What does Zen teach you

50 powerful Zen wisdoms

Zen Buddhism is a powerful philosophy that helps us find the true meaning in life.

In Western society, we tend to think that we will not be happy until we reach a certain income level or have the perfect relationship.

However, Zen Buddhism says that true inner peace can only come from within.

The key, according to Zen, is to let go of bonds and fully enjoy life in the present moment.

It is certainly a way of life that could benefit everyone, especially those of us who grew up in the West.

Below we found 50 Zen wisdoms that you may not have heard before. I hope they change your perspective as much as they change mine. Have fun!

Zen wisdom # 1

"If you are unable to find the truth exactly where you are, where else are you going to find it?"

This is a Zen wisdom from a Japanese Zen master that can explain to us very well how we always seek happiness outside.

Zen is so powerful because it is democratic. One does not have to be in a particular place or do something extravagant for a superior spiritual understanding.

It is enough to understand that the truth is wherever there is consciousness.

By focusing on the present moment and its riches, the simple truth is revealed to you.

Zen wisdom # 2

“The meaning of life is to just live. It's so clear and precise and so simple. And yet everyone is running around in great panic, as if it were necessary to achieve something extraordinary. "

This Zen wisdom sounds very clear, but I'll say it anyway: Instead of thinking, spend your life living.

Make yourself useful, solve problems, create added value and above all: enjoy it.

Don't rush life. Before you know it it will all be over. For me this is the true Zen way of life, everything that this Zen saying tells us.

Zen wisdom # 3

“We are usually in such a hurry that we never have much opportunity to talk. The result is a kind of endless everyday flatness, a monotony that years later makes a person wonder where all this has gone and I'm sorry it's all gone. "

This Zen saying tells how time goes by. This is especially the case these days. We are all too busy with our problems, work and so on and then we realize that it is already Saturday and you have the feeling that yesterday was Monday!

Enjoy your time, take advantage of it, don't waste it. Time is gold, hug your loved ones, tell them you love them and spend more time with them..just a hint.

Zen wisdom # 4

"Feed your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go higher than you think."

I particularly like this Zen quote, because not everyone uses their mind today. That could be a very good indication for humanity, which is why I have added this Zen saying to this list.

Turn on your brain, use your thoughts, develop ideas, read an interesting book, watch a documentary, explore the history of your country. There are many ways to be a little more intellectual, you just have to be interested.

Zen Weishiet # 5

“Empty your mind, be formless. Formless like water. When you put water in a cup, it becomes a cup. You put water in a bottle and it becomes a bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Now water can flow or it can collapse. Be water, my friend. "

This Zen saying is certainly known to most of them. And for those who don't know, this Zen quote is from Bruce Lee.

It is clear, but what it means to say is that one should adapt to every shape and situation. This is one, so to speak, strategy of life that he has used and obviously it has been very successful for him.

Zen wisdom # 6

“When you are depressed, you live in the past. If you are afraid, you live in the future. When you are at peace, you live in the present. "

This Zen saying tells about life and the life cycle. It says to live in the present without remembering the past because that always makes us depressed whether we think of good or bad things.

When we think about our future, we always get scared. So, live in the present and just think about it, as this Zen quote also says.

Zen Weishiet # 7

"Do you have the patience to wait until your mud has settled and the water is clear?"

With this Zen saying everything is clear. We shouldn't just sit and wait for our problems to resolve themselves. That will not happen.

We are the ones who shape our lives, as this Zen quote wants to say.

So get up and do something with your life until it's not too late for you. Take every chance you get in life.

Zen Weishiet # 8

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go."

This Zen saying comes from Rumi. You have to learn to hold onto something in life that belongs to us and makes us happy, but there will also come a time when we have to let go of it.

Sometimes when we realize it's not good for us and sometimes when fate says so.

This Zen quote actually reports on the course of life and fate. Everything that applies to us had to apply to us and what did not happen to us cannot happen to us either.

Zen Weishiet # 9

“Don't bother, don't look, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax.”

And this Zen saying simply says: Enjoy your life. We all stress ourselves out over little things that aren't important at all instead of enjoying life and relaxing.

Is it easier to think about everything or just maybe take a book and relax, what do you think?

Zen wisdom # 10

“And when they played, they really played. And when they worked, they really worked. "

In this Zen saying one wanted to say: When you do something, you should give your all so that we get the best result.

