Why do models have beautiful skin


No, you don't have to go through countless steps to apply facial cleansers and masks to get perfect skin. Actually, the hand movements are very easy to do. I have listed the 5 most important things here ...

1. Cleaning

Yes, the skin should also be cleaned briefly in the morning. A gel is sufficient for this, because peeling should only be used up to 2 times a week.

With peeling and gel (more intense with peeling), dead skin cells are removed and the skin appears fresher. After washing in the morning, the day care can be absorbed better because a light film of fat forms on the skin overnight, which can be a blockage for our day cream.

2. Sun protection for perfect skin

In fact, our face is exposed to the sun almost non-stop. Even if it rains outside and we think that our facial skin will be protected from the sun. We should therefore always apply lotion to our face, because even weak rays of the sun can age the skin faster. After brushing your teeth, it is best to incorporate sunscreen into the care routine.

It is better not to rely on make-up with an integrated sun protection factor. They are usually too low. I am a fan of SPF 30 day creams. Even if that sounds high, you still get tanned and your skin is still protected.

3. The best moisturizer

Please don't roll your eyes now. But of course, drinking plenty of water is also on the to-do list for flawless skin. Those who drink too little water have worse skin. It's best to start with a glass of water in the morning - just exen! Our largest organ, our skin, dries out overnight, because we don't get to drink anything. Then continue drinking throughout the day.

My tip as you don't forget to drink: Put a water bottle on your work table so that you can always see the water bottle. So the handle is not far and as inexpensive as possible and you automatically drink more.

You should try to avoid coffee or at least reduce it. That is the cause of wrinkles in person and extremely dehydrates our body.

4. Facial massage

Do not worry. You can still sleep longer. With a facial massage tool, because if you just ...

... a tool for, like an electric massage brush, for your face, this is done very quickly. In the morning, the skin is stimulated and supplied with blood, which means that the face looks much livelier and fresher and is less puffy.

When I use the brush in the evening, my pores are deeply cleaned and I wake up the next day with really smooth skin that has fewer blemishes than usual.

If you don't have such a tool, you can use the cleansing gel to massage in the direction of the lymph nodes to remove the blockages under the skin and also to remove the fluid that causes a swollen face in the morning.