How do I learn English myself

Translation of "You have to learn yourself" in English

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You have to learn by yourselfhow to live outside the grid.

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Dou, you have to learn you self to get dressed and wash your hands.
You have to learn to be more careful.
I'm afraid, you have to learnto endure this pain.
You have to learn, deal with it.
And you have to learn to accept that.
You have to learnto blindly dismantle and reassemble them.
You have to learnto stand on your own two feet.
You have to learnto put on make-up without a mirror.
You have to learn to listen, to hear what another person is feeling.
To talk, you'd have to actually listen to what another person is feeling.
You have to learnthat everyone has to do ridiculous things in their life to make money.
Angel face, you need to learn that there are going to be times in your life when you have to do ridiculous things for money.
You have to learnhow to wake up from them.
You have to learnto trust and choose wisely.
You have to learnto accept your angel as real, not as a cute kitsch picture.
You must learn to take your Angel for real, not as a sweet, pottery figurine.
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