Can Roblox be played offline

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Settings for more security in "Roblox"

It is often not easy for parents to control how they use “Roblox”: Although users have the option of entering their parents' email address, this is not an obligation. Regardless of whether the child is under or over 13 years old, they can play mini-games such as “Counter Blox” - a kind of “Roblox” version of the well-known shooter game “Counter-Strike”. There is no separate age rating for the games within "Roblox".

"Account restrictions" can be selected in the account settings. These can be done on the website and are updated on all end devices on which “Roblox” is installed. If the restrictions are activated, only games from a selected list that have been approved and curated as youth-friendly by the provider can be played. User-created games in which content unsuitable for children can be found can no longer be played with the restrictions. The use of the "Roblox Studio" remains unaffected. The account restrictions also disable the ability to interact with Roblox, such as private messages or in-game chats.

If access to all user-generated games is not to be restricted, settings can be made manually: "Roblox" has a useful function called "Age Visibility", with which age-appropriate settings for children can be set. The online game also has a central dashboard to restrict chat functions, for example.

Parents can choose a PIN in the Roblox account settings, which is always required to change a setting so that the account restrictions cannot be lifted by the children themselves. Parents can find detailed instructions on account restrictions here.

Some settings can also be made in the games on "Roblox" themselves and then relate specifically only to the respective game. In some games, for example, the visibility of blood or killed avatars can be switched off.