How did China control its population

Book AwardHow China wants to control its people and the West

On October 16, 2019, the coveted one will be again getAbstract International Book Award awarded. As part of the Frankfurt Book Fair, getAbstract awards two German and two English business books that have made a special contribution to current social debates in the past year. For the 19th anniversary, editor-in-chief Horst von Buttlar is adding to this year's jury of getAbstract editors. Capital presents the exclusive shortlistin a weekly series.

The reinvention of dictatorship - How China is building the digital surveillance state and thereby challenging us

Why is:

China has ambitious plans for the future: With “Made in China 2025”, the People's Republic wants to be among the world's best in innovative technologies. The "New Silk Road" is intended to open up new trade routes in Asia, Africa and Europe. And head of state Xi Jinping has promised his people a "new age". While the West often fails to recognize these developments, Kai Strittmatter warns in his book: “Both people and the world have reason to be nervous.” The former China knows that the times in which China only strives for economic success are over -Correspondent.

Instead, the Communist Party (KP) under Xi Jinping is planning maximum control. Surveillance state and dictatorial structures instead of the hoped-for political opening through trade and prosperity. In a three-part analysis, Kai Strittmatter traces how the Chinese government makes use of the central principles of authoritarianism - and is increasingly relying on new technologies, big data and AI. The West must also be on its guard. Because China's influence in the world is growing, benefiting from the weakness of Western democracies.

For whom is it relevant:

While China is transforming itself into an authoritarian surveillance state, the world public only listens to the propagated phrases of "opening" and "global networking". Strittmatter criticizes the Chinese government's increasing isolationist tactics. He therefore demands in a passionate appeal: “Look to China!” Time and again, Strittmatter draws on his years of experience as a China correspondent and makes the effects of the latest developments all the more tangible. If you don't have the opportunity to follow up close how China is becoming more authoritarian, Strittmatter provides in-depth insight

into the reality of China under Xi Jinping - without mincing words.

Who wrote it:

Kai Strittmatter is a columnist and studied sinologist. In the 1980s, Strittmatter studied in Xi’an, China, and Taipei, Taiwan. From 1997 to 2005 and from 2012 to 2018 he returned to the People's Republic as a correspondent for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. From 2005 to 2012 Strittmatter was also a correspondent in Turkey. "The reinvention of dictatorship, how China is building the digital surveillance state and thereby challenging us" is his seventh book.

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