How can you make your home child safe?

Make the apartment childproof

sharp objects

What can happen? Since children are not aware of possible cuts or stab wounds and curiously examine all objects with their hands and mouth, knives, scissors, tools and the like are taboo. The little ones can also seriously injure themselves on sharp edges while romping around or whizzing past.

How to prevent It is essential to keep all pointed and sharp objects in lockable drawers and cupboards. Sharp-edged furniture such as glass tables or window sills should be protected.


What can happen? "Falls are by far the most common accident risk for children," says Andreas Kalbitz. This can be a fall from the changing table or from the loft bed - with consequences such as broken bones, concussion and skull injuries. Falls from the balcony or from the window are even more dramatic.

How to prevent "Always make sure that there are no climbing aids, such as an easy-to-climb balcony railing or a shelf or chair under the window," says the expert. Lockable handles can be attached to balcony doors and windows, and there is a protective grille in front of stairs. At the changing table, the following applies: always one hand on the child, don't let go for a second! And: "Loft beds are only suitable for children from the age of five or six, before that they are too dangerous," warns Kalbitz.

Poisonous substances

What can happen? Licking, chewing or swallowing cleaning products, poisonous plants or medication is extremely risky for children and can even endanger their lives.

How to prevent "Most parents keep an eye on the most well-known, potentially dangerous substances such as cleaning agents and detergents, alcoholic beverages or pharmaceuticals," says the expert. "But please also think of sources of poison such as cigarette butts in ashtrays that have not been emptied or batteries lying around, especially button cells. The latter can cause severe burns if swallowed." Also, check that your houseplants are safe.