What is the use of Netflix

Sharing a Netflix account: is it legal?

Basic, standard or premium subscription?

Netflix offers different usage options at different prices. If you choose the Basic version of Netflix decide, you pay with it 7.99 euros Although the lowest price, you get the series for it not in HD quality played out and can too only on one device netflixen. For example, do you want to watch a movie during your roommate would like to watch his series in the other room, this is not possible with the basic version. Quite annoying when the one you're your with Share your Netflix account want to be a true serial junkie and Binge watching his biggest hobby is. It works a little better with that Standard version of Netflix. Here you pay 12.99 euros per month, but you can use your films and series in HD quality look at and even Stream with up to two devices at the same time. So no problem if you don't agree in your flat share or in the family about what should be on Netflix. Simply move to the other room and your own Watch series! For larger shared apartments or families, Netflix offers an even more comprehensive package. With the Premium subscription can up to four people at the same time access the streaming service with one account. In addition, most of the series even in Ultra HD be played out. So it's perfect when you can't come to an agreement with your roommates at home. With the premium subscription you are definitely on the safe side and divided by four it is only possible just under EUR 4.50 per person per month.

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Share Netflix Account: Allowed or Forbidden?

Connect with several people Netflix account to share, sounds tempting to anyone looking to save some money. But is that even legal? After all, Netflix is ​​a for-profit corporation that would like to win over as many paying customers as possible. However, all of the around 150 million Netflix users worldwide get together in groups of four to share an account, that would mean enormous losses for the company. Netflix has taken precautions in its terms of use so that such a scenario does not occur. Under point 4.2 of the Netflix Terms of Use it says: "The Netflix service and all content viewed through the service is exclusive for your personal and non-commercial use determined and may not be shared with people who do not live in the same household." Ulrich Kulke, lawyer specializing in IT and business law, classifies the articles from the terms of use: "From the Netflix Terms of Use follows that the Netflix service and any content viewed through the service may only be shared with people who live in the same household. This includes families as well as shared apartments, "explains Ulrich Kulke. So your Netflix account is budget-bound and you can only share it with someone with whom you also live together. It doesn't matter if it's yours Family, roommate or your partner is. But be careful: Netflix requires you to always use the Control over your accountand the devicesthat the account is used on. So your Netflix partner has to take you to his television Laptop, Game console or mobile phone if he wants to use your Netflix account. In addition, point five of the Terms of Use continues to state that you can password or the account details for the selected payment method do not pass on to third parties should. You have to enter the details yourself on the device of the person you want to share your account with. In addition, as the account owner, you are responsible for everything that any co-users of your account do. So you are also liable if your sub-user should come up with the idea of ​​creating pirated copies of Netflix content.

Account blocking in the event of violations


Despite the condition that a Netflix account can only be shared within the household, is so far no known case in which users who violated it were punished. However, the group reserves the right to take action against it, as stipulated in section 4.6 of the user conditions: "If you violate these conditions of use or use the service in an illegal or fraudulent manner, we are authorized to terminate your Terminate or restrict use of our service. "In October 2019, the group also announced that it would take action against password sharing. How Netflix would like to do it, however, they did not reveal and so far no punishments for password sharing are known. But if you are caught doing it like you Illegally sharing a Netflix account can do one thing Suspension of your account entail. "In addition, it is theoretically possible that Netflix can be used by the respective user Calls for damages. For this, however, Netflix would have to claim a corresponding specific damage. The purely theoretical possibility that someone could conclude a user contract with Netflix without their own account is not enough for a specific damage, "says Kulke, assessing the legal situation. In order not to run the risk of an account being blocked, however you yours Only share your Netflix account within your household. Ulrich Kulke also advises against use in violation of the contract: "Under the current conditions, it is unlikely to be realistic that Netflix would actually oppose the sharing of its accounts Actions for damages takes action against the respective user. We are also not aware of any corresponding proceedings, so that it cannot be said exactly how the courts would deal with them, for example what requirements a court would place, for example, on the presentation of specific damage. In any case, we advise against sharing the account in a manner contrary to the contract with people who do not live in the user's household. "