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22.06.2015 The secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, believes it is impossible to stop the flow of Russian volunteers to the disputed area of ​​eastern Ukraine. In an interview with the Russian newspaper Komersant, he explains that Russia cannot close the border. This would be tantamount to a blockade. 22.06.2015 The press spokeswoman for the EU's foreign affairs representative, Federica Mogherini, announced that the EU had extended economic sanctions against Russia by seven months until the end of January 2016. The aim is to achieve full implementation of the Minsk agreements. 23.06.2015 Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said in an interview with the BBC that he did not give orders to shoot protesters during the riots on the Maidan in February 2014. However, the security forces had permission to use their weapons. 23.06.2015 The International Monetary Fund says the $ 3 billion Russia loaned Ukraine in December 2013 is not considered private debt. The IMF's aid program stipulates that debts to public creditors must be repaid on time so that aid funds can continue to be disbursed. The repayment of debts to private creditors, on the other hand, can be postponed unilaterally by Ukraine without interrupting the IMF's auxiliary loans. Ukraine tried to declare the three billion due in December 2015 as private debt in order to defer repayment. 23.06.2015 In a letter to the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament, the World Bank is calling for two laws to be passed by June 30, 2015. Otherwise, the disbursement of US $ 1.5 billion in aid loans is at risk. The first law is intended to guarantee that only cost-covering tariffs are set up for municipal services. The second law is intended to make it possible to liquidate insolvent banks and thereby accelerate the disbursement of guaranteed deposits. Corresponding legislative projects had already been passed in the first reading on June 18, 2015. 23.06.2015 The Russian news agency Interfax reports that there was no agreement at a meeting of the working group on political issues - one of four subgroups of the trilateral contact group made up of representatives from Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE. The discussions of the working groups on humanitarian and economic issues would continue. 24.06.2015 In Paris, the meeting of the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France comes to an end that night. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said he had provided the other parties with detailed information about the separatists' violations of the ceasefire agreement. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reports that an agreement had been reached on demilitarizing the village of Shyrokyne, which the working group on security issues should prepare. The group also issued a final declaration in favor of the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. 24.06.2015 The Internet newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reports that the government will submit the removal of Environment Minister Ihor Shevchenko to parliament for a vote in the near future. Shevchenko had come under fire for taking two trips abroad, one of which was to the United Arab Emirates, which were not approved by the head of government. Shevchenko is also accused of having used his proximity to the MP and energy entrepreneur Oleksandr Onishchenko for personal gain. 24.06.2015 The Representation of the EU in Ukraine recommended in a letter to the Ukrainian government to work out a special political status for the Donbass already now, as provided for in the Minsk agreements. The Ukrainian side should not wait until the separatists have fulfilled the terms of the agreements. These actually provide for the ceasefire to be implemented and the heavy weapons withdrawn completely and new local elections to be held before the start of political reform. 25.06.2015 The OSCE observer mission reported 139 detonations in the area around Donetsk airport on June 23, 2015. Two attempts by the Joint Control and Coordination Center to persuade the parties to cease firing were unsuccessful. Overall, the situation in the area has worsened again. 25.06.2015 Finance Minister Natalja Jaresko does not rule out Ukraine's insolvency at the end of July 2015. It is responding to the statement by the investment bank Goldman Sachs, which had forecast bankruptcy for July, since on July 24, 2015 a repayment of 120 million US dollars was outstanding, which Ukraine could not afford. 26.06.2015 When preparing for by-elections in constituency No. 205 in the Chernihiv region, ten candidates cannot be registered in time due to a bomb threat in the building of the Central Electoral Commission. 26.06.2015 After the Commission for drafting a constitutional reform submitted its proposal for decentralization to President Petro Poroshenko, Poroshenko declared that he would forward the proposal to Parliament in the coming week. Poroshenko emphasized that this proposal was drawn up in cooperation with representatives of Donbass. A federalization of Ukraine is excluded by the document. 