This Zen quote is intended to inspire all of us to fully accomplish everything we have started to do.

Zen wisdom # 11

“Every experience is a lesson. Every loss is a gain. "

This Zen quote tells us that we can never lose in life.

We may think of something that is good for us, but it can be bad for us. And vice versa too. Therefore one should recognize a profit from every event.

That is the meaning of life.

Zen wisdom # 12

“Zen doesn't teach anything, it just enables us to wake up and become aware. It doesn't teach, it shows. "

Zen sayings are designed to open our eyes. They don't teach us something that nobody knows, but as I said, they just open our eyes.

Zen wisdom # 13

“Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation for anything else. "

As the saying “Carpe diem” says - seize the day - this Zen quote also tells us. Live and use every moment and every opportunity you get.

This Zen wisdom, like any other, tells us to wake up and take our lives in our hands.

Zen wisdom # 14

"There are many possibilities in the beginner's mind, but few in the expert's mind."

This Zen saying can be combined with the previous one. The news is the same.

As you get older, our possibilities also decrease; you should always keep that in mind and act on this Zen quote.

Zen wisdom # 15

“If you want others to be happy, exercise compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ”

Compassion is something that everyone must have. Humans are social beings, so you always have to have some compassion.

The Zen quotes can only teach us good things, have you noticed until now?

Zen wisdom # 16

"Sleep is the best meditation."

Everyone agrees with this Zen saying. Honestly, who doesn't love to sleep?

Everyone I know said "I like this Zen quote best"!

Zen wisdom # 17

"If it is obvious that the goals cannot be achieved, do not adjust the goals, but adjust the steps of action."

This Zen quote uses us as motivation. It motivates us to go further and act, even if we think for a second that we cannot make it.

Nothing is impossible, you just have to be patient and focused on the goal.

Zen wisdom # 18

“If you want to be happy for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else. "

Generosity is very important in life. This is what this Zen quote tells us. If we use this Zen wisdom in life, then we will be happy forever.

Because happiness is helping someone else. Those who haven't tried this don't know what happiness means.

Zen wisdom # 19

“Little people are overwhelmed by emotions. Zen people are calm and aloof. "

This Zen quote is from Maxime Lagacé. She has seen how the Zen people are calm and filled. That tells us enough how the Zen wisdom is powerful, doesn't it?

Zen wisdom # 20

“Even if it seems certain that you will lose, forgive yourself. Neither wisdom nor technology have a place here. A real man does not think of victory or defeat. He ruthlessly pounces on an irrational death. That way you will wake up from your dreams. "

This wisdom comes from the book of the samurai. It tells us not to think about how an event will turn out.

One should only think of the goal and focus on it. That's all we're supposed to do.

Zen wisdom # 2

“So the three elements of creativity are: love, knowledge and action - or heart, mind and hands - or, as the Zen Buddhist teaching has it; great faith, great question and great courage. "

There is no need to add to this Zen quote. The more I write about this wisdom, the more relaxed and motivated I feel.

I hope they are out there as well as me.

Zen wisdom # 22

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. "

Many of us get caught up in the end results of what we are working towards or how things will be when we finally achieve something.

But the truth is that achieving the goal or achieving success doesn't mean the work that takes you there will go away. This is what this Zen quote says.

Achieving your version of "enlightenment" is not an end point in and of itself. You have to do the same things afterward to move forward.

Zen wisdom # 23

"Sit still, do nothing, spring will come and the grass will grow by itself."

As strange as it sounds in this Zen saying, sometimes it is better to just do nothing. In our busy lives, we focus on action and productivity, as if our world would stop moving if we stopped moving.

The world is fine without your actions, and it is fine without you.
Instead, think about how you can react to the world around you, or if you are tired, do nothing at all.

You can end up wasting all of your energy walking around trying to do things.

Zen wisdom # 24

“If you go, just go. When you sit, just sit; but whatever you do, don't wobble. "

The advice from this Zen saying is sound and easy to understand, but difficult to put into practice.

In this day and age, our attention is constantly being drawn in a thousand different directions, with our focus remaining on the track.

Not only is it important to be present in the moment you are doing something, but it is also important to divide as much as possible.

When it's time to work, just work. Empty your mind of the past of the present and think about what needs to be done right then and there.

