What is post shaving cream useful for?

Do i really need shaving cream? The science behind shaving gel and foam

Why you need shaving cream

Before every shave, you always lather your face with shaving cream, gel or foam as usual ... but you are wondering why?

How important is it to lather the face before shaving?

Your skin and hair are grateful to you for this.

Your whiskers are hard and wiry - if you slide the back of your hand over your stubble, you can feel it. On the other hand, the skin on your face is soft, has a gel-like texture and moves that way.

This copper wire-like hair can be very difficult to deal with: you can deal with up to 25,000 hairs each time you shave. Cutting them as thoroughly as possible is challenging enough. But to cut it as close to the skin as possible without damaging the skin? This is exactly where the protection provided by shaving cream comes in.

Shaving cream has four roles

  1. Hydration. Shaving cream will help moisturize your whiskers as you shave, making them softer and easier to cut. The less effort required to cut each hair, the more comfortable the shave will be.
  2. Skin protection. Shaving cream creates a thin protective film between the blade and the skin, which means less friction and the risk of redness, skin irritation, razor burn or even cuts.
  3. Orientation. It is almost too obvious and is therefore often overlooked: by removing the shaving cream while shaving, we know where we have already shaved. This also ensures that we never miss a single point.
  4. Soothe and refresh. Using shaving cream will help soothe your skin and feel refreshed after you shave.

These four tasks, when combined, represent the overall benefit of shaving cream - but what is the difference between shaving foam and shaving gel?

The difference between shaving foam and shaving gel

Depending on your personal preferences, your choice is either shaving foam or shaving gel - but are there any real differences?

Shave Foam Attributes:Shaving Gel Attributes:
Instant light latherRicher lather
AiryEnhanced lubricants
Easy to rinse awayMore razor glide
TableMore protection for your skin


Every face is different. You can only find out what really works by experimenting.

In any case, both products help ensure that your shaving experience is comfortable and thorough