26.06.2015 The Ministry of Health explains that demonstrators injured during the mass protests between November 21, 2013 and April 30, 2014 are entitled to war disabled status and the associated perks. 26.06.2015 The head of the Russian energy company Gazprom, Aleksej Miller, announced, with reference to a corresponding instruction from Russian President Vladimir Putin, that negotiations with Ukraine on gas transit should continue beyond 2019. So far, Gazprom has not wanted to extend the contract, which will expire in 2019. 26.06.2015 Interior Minister Arsen Avakov explains that the Ukrainian authorities have already confiscated 86 objects from the Ostchem company owned by the Ukrainian entrepreneur Dmytro Firtash. The authorities had already confiscated 500 million cubic meters of gas from Firtash's holdings in March 2015. Firtash came under political pressure in the course of the campaign against the Ukrainian oligarchs. 27.06.2015 The domestic intelligence service SBU arrests one of its own senior officials in Kiev. He is accused of working with Russian secret services. 27.06.2015 The OSCE Observer Mission announced that there has been a slight decrease in the number of ceasefire violations in the Donetsk and Luhansk areas. The situation remains tense. The mission also complains that heavy weapons are being moved on both sides in a zone from which they should have been withdrawn. 27.06.2015 Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenjuk declared that Ukraine should become completely independent of gas imports within ten years. 27.06.2015 Finance Minister Natalja Jaresko specified her statements of June 23, 2015 on the possible payment default by Ukraine in July. Technically, this corresponds to national bankruptcy, but would not affect the banking system and thus the investors' accounts, since the banks do not bear the foreign debts. 29.06.2015 The spokeswoman for former President Leonid Kuchma, who represents Ukraine in the trilateral contact group, announced that on July 7, 2015, a document on the withdrawal of heavy weapons with a caliber of 100 millimeters or less would be signed. These weapons have so far been excluded from the Minsk agreements. 29.06.2015 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev puts the expected delivery price for Russian gas to Ukraine in the third quarter of 2015 at US $ 247 per 1,000 cubic meters. This already includes a price reduction. According to Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Nowak, the details will be discussed during negotiations between Russia, Ukraine and the EU on June 30th. 29.06.2015 The chairman of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, Gianni Buquicchio, calls on Ukraine in a letter to implement the constitutional reform immediately. The decentralization contained therein is indispensable for the democratic development of the country and also part of the Minsk agreements. 30.06.2015 The OSCE observer mission reports increased activity and movement of military equipment by separatist troops around Donetsk airport. 30.06.2015 The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has announced that 6,500 people have been killed and around 16,000 others injured in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Five million people in the region would need humanitarian aid. Around half a million people have no or limited access to clean water. 30.06.2015 The Russian news portal RBK reports that the bridge planned by Russia from mainland Russia to Crimea should be completed before 2018. 30.06.2015 Parliament gives the security authorities permission to arrest Anton Chernushenko, the presiding judge of the Kiev Court of Appeal. He is accused of regular illegal interventions in the court-internal automatic document processing system. A related search of his office on June 19, 2015 also found 6,500 US dollars and 30,000 hryvnias (approx. 1,200 euros) as well as keys to several cars. 30.06.2015 According to information from the Interfax-AGI news agency, the trilateral talks between Ukraine, Russia and the EU about future gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine have come to an unsuccessful end. A little later, the Ukrainian company Naftohaz announced that it would immediately stop purchasing Russian gas. The transit to other European countries will continue. Efforts are being made to reach a transitional agreement with the Russian energy company Gazprom so that supplies can be secured for the winter. 01.07.2015 The "deputy parliamentary speaker" of the "Donetsk People's Republic", Denis Pushilin, declares that the separatists consider the town of Shyrokyne, east of Mariupol in the Donetsk region, a demilitarized zone. A corresponding agreement was reached at the meeting of foreign ministers in the "Normandy format" on June 24th. has been achieved. 01.07.2015 Interior Minister Arsen Avakov sacked all traffic police employees in the Mykolaiv region after allegations of corruption and announced a selection process for new traffic police officers for the end of July 2015. 01.07.2015 Parliament decreed that university lecturers and teachers in general education schools should be exempted from being involved in the "anti-terrorist operation". 