What is the name of TikTok in China

The US government has the successful Chinese app Tiktok examined for a possible threat to national security. Two years after the sale of the US start-up Musical.ly to the Chinese company Bytedance, a commission for foreign investments is examining the takeover, reported the New York Times and the Washington Post citing government circles. It is also about the alleged transfer of data to authorities in China. Bytedance had agreed to operate Musical.ly separately from its Chinese apps at the time of the takeover. A year later, however, the American service was integrated into the Tiktok service. A Bytedance spokesman explained that New York Times, The trust of users and government agencies in the United States is a top priority for the company. Tiktok does not send any user data to China.

Tiktok is the first app from a Chinese provider that has become a global success. The application is mainly used by teenagers. The principle is simple: you record a video with your smartphone and upload it, the recordings can be a maximum of 15 seconds long - condensed YouTube. As soon as you start Tiktok, artificial intelligence begins to work in the background, and after just a few videos you have seen, the app has evaluated the interests and only fades in clips that are relevant to the user. Young people spend hours doing tiktok, moving from one video to the next, without end.

In the USA alone, Tiktok is said to have been downloaded around 110 million times. The current valuation of Bytedance is - also for this reason - since the last investor round at a fabulous 75 billion dollars.

The latest review was triggered by complaints in the US Congress. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Republican Tom Cotton had asked the US intelligence coordinator (DNI) to initiate an investigation at the end of October. The senators demanded that the experts should provide "an assessment of the threat to national security from Tiktok and other platforms in Chinese hands in the USA". Although Tiktok is not available in China, Bytedance has to obey Chinese laws, including the support of the secret services. This could be a possible gateway for Chinese espionage, it said.

Tiktok had also been criticized for the lack of footage of the protests in Hong Kong. Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of the competitor Facebook, which also operates Instagram, accused Tiktok of censorship, which can even be felt in the USA. The company denied the allegation.