Can you ask anything of a ghost

Bach Cantata Translations

Cantata for the First Sunday after Epiphany
Dialogue - soul (S), Jesus (B)

1st aria S
Dearest Jesus, my desire
Tell me where do i find you
Should I lose you so soon
And not feel further with me?
Oh! my hoard, please me,
Let yourself be embraced with great pleasure. Dialogue - Soul (S), Jesus (B)

1. Aria S
Dearest Jesus, my desire,
tell me, where can I find you?
Shall I lose you so soon
and no longer sense You near me?
Ah! My treasure, bring me joy,
let me embrace you with greatest delight. 2. Recitative B
What is it that you were looking for me?
Don't you know that I have to be in
that is my father's?
(Luke 2:49)
2. Recitative B
How is it, that you sought me?
Do you not know that I must be about
My Father's business?
3rd aria B
Here in my father's place
A troubled spirit finds me.
You can surely find me there
And connect your heart to me
Because this is called my apartment. 3. Aria B
Here, in My Father's place,
a troubled spirit finds me.
There you can surely find
Me and join your heart to Mine,
since this is known as my dwelling. 4. Recitative (dialogue) S B
Oh! holy and great God,
I want myself
Because here with you
Constantly seeking consolation and help.
- Will you curse the earth and only go into this apartment, so you can here and there
persist. -
How lovely is your apartment
Lord, mighty armies;
My mind demands
According to what is only emblazoned in your court.
My body and soul are happy
In the living God:
Oh! Jesus, my breast only loves you forever.
- This is how you can be happy, When heart and spirit are called kindled for love towards me. -
Oh! this word, the itzo already
My heart is tearing from the boundaries of Babel,
I put myself reverently in my soul. 4. Recitative (Dialogue) S B
Ah! Holy and great God,
thus I want
then here with you
seek certain comfort and help.
- If you will renounce earthly toys and enter this dwelling alone, then you can remain both here and there. -
How lovely, indeed, is your dwelling,
Lord, mighty Sabaoth;
my spirit longs
for that which only in your courts sparkles.
My body and soul rejoice
in the living God:
Ah! Jesus, my breast loves only You forever.
- Thus you can be happy, when heart and spirit are known as enflamed with love for Me.
Ah! This word, that now already
wrests my heart out of Babel's borders,
I hold fast in my soul devotedly. 5th aria (duet) S B
Now all the plagues are gone
Now the alas and pain go away.
Now I don't want to leave you
- And I always embrace you too. -
Now my heart is enjoying itself
- And can say with joy: -
Now all the plagues are gone
Now, oh and pain will go away! 5. Aria (duet) S B
Now all trouble disappears,
now crying and pain dissolve.
Now I will not leave you,
- and I also will constantly embrace you. -
Now my heart is content
- and can say, full of joy: -
Now all trouble disappears,
now crying and pain dissolve! 6. Chorale
My God, open the gates for me
Such grace and goodness
Always leave me everywhere
Taste your candy!
Love me and drive me
I want you as best I can
Again scope and love
And yes no longer saddened.
("Away, my heart, with the thoughts," verse 12)
6. Chorals
My God, open the gates
of such grace and goodness to me,
let me, at all times, and in all places,
taste your sweetness!
Love me and urge me onward,
so that I, as well as I can,
might embrace You again and love You,
and indeed now never more be troubled.
Georg Christian Lehms 1711; Luke 2:49 (mov't. 2); Psalm 84: 2-3, source for mov't. 4; "Away, my heart, with the thoughts," verse 12: Paul Gerhardt 1647 (mov't. 6)