Is playing the drums a challenge?


Why play the drums?

Playing the drums, how should you describe this feeling? You have to try it out yourself and get to know this feeling. Drummers know what I'm talking about. The moment when you go to your instrument, take the sticks in your hands and start playing rhythms. Even if a lot seems difficult at the beginning, if you stick with it, you can experience a lot of positive things. The drums are an extremely interesting instrument. Most people are intrigued when it comes to drums.

Rhythm moves people!

And there are so many reasons why one should learn this instrument. Anyone who is already active as a drummer will now find some, I think, interesting reasons to continue, to stick with it and to deal intensively with this instrument.


reduce stress

It's no longer a secret that playing drums can relieve stress. That has already been confirmed by many who were frustrated or simply stressed. Just a few minutes behind the instrument makes you feel better. Endorphins are released.

So if you feel down or are looking to cope with stress, you can use the drumsticks. Proper drumming helps.


School performance is getting better

In schools today the subjects of music and sport are being canceled or not very important. But it is precisely music that is an important key to success in other subjects as well. I can personally confirm that too.

In my lessons, some students have already been able to significantly improve their performance in school. For example, performance in mathematics is often significantly better than that of students who do not play an instrument. But languages ​​are also learned more easily. A rhythmic instrument in particular is very helpful here, as special processes take place here, which are also of advantage in the mentioned subjects in school. In addition, the concentration is also significantly better.


Brain training

The brain plays a particularly important role in drums. Both hands and both feet need to be coordinated. It's not that easy and a big challenge, especially at the beginning. The weaker half of the brain is strengthened and trained. Coordinating everything is a big task for the brain. Those who practice this regularly will then be able to play complex things on the drums. The moment comes when everything works together optimally. Understanding musical notes and rhythms is a complex matter that is incredibly effective for the brain.


Coping with complex tasks

The moment comes quickly when it becomes complex on the drums. A lot is decided here. Even if it is mentioned again and again that talent is an important prerequisite, everything is still excused very quickly today. There are enough examples of people who actually didn't have the talent for something, but who achieved a lot through ambition and perseverance. As the saying goes:

"Everyone sees the cake, but hardly anyone sees the work behind it!"


Drummers have to learn a lot, play loud and quiet, quickly and slowly. You also have to deal with complex tasks very quickly. That means learning complex rhythms in concrete terms. You need a lot of self-confidence and the necessary perseverance here if it doesn't work right away.

The good thing is that you deal with challenging tasks. Because you are confronted with it not only when playing the drums, but also in life you have to face difficult situations. Drummers are very good at problem solving. Just as you can devote yourself to complex rhythms and then play them with practice, you will also be able to cope with problems in life.



Drummers are very communicative people. The whole drummer community is like a big family. You exchange ideas, help each other and have a lot to talk about. Music is a language and contains a lot more than you might perceive at first glance. The music is able to trigger feelings without anyone saying a word. A powerful tool. Musicians are more sensitive and perceive their surroundings better. You go through the world with open eyes and are interested. This creates new contacts and opens up new paths.


Lifelong learning

You're never too old to start playing the drums. Those who play drums improve things in life. You never stop learning in life. One should devote oneself to this task again and again. Looking for a challenge and always discovering something new.



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