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Finally bogus free! - 10 semesters of medicine

Today I wrote my very last exam! I still can't believe it.
It took 10 semesters and then all of a sudden you're done. Never again do I have to listen to the rules in this lecture hall and myself, how to put a cross correctly or to keep your eyes on your cloister. An experience report with a review of my medical studies.

As you can imagine, this is a really liberating feeling, but at the same time somehow unreal. Was the first exam really that long ago?

I can still remember it exactly. In the summer of 2013 I wrote the first exam of my studies: Chemistry. For me at that time the absolute horror. I went into this last exam in a completely different way. A proper exam routine has evolved over the years. At the end of each semester, you became a regular in the library. Meanwhile, you already know exactly what your favorite place is and what is served at the salad buffet in the cafeteria for lunch. Then it was a matter of clicking through lectures, turning over books and, above all, crossing old exams. Cross, cross, cross. Yes, I really did set a few crosses in my studies and today at 10.45 a.m. the last one. So not entirely natural, the exam is still due in the summer, but the last part of the regular exam phases.

On the one hand, I am of course incredibly relieved and am happy to have taken another big step. On the other hand, you are also a little wistful. The time of my studies, and with it my time in Würzburg, is drawing to a close. Of course you groaned every semester when the exam phase was approaching, got excited about the lecturers and their questions, but in the end you could always celebrate the passed exams with your fellow students and the following semester started the same game all over again. What is coming now is new and unknown. With the exams and the lecturers you mostly knew what you were dealing with.

But the relief is great, even if after the Physikum the great pressure had fallen away from you, there were also some exams for which you had to learn quite a lot. The biggest challenge was often to study several subjects at the same time, as we usually wrote several exams in one week. You needed a fairly organized learning plan and good time management to do justice to the whole thing. The triple exams were particularly tricky. There are three of them in Würzburg. In this exam format, 3 subjects are packed into one exam. In the 7th semester they were ophthalmology-ENT-occupational medicine, in the 8th then surgery-orthopedic-urology and finally in the 9th semester neurology-psychiatry-psychosomatics. That really cost us a lot of preparation time and nerves, but it was all the more relieved when it was done.

So, dear young doctors, I am now saying goodbye to you, because today we are celebrating! I'm already looking forward to toasting 5 years of exams with my friends, I think we deserve it.

See you soon, your Ariane
Medical students at the University of Würzburg and jungmediziner.de campus captain

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