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Markus B. Jaeger

Berlin Flamingos: COVID19 season 2020 in the 1st Ben’s Baseball Bundesliga - a determination of the position

September 6, 2020 in General, Press Releases, Team 1

The impromptu season is NOT about ANYTHING - everyone just wants to play baseball. The aim is to prepare the association for the BL.1 mission in 2021.

Press release as PDF.

Photos of the game can be found here.

Even if the figures alone speak a clear language: From the point of view of those responsible for flamingos, the current situation in this improvised and shortened COVID19 season - without any seriously possible preparation - is no cause for concern. Markus B. Jaeger: “It's certainly tough when our boys and the coaching staff look at the table. And yes: Every defeat hurts and you doubt yourself. The fans are also probably wondering what's going on with the flamingos. But there is not a single reason to hang your head - for no one! The team is also not allowed to let the two most recent defeats (6:11 and 0:17) against the supposedly weaker Cologne Cardinals get close. The fact is: We had a catastrophic preparation: halls closed in winter due to pollution, insufficient alternative halls with no batting possibility, space closure due to floodlighting and the subsequent removal of defects, Covid19 lockdown, return flight of the head coach Don Freeman, who is already in Berlin, waiver of the US service providers in 2019 Kryzsko and Mills, imported players who were flown in at short notice, who also had no training in their countries due to the effects of Covid19. You can't hide all that now. And the most important thing is: The 2020 season has no relegation - in 2021 the same teams will compete in the 1st Ben’s Baseball Bundesliga as in 2020. There is no need to panic. The capital baseball project is in test mode. In 2021 it will count when COVID19 is over. "

Because of COVID19, the flamingos had also waived their right to play in the 2nd Bundesliga with Team 2. But that will be used in 2021. “The circumstances left us with no other choice at the time when we needed to make a decision. The plan was to give all players - including the young newcomers and their own junior players - playing time in Team 1. Everyone should get a taste of the Bundesliga air so that nervousness is reduced for 2021. But then suddenly the 14-man-in-the-squad rule had to be followed. The planned deployment times were no longer feasible. A more than unfortunate chain of events to our disadvantage ”, says Jaeger.

According to Jaeger, however, the stipulation for the 2020 season remains: “We are happy to be able to have a few games in 2020 at all. We see this primarily as a dress rehearsal - also for processes behind the scenes - for the 2021 season, which will then take place - hopefully without the COVID panic - for the flamingos in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. The coaching staff currently has every opportunity to try out the players in different positions. It is certainly a highlight that we also give our junior pitchers, two of whom have just turned 17, time to work. It's all about gaining experience and routine. The victories will come in 2021 - when it counts, "Jaeger is certain."

Match reports

The grapes are still hanging very high - even against Cologne it was not enough for the first win of the season

The Berlin Flamingos also lose their two home games in the Ben’s Baseball Bundesliga against the Cologne Cardinals. Against the Domstadt team and those responsible for the Flamingos had figured out something. The Cologne team had only won two of their eight games before this match day and the team averages of the two teams in batting and pitching were quite comparable.

On Friday there was the second evening game in the history of Berlin baseball under floodlights and the first game on a working day - a great way to start a weekend. In the end, more than 200 spectators made the pilgrimage to the Märkisches Viertel. Starting pitcher of the flamingos was again Joshua Spezia, who again offered a very strong performance and kept the flamingos in the game for 6 innings. When his strength threatened to run out, manager Shane Roley relied on the newcomer from Great Britain, Estevenson Encarnacion. Unfortunately, this was not able to convince in his Berlin debut. In his two innings he was at least partly responsible for a total of five runs. Simon Groß then pitched in the 9th inning and surrendered two runs. Overall, Cologne beat .325 that evening, even though they only beat .170 in the first 8 games of the season before this game.

