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Credit card driver's license - card elements and security features

The credit card driver's license is made of polycarbonate and is equipped with numerous security features to make it as secure as possible from forgery. The following Counterfeit security features must have the carrier material of the driver's license:

  • Card carrier without optical brighteners.
  • Security background pattern with iris printing, multi-color security printing ink and positive and negative guilloche printing (i.e. printing of patterns from curved lines). The pattern must have a complex structure with at least two special colors and must not consist of primary colors.
  • Optically variable components.
  • Laser engraving.
  • The security background must partially overlap the photo at the edge.
  • Variable laser images.
  • Visible and transparent UV fluorescent paint.
  • Iridescent print (i.e. the color of the surface of the driver's license varies depending on the perspective).

The following is an illustration of the Credit card driver's license issued since 2013 including labeling and explanation of each Security features and Map elements:

Source of basic document: Austrian State Printing Office
Editing: oesterreich-Redaktion

  1. Country code of the respective EU state (here: "A" for Austria)
  2. (Personal) data that are "burned" into the card by means of a laser, in the following order:
    • Name (1.)
    • First name (2.)
    • Date and place of birth (3.)
    • Date of issue (4a.); Expiry date (4b.) (Credit card driving licenses issued after January 19, 2013 are limited to a period of 15 years); Issuing authority (4c.)
    • Driver's license number (5.)
  3. Tangible structures in the form of vehicles, distributed over the entire map
  4. Laser tilt image: Depending on the perspective, either the photo or the date of birth can be seen
  5. In the background of the map, the word "driving license" is printed in tiny letters in all EU languages
  6. Tactile (i.e. tactile) lettering
  7. Photo that is "burned" into the card by means of a laser; there are tactile (i.e. tangible) elements in it, especially in the lower left corner
  8. Optically variable stripe, so-called "kinegram": Depending on the perspective, either the outline of Austria or a coat of arms can be seen
  9. Driving license classes
  10. Signature that is "burned" into the card by means of a laser
  11. The word "driving license" in all EU languages
  12. Optically variable color: depending on the perspective, the color varies between green and gold
  13. Special image resolution technology in the entire background
  14. Driving license classes
  15. Driving license valid from ...
  16. Driving license valid until ...
  17. Numerical codes (e.g. for people who wear glasses)

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Last updated: January 29, 2021

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