What is the capital of Chicago

Chicago: The "Windy City" on Lake Michigan

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The North American metropolis of Chicago is located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan in the US state of Illinois. After New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is the third largest city in the USA with 2.7 million inhabitants. It is known for its impressive modern skyline.

Chicago: Birthplace of modern architecture

In 1871 the "Great Fire" raged in Chicago. Most of the city was destroyed. For this reason, the architects opted for safe buildings during the reconstruction. A newly developed high-rise architecture with a fire-protected steel frame construction offered the best conditions for this and was implemented over a large area in the city. A new architectural style was born, the Chicago School. Well-known architects, including Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, perfected the construction of the skyscraper (high-rise buildings) and brought it in line with the requirements of modern architecture.

New wind in the "Windy City"

In 1937 the well-known German architect Mies van der Rohe immigrated to the USA. In Chicago he set new impulses and thus ensured the further development of the famous high-rise architecture. The street canyons, lined with huge buildings, not only provide a unique skyline, but also a special thermal: When the icy winter wind ("The Hawk") reaches Chicago, then it is really stormy in the city. For this reason Chicago is also called "The Windy City".

"Little Germany "in the heart of the USA

Hamburg and Chicago have been official twin cities since 1994 - at that time it was Hamburg's first partnership with a North American city. As part of the cooperation, the exchange of culture, business and trade is promoted. The relationships go back even further: with the recognition of North America's independence in 1776, the British trade monopoly fell and the US market opened up for Hamburg. Even then, Chicago was an important transshipment point for the Hanseatic city's export of goods and, in the 19th century, a contact point for numerous German immigrants who often came to the New World via Hamburg. Around 500,000 people with German roots still live in Chicago today. There is even a "Little Germany" with numerous German bakeries and cafés in the heart of the American metropolis.

Modern city with history

Industrial meat production was perfected in Chicago in the 1880s, and numerous old slaughterhouses still bear witness to this today. Chicago is also known as the capital of music and the notorious gang boss Al Capone ruled the city's underworld. Those who like to look for clues can experience a lot here. Chicago also has a lot to offer otherwise. The Field Museum of Natural History, for example, is one of the world's largest science and natural history museums.

Shopping, art and nature - experience Chicago

The city is located on the 58 square kilometer Lake Michigan, which offers plenty of space for relaxation with 15 beach sections. In addition, the Chicago River flows through the middle of the metropolis. On a boat tour you have a great view of the impressive architecture from there. Navy Pier is located at the mouth of the river in Lake Michigan. The pier, built in 1916, exudes the charm of an English seaside resort and is one of the main attractions for locals and visitors.

A climb to the Willis Tower is recommended. From the second tallest skyscraper in the USA you have a wonderful view of the city.

Those in the mood for shopping will find exclusive luxury boutiques on North Michigan Avenue, called "Mag Mile" ("Magnificant Mile"). Small shops and galleries are more likely to be found in the trendy districts of River North and Wicker Park. A "must-see" is the viewing platform of the 360 ​​Chicago Observation Deck (formerly John Hancock Center). It offers sweeping panoramic views of Chicago's skyline. Next door, the Millennium Park invites you to linger, there is the popular photo motif "Cloud Gate", a silver stainless steel sculpture by the British artist Anish Kapoor. Because of its bean-like shape, it is often called "The Bean".

Tip: For bargain hunters, it is worth buying the Chicago City Pass or the Go Chicago Card. The discount passes offer discounts for the most popular attractions.

Hearty home cooking from hot dogs to pan pizzas

Chicago is the capital of the meat. A good steak is served in numerous restaurants.

Chicago is known for its steakhouses, where barbecue ribs, steaks, burgers and hot dogs are served. However, if you order a hot dog, you won't get a simple sausage in a bun. The classic in Chicago is traditionally served with spicy mustard, onions, tomatoes, coleslaw and other additives. The famous "Pan Pizza" or "Deep Dish Pizza" also comes from the American city. Actually, it's more of a pizza cake filled with plenty of sausage and cheese. On top of that comes the classic pizza topping - no light fare. But also gourmets get their money's worth, because Chicago can boast a multicultural diversity, which is also reflected in the culinary offer.

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