laboratory McAfee under the microscope, the values ​​have certainly not stayed exactly the same, but it is also unlikely that they will move in a completely different order of magnitude today. Will the recognition rate of the WindowsVersion used as an indication that the AV-Comparatives is checked regularly LiveSafe got even better. In 2016 it was around 95 percent, when it came to the most recent test in April 2018 McAfee SafeLive For Windows even for the first time to a full 100 percent.

Although there are really no reliable figures, everything indicates that the current one too Mac-Version detects almost any malware and renders it harmless. Anything else would also be embarrassing for the company. After all, it is McAfee one of the best-known and oldest manufacturers of antivirus programs and half owned by the renowned chip manufacturer Intel. However, a skeptical user could rightly object that only current tests by recognized test laboratories really convince him of the virus scanner and that he does not want to trust its good name alone.

The second firewall

A firewall provides extra protection against hackers. However, many security experts believe this is for macOS not necessary. For one, because the operating system doesn't like Windows makes extensive use of network services for locally installed programs and thus there is no need to hide these network services from hackers. On the other hand, because the operating system already includes a firewall. This enables the user to prohibit or allow incoming connections for individual applications in a very simple way.

The firewall of McAfee is configured by default to be in public Network blocks all incoming connections and all outgoing allowed. In private networks, it allows all connections except incoming, which do not come from within the network, but from the Internet. These perfectly reasonable standard settings cannot be changed, but can be overwritten with your own rules. However, this requires a basic knowledge of network security, because anyone who cannot do anything with ports and IP addresses will not be able to create meaningful rules. The majority of users are well advised to either turn the firewall on or off and not touch it otherwise. Apparently manufacturers also had this idea Avirathat is in his antivirus for Mac Has built in a firewall where the user cannot create his own rules at all.

What to do with the passwords?

It is very positive that the password managerTrue Key Part of the protection package. The use of a password manager is a good step towards more security for almost all Internet users. This makes it easy to log in with a different and secure password each time you log in. Experience has shown that many users use passwords that are too simple and often the same for several pages when they have to enter their login data manually each time they log in. Browser like Firefox, Chrome and safari bring their own password managers with them, which are sufficient for most users, but those who switch back and forth between different browsers or computers are better off with an external product.

A True-Key-Extension is for Firefox and Chrome available, but not for safari. This makes the password manager unusable for users who use the Apple- prefer your own browser. However, this user group can manage the keychain Mac use. This solution has the advantage that all passwords, those of the browser and those of the other programs, are stored centrally in one place.

Performance 7.50

McAfee LiveSafe is by far slowest virus scanner in the test. It takes an hour and 17 minutes for the computer to be completely scanned for viruses. The penultimate in terms of scan speed, Kaspersky, takes 56 minutes for this task. There is a large spread in scan speeds; the fastest programs are panda and Bitdefender. These scan for viruses in fast 1 m 26 s or 7 m 23 s. If the user hopes to get in McAfee LiveSafe to be able to switch to a quick scan to avoid the slowness of the virus scanner, he will be disappointed. A quick virus scan is missing from LiveSafe namely, although such a function would be useful especially with this program.

Service 7.70

The real-time scan, which runs permanently in the background, does not cause any loss of performance. In the test, the copying time even exceeded the reference value (copying itself without an installed antivirus program), which, however, could be attributed to random fluctuations. The download, however, takes with it McAfee about half a minute longer than the reference value, similar to that with other antivirus programs. When it comes to storage space requirements McAfee LiveSafe with 483.4 megabytes in the good midfield. The lion's share of 419.1 megabytes is accounted for by files in the “/ usr / local /” folder, the rest is distributed between the program file, the uninstallation program and the folder/ Library / Application Support ".

McAfee LiveSafe is characterized by a very successful user interface out. The program window is populated by only a few icons, which are surrounded by a lot of white space. Small texts also help newbies to make sense of the software, but there is hardly anything for the user to do anyway. It can start a scan or an update, but the real-time scan takes care of the security of the computer anyway, and an automatic weekly update of the virus signatures is preset. The security-conscious user should perhaps change this to "daily".

Everything that goes beyond the simplest is gathered together McAfee LiveSafe in the Settings. This means that users are not burdened with unnecessarily complicated things; if you really want to, you can configure the program up to and including the detailed definition of firewall rules. Everything looks very well thought out and very clean. It is a pity, however, that the scan is slow, but still no quick scan is available.

Documentation and support8.00

Yes, there is a help file, and no, it is not a digital user manual, but consists of five sections, each with only a few sentences. For example, if you want to find out how to configure the firewall or what exactly is the difference between "dangerous websites" and "suspicious websites" in the web security module SiteAdvisor is, will be disappointed. The support area on the website offers more content McAfee. For the most part, specific problems are dealt with here in the form of questions and answers, similar to an FAQ.

This also acts as a point of contact for problems Community forum. The Mac- As expected, the sub-forum is significantly less frequented than that Windows-Sub-forums, but at least there are new posts several times a week and moderators take care of users' concerns. The forum language is English.

Who help through the McAfee-Employees required, can do the Contact support. There is also a German, a Swiss and an Austrian telephone number in the German-speaking area. The support times in each of these three countries are always from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Unfortunately, these times are not particularly favorable for employees who can only call after work. In addition, customers can reach support via web chat. A support email address will not be published.

During a test call, we were put through to a friendly employee without waiting, who patiently listened to our description of the problem. McAfee LiveSafe reported a problem on the home screen of our device, but didn't show any details about it. When you click on the corresponding button, only the empty quarantine folder opens. Unfortunately, the support employee didn't really have any advice. She had to admit that it was probably a bug that might go away with a new installation or with a future update.

Summary 7.90

The fact that there is hardly any specific information about the functional scope of the products on the manufacturer's side causes frustration even before buying the software. Without certain flaws, the program would actually have been very successful: The virus scanner is exceptionally slow and apparently a bug makes the user-defined scan unusable.

On the positive side, customers receive a well-equipped cross-platform protection program for an unlimited number of devices, although not exactly cheap. The user interface is convincing despite the bugs and the real-time scan hardly loads the system at all, which is more important than the speed of the system scan, which is rarely performed anyway. So if you want to protect a larger number of devices with different operating systems, you can confidently access it. For one or two Macs But there are better alternatives on their own. For example, it costs 49.99 euros, the very successful one Bitdefender Antivirus up to three Macs to install.