02.07.2015 The "Prime Minister" of the "Donetsk People's Republic", Oleksandr Sakharchenko, has announced regional elections for the entire "People's Republic" on October 18, 2015. These should take place in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and under the observation of the OSCE. Details could be clarified in the trilateral contact group between Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE. 02.07.2015 Parliament dismisses Environment Minister Ihor Shevchenko. He had come under fire for taking two unauthorized trips abroad. In addition, the MP Oleh Lyaschko had accused him of having used his proximity to the MP and energy entrepreneur Oleksandr Onishchenko for personal gain. 02.07.2015 Parliament appoints the previous first deputy head of the domestic secret service SBU, Wasilij Hryzak, as the new head of the SBU. On June 18, 2015, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko was suspended from the post of SBU head. 02.07.2015 Health Minister Aleksandr Kwitashvili submits a resignation. Previously, the new governor of the Odessa region and former Prime Minister of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, accused him of obstructing the reform of the health care system. 02.07.2015 The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry, Volodymyr Demchyshyn, said that as of July 1, 2015, the price for electricity supplies from the Ukrainian mainland to the Russian-annexed Crimea peninsula had increased by 14%. 02.07.2015 As part of the reform of the security authorities, Parliament passed a law establishing a "national police force". This replaces the previous militia and is characterized by some innovations. These include the sharp increase in the average salary from less than 4,000 to 8,000 hryvnia (around 340 euros) per month, the assumption of traffic controls with the simultaneous abolition of the traffic police and the new black uniform. In addition, the police should only investigate minor offenses themselves. More serious crimes are to be prosecuted by an investigation office to be created in the coming months. 02.07.2015 After the separatists of the "Donetsk People's Republic" announced the demilitarization of the town of Shyrokyne east of Mariupol the day before, the Ukrainian General Staff confirmed the withdrawal of the separatist troops from the village. 03.07.2015 Finance Minister Natalja Jaresko criticizes a law passed in parliament the day before to restructure private debts in foreign currency. The law provides that these loans must be repaid at the exchange rate at the time of their signature. Since the hryvnia has depreciated significantly in recent months, according to Jaresko, this means a loss for the banks of up to 95 billion hryvnia (about four billion euros), which is endangering the stability of the banking system. President Petro Poroshenko also criticizes the law. The parliamentary group leader of the Petro Poroshenko bloc, Yury Lutsenko, resigns his chairmanship in protest. The National Bank declares that the law jeopardizes agreements with the International Monetary Fund. 03.07.2015 The Kiev Court of Appeal elects a new chairman, Yaroslav Holovachev. The previous chief judge, Anton Tschernuschenko, is wanted by the police for interfering with the automatic system for processing documents. 03.07.2015 About 3,000 people take part in a demonstration by volunteer and nationalist organizations in central Kiev. Many are calling for the release of two activists suspected of the murder of pro-Russian journalist Oles Busyn, who is critical of the government. In addition, the call for a decisive attack on the separatist troops in Donbass is expressed. 04.07.2015 Ihor Kononenko, MP for the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, announced that the controversial law on debt restructuring in foreign currency would be voted again next week. Kononenko stressed that there were procedural violations during the vote. 05.07.2015 The OSCE observer mission reports that the situation in Donbass remains unstable. On July 3, 2015, it counted a total of 152 detonations in the area around Donetsk Airport. 06.07.2015 Russian Deputy Minister for Economic Development Alexey Likhachev announces government plans to set quotas for certain groups of goods imported from Ukraine. If these were exceeded, customs duties would have to be paid for the imported goods. This is related to the implementation of the free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine. The measures would not violate WTO norms. 06.07.2015 Interior Minister Arsen Avakov orders the dismissal of the entire workforce of the traffic police in the Donetsk region. All would be scrutinized. If they pass this, they would have the chance to be hired in a new unit to be formed. This measure is part of a comprehensive police reform aimed at combating corruption. 06.07.2015 The journalist and MP of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Mustafa Nayyem reports on his Facebook page that two high-ranking officials of the public prosecutor's office have been arrested on suspicion of corruption in particularly serious cases. Several hundred thousand US dollars were found on the deputy chairman of the investigative department, Volodymyr Shapakin. During a search of the office of the deputy chairman of the Kiev public prosecutor's office, the domestic secret service SBU had seized diamonds and jewelry. 