Is it worth doing SAP Hybris

The marketing cloud optimizes the way to the customer

SAP hybris Marketing

Hybris has become known with its commerce solution as a SAP supplement. Accordingly, the focus of the system is on direct selling. Product recommendation and retargeting tools play an important role. If the basic functions are not enough for you, you can integrate extensions. With Bloomreach, Facebook, Marketo, Sprinklr and Turn, solutions are offered that complement this focus. Sprinklr, for example, offers the possibility of enriching customer profiles from Facebook and Co. with additional data. The solutions are available via the hybris Extend online market.

  1. The calendar view of SAP hybris allows you to plan and distribute the budgets clearly.

  2. The segmentation module from SAP hybris enables a dedicated selection and calculates the respective propensity to buy.

  3. There is a data sheet for each customer in SAP hybris, which forms the basis for the segmentation.

Segmentation for the perfect product recommendation

To find out more about the customer, hybris offers the modules hybris Marketing Data Management, hybris Marketing Segmentation and hybris Marketing Recommendation.

With hybris Marketing Data Management, 360-degree profiles of known and unknown customers are created in real time and constantly updated. In doing so, data from social media and transactions, i.e. purchases, are merged. At the same time, the solution visualizes customer behavior patterns. Target groups and target group trees can be determined by segmentation. The hybris Marketing Recommendation uses knowledge about customer behavior and uses predictive analytics methods to make intelligent recommendations that fit the customer's respective situation in a specific context. The system is self-learning. The goal: to increase conversion rates and average sales through cross-selling and up-selling.

Reminder mailings, offline advertising and customer loyalty programs

In order to positively influence the customer experience, there are the modules hybris Marketing Conversion, hybris Marketing Acquisition and hybris Marketing Retention. With the hybris Marketing Conversion, surfing behavior and purchase intentions are analyzed in order to take retargeting measures. For example, e-mail reminders are sent to abandoned shopping carts or display ads are sent if the customer has viewed products but not bought them. hybris Marketing Acquisition, in turn, provides personalized multi-touch campaigns for segmented target groups via e-mail, SMS, direct mail, etc. With the retention module, hybris aims at multi-channel customer loyalty programs. Points based on the Payback model are intended to promote customer loyalty - the module helps to plan and evaluate appropriate actions and campaigns.

Use your media budget effectively

You can manage the media budget with the hybris Marketing Planning module. The hybris Marketing Orchestration offers the possibility of defining the customer journeys. The hybris Marketing Insights module lists all relevant marketing KPIs on a dashboard and shows possible purchases (opportunities).

Typically, hybris Marketing is suitable for medium-sized to large companies that advertise and sell through many channels. An example: e-commerce companies that rely on 1: 1 retargeting e-mails when their customer does not complete their shopping cart order can generate between two and ten percent more sales. Companies with an annual turnover of 100 million euros can therefore generate two to ten million euros more in turnover. Investing in hybris is less worthwhile.