Should acquire Square Circle

Kazimir Malevich - Square, circle and arrow Ring

Take one of the most representative works by Kazimir Malevich with you.

Inspired by Kasimir "Square, circle and arrow", this ring seems to have been taken out of paper.

Made from the finest sterling silverwith 92.5% purity,that lasts a lifetime.

What will you get with this ring?

  1. One ring out 925 sterling silverdesigned to last a lifetime with which you can use the Movement of Suprematism and the unique art of Kazimir Malevich will represent.
  2. Help an artist: One% of our profit goes to Supporting an independent artist, every month we choose an artist and purchase one of his works.
  3. Take part in the monthly raffle for a work of art: We will raffle the purchased artwork among all customers who have placed an order during the month.
  4. Selected artist of the month for May: @erika_stearly (The winner and the artwork will be announced on June 1st).

Stand out with the iconic work of Kazimir Malevich and show it offSuprematism Moveevery day.

It's meticulous attention to detail, was made with oneadjustable designcreated to adjust the size. So you can put it on each finger.

Size M: 17 mm (resizable)

Size L: 19 mm (resizable)

This Kuurth ring comes with a14-day money-back guaranteedelivered.

Reserve yours before they go out, help an independent artist, and enter this month's raffle!