06.07.2015 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explains in an interview that the reconnaissance services of several states in the Alliance have found Russia's continued support for the separatists in Donbass. Russia continues to deliver heavy weapons including air defense systems, send Russian armed forces and train separatist fighters. 06.07.2015 Former defense minister Evhenyj Martschuk, who represents Ukraine in the working group on security issues under the Minsk agreements, explains that the demilitarization of the coastal town of Shyrokyne can only take place gradually. The separatists have violated the agreements so often that a complete and immediate withdrawal of the Ukrainian armed forces would be dangerous. Representatives of the "Donetsk People's Republic" had previously announced their withdrawal from Schyrokyne. The OSCE confirmed this on July 2, 2015. 07.07.2015 The Russian law enforcement agency is changing the charges in the case of the Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadezhda Savchenko. She had previously been charged with complicity in the murder of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine. The new version of the indictment directly accuses her of murder. Savchenko has been in custody in Russia for over a year. 07.07.2015 The former chairman of the state aviation authority, Denis Antonjuk, accused the governor of the Odessa region and confidante of President Petro Poroshenko, Mikhail Saakashvili, of corruption.At a meeting of the authority he represented the interests of the Turkish airline Atlasjet Ukraina, to which he was linked through his time as head of government in Georgia. President Petro Poroshenko fired Antonyuk after Saakashvili had sharply criticized his work and accused him of serving the interests of oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky by assigning scheduled flights to various airlines. 08.07.2015 The EU Commission announces that the disbursement of a first loan tranche in the amount of 600 million euros to Ukraine is being prepared. In total, the program approved at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga in May 2015 comprises aid loans amounting to 1.8 billion euros. 08.07.2015 According to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenjuk, the state Oschadbank of Russia, with reference to a bilateral arbitration procedure, has demanded compensation payments of 15 billion hryvnia (approx. 614 million euros) in connection with losses caused by the Russian annexation of Crimea. The private bank of the Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomomojskij declares that it intends to sue Russia for damages for the loss of its own branches in the Crimea before the international arbitration tribunal in The Hague. Yatsenyuk calls on other loss-making Ukrainian companies to follow suit and sue Russia in Russian and international courts. 09.07.2015 In a final declaration at its Helsinki conference, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly condemned Russian intervention in Ukraine and called on Russia to immediately release Nadezhda Savchenko, Oleh Sentsov and other illegally imprisoned Ukrainian citizens. Russia had already announced at the beginning of the conference that it would not recognize the results. 09.07.2015 The former head of the presidential administration under President Viktor Yanukovych Andryj Portnow declares that he is preparing a lawsuit in an Austrian court against President Petro Poroshenko and the mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko. He accuses the two of having negotiated the future distribution of power in Ukraine at a meeting in Vienna in spring 2014 with the oligarch Dmytro Firtash. 10.07.2015 A court in Rostov, Russia, extended the pre-trial detention of the Ukrainian director Oleh Sentsov, who was imprisoned there, by six months until January 2016. Sentsov is accused of having founded a terrorist group in Crimea in 2014. Pretrial detention is also being extended for a co-defendant, Oleksandr Kolchenko. Both reject the allegations. Two other co-defendants, Hennadyj Afanasjew and Aleksej Tschirnyj, are already serving seven-year prison sentences. 10.07.2015 An exchange of prisoners is taking place in the Luhansk region. Ten captured Ukrainian soldiers and ten separatists are released. 11.07.2015 The OSCE observer mission reports of renewed fighting over Donetsk airport. As of July 9, 2015, it counts around 300 detonations in the region. 