What is a mirror plate made of polished aluminum

Polished aluminum mirror sheet

Alloy : 1060、1050、1070、1100、3003 as

Compensation : H14 、 H16 、 H18 、 H22 、 H24 、 H26 、 die

Thickness : 0.07 mm - 1.50 mm

We polished advantage of aluminum mirror sheet
1.Smooth and easy to clean the surface 、 Environmentally friendly;
2. Excellent durability : Surface paint is stable in indoor use for 10 years。
3. Flammability and fire resistance 、 waterproof 、 moisture resistance 、 soundproofing and thermal insulation 、 corrosion nutrition 、 easy maintenance。

Decorative suspension system with excellent light weight。
5. The possibility of further processing
For sheet aluminum mirrors, any application that is polished by us is 、 Adjacent 、 Engraved können You can customize that they are perfectly suited for screen printing and processing。

Applying aluminum sheet mirror that we polished

External curtain wall / renovation of old buildings for buildings 、 Reflective aluminum sheet for the decoration of the shop door 、 Display platforms and signs of the billboard 、 Wall board and the ceiling of the tunnel 、 Or perfect wall materials, such as industrial materials。

Export conditions for the foil aluminum mirror that we polished from

1. Packing and Shipping : In the case of standard timber for export shipping

2. Delivery time : 25 working days after receiving the deposit

Payment terms : T / T 、 L / C 、 West Uni not like

4. Packaging 、 Shipping 、 Special requirements is possible, negotiating and payment terms。