Which animals taste like chicken?

Man tests the taste of human flesh with a sample from his leg

Even if you are not cannibalistic, you will have asked yourself at one point or another how he or she tastes like that. According to a popular rumor, people taste like chicken. But is that true?

The British BBC presenter Greg Foot, driven by scientific curiosity, regularly gets to the bottom of the curious questions of everyday life and, in the latest installment of the Brit Lab series, has now also devoted himself to researching his own physical taste.

Undaunted, he had a sample taken from his own thigh muscle to test its culinary attractiveness. The analysis of the connective tissue cells already showed that they consist of almost the same muscle fibers as chicken breast or beef meat.

The aromatic composition is also not dissimilar to that of animals, as Foot was able to find out in an odor test in which he sniffed a boiled sample. His thigh has a nice "meaty" smell that smells so much richer than pork or chicken, he explained in the video.

However, Foot did not take the last step on the way to cannibalism: For the final sample, in which he also tests the taste of his meat on the palate, he produced a kind of meat potpourri made of animal "material". The basis for the mixture was a chemical analysis, which was carried out by the nutritionist Avinash Kant at the University of Nottingham, who heads a research group for aroma sciences there.

This analysis of the flavoring substances contained provided the reference values ​​that Foot used to put together the types of meat for the various animals. He then chopped the pieces of the mostly red meat in the food processor into a mixed mince and cooked himself a burger loaf.

As a reason why he refrained from eating his real meat, Foot gave a more pragmatic argument: For a real burger patty he would have needed a whole arm and not just the little tissue removed in the Petri dish. Hopefully the Briton will find even more reasons not to pursue cannibalistic tendencies any further.

As a result of the investigation, Foot finally enjoyed his human meat surrogate: According to his culinary analysis, it tasted good, with explicit notes of lamb and pork - not chicken.

This was also confirmed by Armin Meiwes, who became known as the "man eater of Rotenburg", in a television interview from 2007. In its innocent and macabre way, the statement is of course a lot more depressing than the British journalist's scientific approach:

“I briefly seared Bernd's steak and seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic and nutmeg. There were also princess potato balls, Brussels sprouts and a green pepper sauce. "The meat tasted" similar to pork ".

Fortunately, the British were motivated less by an unhealthy disposition than by simple curiosity. Which is reasonably reassuring.

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