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Online Therapeutic Chat Alternatives

In this day and age, getting to know someone is easy - all you need is a computer. Countless websites can help you get in touch with strangers all over the world. However, there are few therapeutic chat websites where you can connect with people who can listen and help you solve problems.

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While this is only a short list, here are a few websites to visit if you are looking for chat therapy. These first three suggestions are professional platforms that use trained volunteers to assist users.

(Disclaimer: Neither of these sites is guaranteed to offer you therapeutic benefits or a positive chat experience. The person you connect with may not be prepared for your situation, and there is always the possibility that someone will react badly or negatively to seize you In this case, always take the necessary action, find a new chat or look for a new website if the current one doesn't work for you.)

  1. 7 cups of tea

7 cups of tea was founded in 2013 by psychologist Glen Moriarty. It uses trained volunteer peer specialists to provide free chat therapy to people in over 150 countries. In addition to one-on-one conversations, 7 Cups also offers group chat therapy for specific topics and offers users the opportunity to chat with a licensed therapist for a monthly fee. While you can only get in touch with volunteers once on other websites, 7 Cups allows you to chat with the same volunteer on a regular basis (should both parties agree).

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  1. iPrevail

iPrevail, which is similar to 7 Cups, connects users with trained peer volunteers for basic assistance. Unlike other websites, iPrevail allows minors to connect with volunteers with the consent of a parent or guardian. In addition to chat support, iPrevail offers a support community and the ability to take a basic health exercise test that provides users with personalized online therapy programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

  1. I'm alive

I'm Alive is an online chat resource that is part of the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, a nonprofit that focuses on raising awareness and education about suicide prevention. IMAlive is made up of trained and certified volunteers who can deal with crisis situations, including suicidal thoughts, violent trauma, and family problems.

The volunteers on the following platforms are not trained. Be careful when using these services.

  1. BlahTherapy

BlahTherapy is a basic chat service that can best be compared to Omegle. Listeners on this platform have no training and instead act as a friend who lets you bleed. For people who want to discuss minor issues, this page should be sufficient. For people who may be dealing with more severe problems, another site is recommended, especially one of the sites mentioned in the previous section. However, BlahTherapy does offer a $ 25 pay-as-you-go plan for those who prefer to speak to a licensed therapist.

  1. MellowTalk

Founded in 2017, MellowTalk is a website 'built on the friendliness of strangers'. Like BlahTherapy, MellowTalk is a site where listeners and speakers can connect with each other. This website also offers a reward system for speakers and listeners. Speakers can offer thanks and other rewards to listeners who help improve the community. You can also provide feedback to the audience. MellowTalk is free but is not recommended for people who need the assistance of a psychologist.

  1. heap

Unlike many of the other options on this list, Pile is a free iOS application that lets you join groups, share videos about personal experiences, and chat with other users in your groups. (It's worth noting that they have a zero tolerance policy for bullying.) Some of the groups you can join are:

  • LGBTQ groups
  • Fear groups
  • Depression groups
  • Eating disorder groups
  • Addiction groups
  1. The comfort spot

The Comfort Spot is a website designed by the creators of the Quiet Place project that connects users who are going through similar situations. Although this is more of a community than a chat room, people can still chat on mental health topics. If you like this website, you can also take advantage of some of the other resources offered by the creators of the Quiet Place project.

  1. HopeNet 360

HopeNet 360 is another online chat website that connects users with spiritual trainers. It also employs crisis counselors to talk to people over the phone. This website is available to anyone over the age of 13 and has many caring volunteers. However, the operators of the website encourage anyone who feels suicidal to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or speak to one of their crisis counselors over the phone. The numbers for these two resources are listed in the description of the website.

  1. Chat now

Chat Now is a chat resource that gives people the opportunity to get advice from Christian volunteers. Their chat services base much of their advice on the Bible and provide advice on a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse issues. Still, they state on their website that their volunteers are not equipped to treat any mental illness and that visitors should turn to a professional if they are dealing with anything that is outside of the volunteer's scope.

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When you feel alone, it can be hugely helpful to connect with others via chat for support. However, the above list does not include platforms that exclusively offer online therapies with a licensed professional.

If you're looking for more support than a volunteer can provide, online counseling may be better for you. You can access BetterHelp's network of licensed consultants from the comfort of your home (or anywhere you have an Internet connection). Below are some reviews from BetterHelp counselors who are experiencing a range of issues.

Consultant reviews

'Dr. Norton has helped me tremendously with my confidence and self-friendliness. She is very responsive in a timely manner and is always sweet and professional. I've lived under a fog of depression for several years, and working with it lifted that severity. While I still have problems, it was amazing to live without this darkness hanging over me. I am more confident in solving any problem that comes my way. She provided me with tools to take better care of myself than before, and I will carry these lessons my whole life. Thank you, Dr. Norton! '

'Absolutely brilliant! He helped me out of a pretty dark place and was just helpful! For men looking for a counselor who understands what it is like to be a man in today's world with a family, children and responsibilities, work, etc., I was extremely impressed with his ability to engage and understand what i am talking about. He's also great at getting to the bottom of the problem. You don't have to go through 8,000 words to find out what point he's aiming at. He has a knack for asking exactly the right question in 2-3 sentences. If you are looking for a consultant who is not your typical consultant, he is your type! '

There are many ways to get help online. Whether you want professional help or a casual ear, we encourage you to get in touch if you have any issues. Mental illness is difficult on its own to manage but can be overcome with the right support. Take the first step today.