11.07.2015 In Mukacheve in the Transcarpathian region, a group of armed strangers attacked two police cars and blocked an access road into the village. According to the Interior Ministry, three people are killed, including a civilian. President Petro Poroshenko condemned the act. He orders the security forces to disarm the group. Prosecutors opened a case of terrorist activity, and the following day journalist and MP for the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Mustafa Nayyem declared that the incident was linked to local cigarette smuggling. The unknown armed men belonged to the right-wing right-wing sector. All sides of the conflict are involved in the smuggling, said Nayyem. A spokesman for the Right Sector later confirmed that the fighters were members of the group. Members of the right-wing sector also accuse MP Mikhail Lanjo of being involved in the dispute. The Deputy Head of the Domestic Intelligence Service SBU and Head of the Anti-Terrorism Center of the Secret Service, Vitaly Malikov, calls on right-wing fighters in the Transcarpathian region to surrender. Malikov declares that violence will be used and those members of the right-wing entrenched in the forests near Mukacheve will be arrested if they do not lay down their weapons soon. 12.07.2015 The OSCE observer mission reports that, contrary to the Minsk agreements, the separatists of the "Donetsk People's Republic" are moving several heavy weapons around the villages of Komsomolskoe and Besymjannoe. 13.07.2015 The state tax authority is releasing the management of the customs authorities of the Transcarpathian region. This is related to the two-day armed conflict between members of the Right Sector and the local authorities. The domestic intelligence service SBU has reported the arrest of two of the right-wing fighters who are hiding near Mukacheve in the Zakarpattia region. 13.07.2015 According to a report by the Antimonopoly Committee, eleven percent of all markets in Ukraine are dominated by de facto monopolies. 42% of the markets showed signs of monopoly or oligopoly. The proportion of markets that are determined by competition has declined by twelve percentage points in the past ten years. 14.07.2015 The press office of the new governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, said that about half of all officials in the regional administration will be dismissed shortly. The measure is related to Saakashvili's anti-corruption program. 14.07.2015 Two police officers are injured in two explosions near police stations in Lviv. The Ministry of Interior rejected rumors that the attacks were related to the armed conflict between the local right-wing sector and local authorities in the Transcarpathian region. 14.07.2015 Parliament passed a new regulation for local elections. It does not provide for elections in the occupied areas of Donbass and in the Crimea. 14.07.2015 According to the Luhansk police, five Ukrainian soldiers are killed in a mine. 15.07.2015 President Petro Poroshenko appoints Hennadyj Moskal as the new governor of the Transcarpathian region, according to his own statements with the aim of "putting out the fire". This refers to the armed conflict that has been going on for several days between the local right-wing sector and members of various authorities, in which MPs Michail Lanjo and Wiktor Baloga are also said to be involved. Poroshenko also replaces the leadership of the regional departments of the domestic intelligence service and the Ministry of Interior in Transcarpathia and announces further measures. 15.07.2015 President Petro Poroshenko appoints Yuri Klimenko as the new governor of the Luhansk region. He had previously worked as the deputy governor. 16.07.2015 Parliament turned to the United Nations with a request to set up an international tribunal on the crash of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane over the Donbass in July 2014. The Netherlands and Malaysia had previously called for such a tribunal. Russia has so far rejected this. 16.07.2015 The special status of the occupied territories in Donbass is to be enshrined in the constitution of Ukraine through a new law project. A majority of Parliament votes in favor of submitting a corresponding document to the Constitutional Court for examination. The President and the Government as well as international guests are present during the vote. Within the governing coalition, the self-help group and the Radical Party group are voting unanimously against the law. The US State Department's representative for Europe and Eurasia, Victoria Nuland, had previously promoted the constitutional amendment. The German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier welcomes the parliamentary resolution as an important contribution to the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements. Denis Pushilin, a high-ranking representative of the "Donetsk People's Republic", calls on President Petro Poroshenko to coordinate the planned changes in detail with representatives of the OSCE, Russia and the separatists. 16.07.2015 Parliament passes all four legislative projects that apply to the IMF, the World Bank and the governments of Germany and France as prerequisites for loans totaling 3.2 billion US dollars. The laws concern 1) the protection of savings deposits in banks, 2) more efficient action against companies with debts to state energy suppliers, 3) a more precise definition of the tasks of the anti-corruption office and 4) the regulation of municipal services. 