The offensive of the flamingos had to fight hard with the Cologne pitching. Both throwers from Cologne had an ERA (Earned Run Average) of more than 11 before their missions against the Birds. Both showed, however, that these values ​​did not correspond to their true capabilities and had the Birds under control. In total, the Berlin offensive only got four hits in the nine innings. Four of the six runs were also achieved via wild pitches or passed balls, i.e. with the active help of the people of Domstadt. As in previous games, the North Berliners did not manage to make the one hit, the one important defensive play, in the important moments. The Cologne team have circumvented all the pressure situations that existed for them during the game and won game 1 of the series with 11-6.

On Saturday, the second game in the series continued at noon at noon. When the weather was much worse, more than 100 baseball fans and crazy people came to Flamingo Park and hoped that the first victory of the season could now be achieved.

Starting pitcher Austin Hasani was hit hard in the first inning. Brendon Dadson, the Cologne power hitter, hit the first pitch he saw over the fence in the center field. Our park is the largest there and here you rarely see balls flying over the fence. A monster shot that set the tone for the rest of the game. While the Cologne team “only” beat .325 on Friday, it was even clearer on Saturday. The boys from the Rhine metropolis beat 13 out of 26 chances, i.e. 50%, in baseball language .500, against the flamingo pitching. The highlight from Cologne's point of view was definitely the Grand Slam home run in the fifth inning by Josef Rosenthal. But it wasn't enough for him to be a player in the series. This honor clearly belongs to Brendon Dadson, who hit a total of 3 home runs and taxed a total of 8 RBI. For many Bundesliga players, these are values ​​for a whole season. Chapeau.

With the Flamingos, two of their great young hopes made their debuts in the Bens Baseball Bundesliga this weekend. Bernhard Scharwächter (20) on Friday in the outfield and on Saturday at first base, a strong offensive athlete who has introduced himself well to the team. Elias Spilmann (17) stood on the hill for our first team for the first time on Saturday. Unfortunately, his good start was over very quickly due to an unfortunate injury. But both have given hope for more and we are already looking forward to further assignments.

While there were still one or the other pressure situation from the Cologne team to survive on Friday, the Cologne pitcher Florian Kawczynski had the Berliners under control at all times. In the end he only gave four hits and was able to achieve his first shut-out of the season. 17-0 - and so it was already over after 5 innings due to clear superiority and the Berliners now have to refocus.

On the coming weekend (Saturday, September 12th, 2020, 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.) the last two home games of the 2020 season will take place. Opponents in Flamingo Park are the fellow climbers Dortmund Wanderers, who have already booked a win of the season on the credit side. The end of the season will take place on September 20th, 2020 away from the Hamburg Stealers.

Reservation of tickets is possible

After the big rush to the first home game of the capital baseball in the 1st Bundesliga, tickets for the games can be pre-ordered via PayPal:

  • At the end of the season, both games can be watched for a total of 5.00 euros.
  • To reserve a ticket, send 5.00 euros to the PayPal address [email protected]
    (1st chairman of the Berlin Flamingos, Reiner Wöttke).
  • IMPORTANT: Make a note of your name.
  • Names are put on a list that is displayed at the entrance to the game.

General conditions for attending a home game at the Berlin Flamingos:

  • The current official COVID19 rules apply.
  • The minimum distance in the area of ​​the Flamingo Park and when queuing must be observed.
  • It is a mouth and nose protection must be worn when moving on the area.
  • The number of spectators is limited to 250 people due to the location / distance rule.
  • If available, tickets can also be purchased on site; however, we recommend pre-ordering via PayPal (see above).
  • Viewers must leave their data in accordance with the COVID19 rules.
  • Disinfectants are available at the entrance and exit.
  • Violations of the disease prevention measures lead to immediate eviction from the Flamingo Park.
  • Admission to both games is 5 euros in total.

General conditions for the 2020 season in the 1st Ben’s Baseball Bundesliga:

  • Shortened season until the end of October; no return legs.
  • Only the first two places in the Northern and Southern leagues play the PlayOff round for the 2020 German Championship.
  • There is no relegation; the 2021 season will take place with the same line-up.
  • The teams are currently only allowed to use 14 players on a matchday; here the strictest rule of the federal states is consistently followed.