How to use Photobucket on eBay

Photobucket blocks pictures and annoys users

At the weekend, millions of photos suddenly disappeared from eBay, Amazon and many other websites. Instead there was a note everywhere: "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting". The author of this message is the picture service Photobucket. He had introduced a new payment model almost overnight: users should pay just under 400 US dollars a year so that their pictures can (again) be seen on third pages. In addition to online shops, numerous forums and blogs are particularly affected.

Angry customers

Most of the Photobucket users were completely surprised by the policy change - and their frustration was correspondingly great. Blackmail is mentioned in comments on the Photobucket Facebook page. "This is the last nail in Photobucket's coffin," writes one. Many others agree that the change is totally unacceptable.

Photobucket's social media team goes out of their way to help customers. However, they cannot prevent numerous layoffs. The company has also published an explanatory FAQ: "Your photos are safe" can be read there. Users can simply log in to access their images. In order to be able to see these again on external sites, however, a chargeable account upgrade is necessary.

Hidden announcement

Photobucket has been online since 2003 and, according to its own information, has a good 100 million customers and 15 billion images on its servers. So far, users have been able to use the service free of charge to save images centrally and integrate them into eBay auctions, for example. Photobucket financed the offer with advertising.

On June 26th, the company pointed out the upcoming changes quite unobtrusively. One should take the time to read through the new conditions, recommended a brief blog entry. However, most customers apparently did not have time to read the extensive "Terms of Use" for a long time. There was no summary of the changes. The customers themselves had to discover the section "Types of Accounts, Pricing and Limits": It says that "3rd party image hosting" is only included in the "Plus 500 Plan". And that costs $ 399.99 a year. (dbe)

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