17.07.2015 In an interview with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Deputy Head of the OSCE Observer Mission Alexander Hug said that a group of armed uniformed men had entered Ukraine in a minibus at the Marinovka border crossing from Russia. 18.07.2015 Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin announced that the communication between Ukrainian missions abroad and citizens and organizations would be reformed after journalists from Evropejska Pravda discovered delays and errors in processing inquiries in some European embassies of Ukraine. 18.07.2015 Local media report on a large-scale operation of the security authorities in the Transcarpathian region. There are said to be still fighters from the Right Sector who had engaged in an armed confrontation with local authorities. Dmitro Jarosch, MP and leader of the Right Sector, said the day before that there were still six fighters in the woods on the border with Hungary and Slovakia. 18.07.2015 The Foreign Ministers of Russia, Germany and the USA, Sergej Lavrov, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and John Kerry discuss the developments in Donbass. The joint final declaration calls on Ukraine and the "People's Republics" to enter into a direct dialogue about the planned constitutional amendment and local elections. 18.07.2015 The leaders of the "People's Republics" of Donetsk and Luhansk declare that they will pull heavy weapons with a caliber of less than 100 millimeters three kilometers from the front line. 19.07.2015 A separatist news agency reports that a civilian was killed in an attack by Ukrainian forces on the city of Donetsk. A little later, the Ukrainian side announced that the shelling of the residential area in Donetsk came from the separatists themselves. 19.07.2015 President Petro Poroshenko has announced a further increase in the military budget for 2016. 19.07.2015 According to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, four civilians are killed in the shelling of several villages in the Donetsk region. The Ukrainian side accuses the separatists of the attack. A little later, Andrij Taran, the Ukrainian delegation leader in the Joint Control and Coordination Center, explains that the Ukrainian army could be forced to bring withdrawn heavy weapons back to the front in order to prevent further attacks on civilians. 20.07.2015 The separatist leader of the "Donetsk People's Republic", Oleksandr Sakhartschenko, declares that he regards the entire Donetsk region as the territory of the "Donetsk People's Republic". The Minsk Agreement could be used to establish the rule of the separatists over this area. A little later, the head of the National Security Council, Oleksandr Turchinov, interpreted these statements as a signal that Russia intends to break the Minsk agreements by allowing the separatists to discredit the Minsk Agreement. In the event of military aggression from Russia, they are ready to strike back. 20.07.2015 According to a survey by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, 48% of those questioned are willing to grant the Russian language the status of a second state language for the sake of peace. 38% oppose this. 41% state that they can refrain from joining NATO in order to establish peace - 34% from joining the EU. 20.07.2015 President Petro Poroshenko calls on the separatists of the "People's Republics" of Donetsk and Luhansk to withdraw their announcement that elections will be held on October 18 and November 1, 2015. The elections on November 2, 2014 would have significantly hampered the implementation of the first Minsk Agreement. Poroshenko advises the Ukrainian participants in the negotiating group on political issues not to resume dialogue with the other side until the elections have been canceled. 21.07.2015 Several thousand people gather for a right-wing rally on the Maidan in Kiev. The party leader Dmytro Jarosch is calling for a referendum in which the government should be expressed mistrust. In addition, the right-wing radical group calls for the Minsk agreements to be sabotaged, the occupied territories in Donbass to be blocked completely and a state of war to be declared. Yarosh declares, however, that he does not want to use weapons against the government. This would play into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 21.07.2015 The press office of President Petro Poroshenko announced that an agreement had been reached in Minsk on the withdrawal of heavy weapons of calibers below 100 millimeters. On July 18, 2015, the separatists had already announced the unilateral withdrawal of such weapons. The actual withdrawal had not yet been confirmed by the OSCE. 22.07.2015 Ukraine signs a memorandum on further financial aid from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of 1.7 billion US dollars. 22.07.2015 The chairman of the civil and military administration of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Shebivskyi, announced the establishment of two logistic centers on the front line to supply the civilian population with food and medicine. 22.07.2015 The EU is transferring new financial aid of 600 million euros to Ukraine. This is the first tranche of a new aid package totaling 1.8 billion euros. 