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... Kurt Gemeinhardt, who was born in Markneukirchen, was persuaded in 1928 to move to the USA to build flutes in Elkhart, Indiana.

Kurt was a 4th generation flute maker. His father Arthur, who had learned the trade at Rittershausen, moved to the USA himself. There he worked for W. M. Haynes and started his own business in 1921.

Before Kurt traveled to the USA, he had built flutes in Switzerland for some time and had already achieved a great reputation.

1945: Kurt had been building for other flutes for 17 years - now he wanted to set up his own production and began with repairs and developments in his private rooms. From 1948 he built his own silver flutes for orchestral musicians, and from 1958 onwards, following pressure from inquiries, also student instruments under his name.

At first he had the idea of ​​only producing a limited number of high-quality instruments. But the demand was so strong that as early as 1951 the rooms had become too small and a new building was inevitable.

Kurt himself made the plans for the new production. This enabled him to build student flutes and instruments for advanced students.

Today GEMEINHARDT is again under competent management: The long-time employee David Pirtle started decades ago at the workbench and today controls the fortunes of this company.

With obvious success, because today GEMEINHARDT not only offers the "normal" soprano flutes, today the customer has a wide selection from the piccolo to the bass flute.

GEMEINHARDT no longer only stands for student instruments! Recently David Pirtle presented the "Kurt Gemeinhardt Generation" series, completely handmade according to old tradition with a further developed RS2012 scale. This was developed with William Bennett, Trevor Wye and Eldrid Spell!

GEMEINHARDT and the extraordinary head joint manufacturer GARNER have been working together since December 2014.

You can find GEMEINHARDT flutes at a few, but well-selected, specialist dealers, in our showroom or in our online shop.