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During the holiday season, we publish texts that were particularly popular with our readers. This article first appeared on July 23, 2019.

1 - drink rosé on the beach

While I am writing this blog, I am lying in the garden, reading and enjoying a glass of rosé over ice. My husband is enthusiastic about cleaning the grill. I'm not at the beach, but I also imagine it would be wonderful to enjoy an aperitif by the sea there in the evening with pink light. Rosé is a summer wine and can be drunk with ice. There are very fine rosés, especially those from the south of France. Treat yourself to baguette and tapenade and enjoy the summer holiday feeling. And when you are not on the beach, you can do it on the balcony or in the sun in the garden like we were in the garden. (Images via: Pinterest)

2 - Eat a peach over the sink

Anyone who, like me, loves juicy peaches or sweet watermelons above all else, will probably also prefer to eat them right after shopping over the sink and let it drip so wonderfully. A summer joy that should not be missed. (Image via: Instagram)

Put the remaining peaches on the grill. Fruits on the grill taste fantastic as a very special and simple dessert. Drizzle a little more honey over it while grilling. Serve the warm, flavorful peaches with vanilla ice cream or, even better, with sour cream ice cream. (Image via: What’s Gaby Cooking)

3 - Dinner in a bathing suit

The most beautiful summer dress is the bathing dress. Nice enough to have a fine dinner in it at least once. Not exactly in a restaurant, but at home, in the garden or on the beach. (Image via: Pinterest)

4 - party outside

Whether you are at home or on vacation, you can celebrate outside in small groups right now. It's hot and the sunny days are lined up like pearls on a chain. It doesn't take much to easily organize a spontaneous small party. A full refrigerator, chairs, blankets and - if you can stay longer - a couple of lanterns. (Image via: Pinterest)

5 - Style an 80s cocktail

The cocktails have become slick, chic and elegant. You drink brambles, make a fuss over the perfect ingredients for a Negroni, mix with food ingredients such as mushrooms, cucumber, beetroot or bacon or mix in rose water and turmeric. Relax during the holidays and mix and style good old cocktails from the eighties. This includes pina colada, screwdriver and of course a lot of decoration such as umbrellas, cocktail cherries, blossoms and pieces of fruit. (Image via: The Spruce Eats)

6 - Read a cookbook

Summer vacation also means time to read. Read cookbooks. They are probably the most sensual books, and they immediately take you to other worlds. On that day, on which I later wrote this blog post, I grabbed “Persiana” by Sabrina Ghayour from the shelf and was inspired by the fine, easy-to-cook recipes. You will discover, among other things, how to marinate feta, cook delicious rice dishes, recipes for lamb or chicken that you can then cook after the holidays when it gets cooler again, many fantastic versions of vegetables, salads and legumes and fresh yogurt sauces. The great thing about the recipes is that they are not complicated and you can easily integrate them into everyday cooking. However, some ingredients such as tahini or the spices zatar or sumac have to be bought in a specialty shop beforehand.

7 - Serve yoghurt with food

I don't particularly like grilling and BBQ. I know it makes most people happy - but I'm not one of them. How you feel like making a fire on a hot day remains an eternal mystery to me. And the vast quantities of meat and beer, the coal sacks, the smoke and the preparation and chopping of salad ingredients don't bring this summer joy any closer to me. But I've found a way to make the best of everything: the yogurt sauce! Grate cucumber, squeeze out the grated well. Mix the cucumbers with natural yogurt, chopped herbs such as dill, parsley or peppermint and add salt and pepper. Every grill skewer and sausage is much fresher, better, gentler and more delicate. (Image via: Eating European)

8 —Use peppermint as a freshener

Another summer freshener is peppermint. Depending on your taste, chop the leaves coarsely or finely and sprinkle them freshly over grilled fish, lamb, fruit salad, vanilla ice cream and cocktails. You can use it to give a potato salad a different taste, spice up white rice or use it to replace the basil over pasta. (Image via: Crowded Kitchen)

9 - Serve cake with berries and ice cream

It is now berry season. Make as much of it as you can. Desserts, jams, jellies, mix berries everywhere and just pick them out of the bowl as wonderful treasures. The simplest and best summer dessert is made with these three ingredients: cake (also bought-in), berries and ice cream. If you like, you can drizzle the cake with a little liqueur or serve everything in layers in the glass. Instead of cakes, madeleines also taste fantastic. (Pictures on the left via Dels Cooking Twist, middle Girlfriend is better and on the right via Nutrition Refined)

10 - Recall childhood memories

In my childhood we went on vacation to a small town on the Italian Riviera once or even several times. I loved and still love beach vacations with lots of swimming and good books. For me that remains the most beautiful. Swimming and jumping in the waves make me hungry in the most beautiful way. During these holidays, a long time ago, a beach vendor would sell a kind of donut or donut in the afternoon. The vanilla taste, the mixture of sugar, sand and salt water remained a sensual, happy memory for life. Even if I later ate watermelons or a panino after a swim - these Weggen, so wonderfully atypical for beach life, remained as a delightful reminder of endless summer holidays. (Image via: Genius Kitchen)

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