22.07.2015 President Petro Poroshenko appoints Georgyi Tuka as governor of the Luhansk region. Tuka had previously appeared through the establishment of a volunteer unit that had supplied several units of the army with material and food. He also developed the Mirotvorets website, which publishes personal information about people identified by the site's authors as "separatists" and "agents of the Kremlin". The data of the murdered former MP of the Party of Regions Oleh Kalashnikov and the murdered pro-Russian journalist Oles Busyn could also be seen on the page. 22.07.2015 President Petro Poroshenko instructs the Ukrainian members of the trilateral contact group from Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE to sign a document on the demilitarization of the town of Shyrokynie. According to a resolution passed by Minsk on July 21, 2015, a 30-kilometer-wide buffer zone is to be created along the front line. 23.07.2015 Bloc Petro Poroshenko MP Victor Baloga admits that he financed the Right Sector in Kiev and the Transcarpathian region during the Maidan uprising in 2013-14. On July 11, 2015, there was an armed conflict between members of the local right-wing sector and the security forces in Transcarpathia, in which several people were killed. Six fugitive fighters from the right-wing radical group are still entrenched in the border area with Hungary and Slovakia. 24.07.2015 In a letter to the regional electoral commission and the Chernihiv regional administration, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk calls for by-elections in constituency No. 205 to be guaranteed to meet the standards of the EU and OSCE. The candidate of the Ukrop party, Hennadyj Korban, had masses of food and whole meals distributed. A court in Chernihiv did not consider the action to be a vote buying. Korban is considered a confidante of the oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi and was his deputy as governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region. 24.07.2015 Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko signs edicts revoking the three communist parties of Ukraine from the status of political parties. It is forbidden for them to take part in elections. This happens on the basis of the law on "decommunization", which prohibits the spread of ideology and symbolism of communist and national socialist regimes. The leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Petro Simonenko, said the party would stand for election anyway. 25.07.2015 The day before the by-election in constituency No. 205 in the Chernihiv region, activists stopped a minibus in which duplicates of the stamps of all polling stations in the region were found. The candidates from the Ukrop party and the Petro Poroshenko bloc accuse each other of using the duplicates to falsify the election results. 26.07.2015 A spokesman for the Joint Control and Coordination Center said the observer mission had registered separatists shelling the city of Shchastye, which is being held by the Ukrainian side. The other side returned fire. 26.07.2015 In the by-elections in constituency No. 205 in the Chernihiv region, exit polls show very different results. A questioning sees the candidate of the Ukrop party and confidante of the oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, Hennadyj Korban, in front. Another certifies that the candidate of the Petro Poroshenko bloc, Serhiy Berezenko, has a head start. While the Ministry of the Interior declares that the election went largely smoothly, the election observation organization OPORA registered 50 violations of the electoral law. In some cases, the ballot papers were photographed. For such photos, rewards were promised beforehand by SMS. 27.07.2015 Russian media reports that Ukrainian border guards opened fire on two Russians. The Ukrainian border guards denied the reports, stating that an investigation among the officers concerned revealed that they had not used their weapons. 27.07.2015 Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced that the entire workforce of the state finance authority would be replaced. 27.07.2015 Several civil society organizations have accused the government of blocking anti-corruption reform and urged the president to address the situation. The organizations accuse the government, among other things, of having staffed the committee for the selection of a chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Agency with representatives of organizations loyal to the government. 28.07.2015 The Central Election Commission announces the winner of the by-election in constituency No. 205 in Chernihiv. Petro Poroshenko's candidate, Serhiy Berezenko, received 36% of the vote. 15% of voters voted for Hennadyj Korban from the Ukrop party. The "self-established" Volodymyr Sub and the candidate of the Democratic Alliance, Ihor Andrijchenko, each received 8% of the vote. The turnout is 35%. 28.07.2015 The Ministry of Defense puts the death toll among soldiers of the Ukrainian army in the conflict in Donbass at 2,300. 