How is the flywheel different from SoulCycle

11 Reasons To Dive Into SoulCycle For Weight Loss

You probably feel like you are burning hundreds of calories on SoulCycle. The wildly hip indoor cycling classes have long waiting lists and loyal fans. Drivers often leave sweaty and exhausted. But do the trendy boutiques offer the workout you need to lose weight? You couldn't. In fact, if you want a strong, fit, lean body, you may want to rethink SoulCycle. That's why you couldn't lose weight.

Not the same as cycling

SoulCycle is not the same as cycling. If your goal is to achieve a cyclist's strong, tight body, then you're wasting your time in a boutique spinning class. Cyclists shape tight quads, strong hamstrings, and lean glutes by spending hours on the bike doing sport-specific exercises and perfecting an efficient pedal stroke. Indoor cycling was originally started as an off-season training for riders, but boutique cycling has evolved into something that no longer relies on the athletic exercises of cyclists.

Heat masks intensity

Some boutique bike studios take away the heat in class. The added challenge can make you feel like you are working harder during the class, while the sweat dripping from your body is a response to temperature, not your exertion. And the heat could keep you from working hard enough to burn megacalories.

Unbalanced lower body workout

Music moves movement as you burn calories in SoulCycle and other studios. That makes her so funny. The choreography of the choreographers is designed by the instructors in such a way that the customers move synchronously and in rhythm on the bike. However, this can lead to an unbalanced workout. For example, riders come out of the saddle (usually with their right leg leading) in time with the music. Unfortunately, this means that throughout the class, during dozens of reps coming off the saddle, one leg will be loaded more often than the other.

Ineffective strength training

You will likely be grabbing weights for strength training during your SoulCycle ride. You can do bicep curls, side raises, or tricep extensions with 1 to 3 pounds of weight. While this seems like an efficient way to mix cardio and weight training, it isn't. To build muscle or improve muscle endurance, you need to lift 70-80 percent of your maximum repetition rate. For almost all drivers that will be more than 1 to 3 pounds.

Unbalanced upper body workout

Balanced strength training while cycling is difficult, if not impossible. Seated drivers can only move in limited planes of movement. This is a fancy way of saying that you are exercising the front of your body more than the sides or back of your body.

Too much activity in too short a time

Time goes by during each 45-minute session as the riders take part in arm choreographies, jumps in and out of the saddle, various hand positions, strength training, movement around the saddle and other activities such as handlebar push-ups. But riders rarely do a single activity long enough to produce specific muscle fatigue.

Momentum minimizes the energy

Your SoulCycle bike (and bikes used in most indoor spinning classes) use a weighted flywheel. This feature was originally intended to simulate the resistance of cycling on a road. The problem is that the weight of the flywheel creates an impulse. Have you seen instructors jumping in the saddle? This means that the momentum drives the ride, not the force generated by his legs. To really create strength, your muscles need to control the ride.

No core work

Some boutique cycling instructors claim that you can "get on your core" while teaching. But to effectively train your core, you need to bend or twist your torso against resistance (or gravity), or you need to get the torso in an unstable position. This is almost impossible to do from a sitting or standing driving position, as the torso moves with the Gravity bends forward, not against gravity, and the handlebars provide stability.

Poor alignment affects effectiveness

Choreography in indoor cycling classes is fun, but it can easily affect spine alignment. Cyclists on the road use proper ankle, knee, and hip alignment to create a powerful pedal stroke, generate strength, and burn more calories. But the SoulCycle riders miss out on that perk when they dance, move their hips, and do other choreographies on the bike.

Speed ​​+ momentum = risk

Any bike class can be too risky for cyclists with knee problems. Not only is the alignment of the hip, knee, and ankle compromised, but high risk movements are performed in a locked and charged position. Riders feet are locked on pedals as they spin with 40+ pounds of momentum at speeds over 110 RPM.

SoulCycle calories can be excessive

Cycling at SoulCycle is fun. But the studio reports that you can burn 500-700 calories during class. But the study reported by the American Council on Exercise estimates the rider could burn anywhere between 7.5 and 19 calories per minute in an indoor cycling class (330-850 calories).

The bottom line is that the number of calories you burn in SoulCycle (or any fitness class) depends on a variety of factors, including your weight and the intensity of your work. It cannot be safe to assume that you will burn the maximum calories on SoulCycle. When you do, your weight loss plan can suffer if you rely on these numbers.

Should You Ever Go To SoulCycle For Weight Loss?

Even if there are reasons for SoulCycle and other bike classes, that doesn't mean that this trend has no advantages. There are a couple of reasons you might want to try it out. Many of the instructors are great motivators and even better DJs. If you want to have 45 minutes of fun while burning a few extra calories then this is definitely the workout for you. And people watch and class camaraderie is unrivaled in any other class format. SoulCycle is fun.

But if you've taken these courses and you're not seeing the results you were expecting, the reasons given above could be. Unfortunately, many people pay $ 30-40 for these classes with the expectation that they will be a guaranteed fitness and weight loss certificate. You are not. The bottom line is that if you want to look like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete. So if you love SoulCycle, go for fun once a week. Then get on with your serious workout to build muscle and burn calories at other times during the week.