Like a BBA at PDM University


The Registration for the thesis takes place at the following preclusive periods:

  • in the period 01. - 10.05. for the allocation period in the summer semester
  • in the period 01. - 10.11. for the allocation period in the winter semester.

Together with the registration you will meet one Determination of preferences regarding the modules (subject areas) and the supervision of your thesis.

Procedure for all Bachelor and Master degree programs (including MIM)

How to create on-line (via the Internet) the registration form and the definition of preferences:

1.WBS web services start (if there are problems with the link: alternative)
2.Choose Registration for the thesis
3.Login with HDS user name and HDS password
4.Enter your date of birth and your address and then click on the Further-Button
5.Set your preferences:
- First select the module in which you would like to write most
- put the supervisors in the preferred order if there are several
- Now proceed accordingly with the module of your second choice, etc.
6.If you have defined all the required preferences, the button will appear Save information
7.After saving, the registration form will be displayed and you can check your details (to change your details or preferences, start the procedure from the beginning)
8.Print out the registration form and save it (e.g. as a PDF file that you can print out later if necessary)
9.Sign the printout and hand in the original timely a (by post, delivery to the ServiceCenter or deadline letter box Bleichstr. 44)


Your data is already recorded in a central database via the Internet. However, your registration will only take place when the The examinations department has a printed registration form:

  • complete (all pages)
  • with your signature
  • timely.

To meet the registration deadline, it is sufficient to send the registration, as evidenced by a postmark, by midnight on the last day of the registration deadline. From abroad, we recommend faxing the registration in advance at the same time.

Incomplete, incorrect or late application are considered improper and lead to the rejection of admission.

Documents to be attached and submitted later

Usually you have to use the registration form no Include other documents such as collective slip, proof of exams passed abroad, proof of internship, etc., as these documents are already available to the examination department.

When you hand in your thesis, please enclose these completed forms:
Declaration of consent for the handover of an unpublished thesis to the University and State Library RheinMain (HLB) and address registration for evaluation (PDF 74 KB).