28.07.2015 The WTO declares the import tariff that Ukraine has been levying on some goods since December 2014 to be compatible with its regulations. The duty of 5–10% will be levied until the end of the year. 29.07.2015 In the run-up to the local elections in Uzhhorod, representatives of the Democratic Alliance party complained that the local authorities are using mobilization for the army to temporarily remove opposition activists from the city. The official in charge requested a list of all the members of the social advisory board of the Uzhhorod city council to mobilize. Only opposition members of the advisory board and activists who do not belong to the advisory board are on the list. 29.07.2015 In the UN Security Council, a resolution to set up a tribunal to investigate the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 in July 2014 over Donbass fails because of Russia's veto. Eleven states vote in favor of the establishment, China, Angola and Venezuela abstain. 30.07.2015 According to the lawyer of the Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, who is imprisoned in Russia, Ukraine is negotiating a prisoner exchange with Russia. Ukraine could extradite the two detained former officers of the Russian secret service GRU to Russia against Savchenko. The Ukrainian domestic intelligence service SBU picked them up in May 2015 in Ukraine. They had admitted that they were observing the fighting on behalf of Russia, but they had no mandate for armed intervention. 30.07.2015 Two civilians are killed in shell fire in Dzerzhinsk in the Donetsk region. According to the Donetsk Region Police, the shelling came from the area under the control of the separatists. 30.07.2015 The domestic intelligence service SBU bans French MPs from the Republicans party from entering Ukraine. The MPs had visited the Crimea a few days earlier without the permission of the Ukrainian authorities and there campaigned for the sanctions against Russia to be dismantled. 31.07.2015 Several media reports that the American investment company Franklin Templeton is ready to write off five percent of the Ukrainian national debt in the fund. Ukrainian representatives have been negotiating a debt restructuring with Ukraine's private creditors for weeks. The Ukrainian state owes a total of around 8.9 billion US dollars to private creditors. 31.07.2015 The Constitutional Court found the draft law on the decentralization of Ukraine to be constitutional. 31.07.2015 The OSCE Observer Mission reports that a representative of the "Donetsk People's Republic" stopped an OSCE patrol vehicle and, with guns drawn, asked the observers to turn back and leave Oktyabrske. 01.08.2015 In Kremenchuk in the Poltava region, around 20 young men storm the premises of an oil pumping station owned by the Ukrtransnafta group, a subsidiary of the state-owned energy company Naftohaz Ukrainy. Media reports that the men initially wanted to take the station and are now demonstrating on the site for the former company director Oleksander Lasorko. He was dismissed by the government in March 2015 in order to reduce the influence of the Ukrainian oligarch and minority shareholder in Naftohaz, Ihor Kolomojskyj, who is accused of having taken advantage of the state in running the company. The conflict had also led to Kolomoisky's dismissal as governor of Dnipropetrovsk in March 2015. On July 23, 2015, an appeal court ruled that Lasorko could be reinstated. The number of demonstrators on the company premises in Ukrtransnafta rose to a few dozen the following day. On 3.8. The shareholders' meeting, in which the state dominates as the majority owner, decides not to extend Lasorko's contract. 02.08.2015 The deputy and former chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dschemilyev, said that around 10,000 Crimean Tatars have left Crimea due to repression since the annexation of Crimea by Russia. 02.08.2015 Several thousand people demonstrated in Mariupol and Kiev against the demilitarization of the coastal town of Shyrokyne and the establishment of a 30-kilometer-wide buffer zone, fearing that this could endanger the security of Mariupol. A little later, President Petro Poroshenko declared that the army would not be withdrawn from the surrounding heights and would remain ready to intervene. 03.08.2015 The Central Electoral Commission declared the candidate of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Serhiy Berezenko, the winner of the by-election in constituency No. 205. 03.08.2015 In a shaft in the separatist-controlled Donetsk, miners are demanding payment of their wages and threatening to strike. According to her own information, her salary has not been paid since March. 03.08.2015 The regional judicial authority in Kharkiv refuses to register a regional branch of the opposition bloc party for formal reasons, as its predecessor organization, the Law and Order Party, must first be wound up. Since this process often takes longer than two months to complete, the party's participation in the local elections in October could be jeopardized. 04.08.2015 A representative of the OSCE observer mission said the working group on economic issues had reached an agreement to repair damaged water pipes and railroad tracks in Donbass. Separatist leader Denis Puschilin also explains that lists of prisoners have been exchanged. 04.08.2015