Zen wisdom # 25

“When you are hungry, eat your rice, when you are tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean. "

This Zen saying seems strange, but its simplicity is powerful.

In our daily life we ​​find a way to complicate everything.

The food we eat, the work we do, the way we talk, the way we walk; everything has to "mean" something.

Life would be a lot easier if you only responded to things appropriately.

When you're hungry, eat something. When you are tired, take a rest.

Zen wisdom # 26

“There are no obstacles in the way. You are the way. "

In Zen teaching, obstacles are viewed as challenges to be overcome.

Obstacles are also crucial in educating us about our strengths and weaknesses.

The path is never easy, otherwise we would never grow and find our inner compass.

Zen wisdom # 27

"Zen is not a kind of excitement, but a focus on our everyday life."

Zen and Zen sayings have nothing to do with excitement, happiness or joy.

It's more about focusing on the present moment and being at peace with what the present has to offer.

Even in the simplest moments of our everyday life there are glimpses of the divine.

Zen wisdom # 28

"Wherever you are, be there."

The total presence of mind and spirit is a prerequisite for understanding the essence of Zen, as can be seen in Zen wisdom.

You have to learn to fully engage with your surroundings and calmly watch the flow of thoughts and emotions that flood you every minute.

Zen wisdom # 29

“If you miss the present moment, you are missing your deadline with life. This is very serious! "

Zen wisdom teaches us that the whole essence of life is focused in the present moment.

By learning to focus on the present, you learn to master life.

Your appointment to life is not taking place in a distant future, but right now, in that moment when you are in full control.

Zen wisdom # 30

"Things derive their essence and nature from interdependence and are nothing in themselves."

According to the Zen quotes, all beings in the universe are connected to one another by complicated, invisible connections.

We can exist because we can relate to other beings, to our environment, and to humanity as a whole.

In this co-dependency we find our meaning and discover our individual potential.

Zen wisdom # 31

"The practice of Zen forgets the self in the act of union with something."

In order to discover the true power of Zen quotes, it is important to get rid of the demands of the ego.

The self connects your spiritual being with the turbulent world of desires, ambitions, frustrations and fears. Peace is always outside of self.

Zen wisdom # 32

“The self is divided into ten billion different, luminous spirits. Distinguish them without falling into names and classifications. "

Zen wisdom aims to help us rediscover the connections between all elements that come from and return to the same divine source. Separations and differences are nothing more than illusions.

Zen wisdom # 33

“No thought, no reflection, no analysis, no cultivation, no intention; let it take care of itself. "

Finding true calm is not as easy as it seems. It takes great will to silence all thoughts, stop all desires, and keep all emotions in check.

In order to absorb the true essence of Zen through these Zen wisdoms in our lives, we must become empty receivers.

In this way the sacred will find a place in our hearts.

Zen wisdom # 34

"No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place."

Understanding Zen proverbs means understanding that everything that happens in life has meaning, even if it may not be easy to see.

Nothing happens by chance in the web of relationships and underlying connections that unite all beings and things in the universe.

Zen wisdom # 35

“Nothing is better, nothing worse in the landscape of spring; the flowering branches are; some long, others short. "

The Zen mentality rejects something that is intricately woven into our perception of life, and that is duality.

We judge life by binary numbers like good-bad, fairness and many others.

However, Zen rejects these subjective values. Everything exists in itself, beyond all attributes.

Zen wisdom # 36

“Not thinking about something is zen. As soon as you know that, all you do is walk, sit or lie down, Zen. "

Once your whole mind adheres to the teachings of Zen, everything you do becomes permeated with the Zen mind.

When you have the right mindset, any activity together turns into an opportunity to adore and fully live life.

Zen wisdom # 37

"It all depends on you. You can go on sleeping forever, you can wake up immediately. "

To become Zen, you don't have to do anything other than consciously choose to take control of your thoughts.

By paying attention to the inner processes of your mind and soul, you will wake up to Zen wisdom.

Zen wisdom # 38

“Let your mind wander in the pure and simple. Be one with the infinite. Let all things take their course. "

One of the most important lessons of Zen proverbs is learning to let go. We are unhappy because we do not let our emotions and thoughts run free.

As soon as we immerse ourselves in the natural, simple flow of life without imposing our will on it, we find our rhythm.

Zen wisdom # 39

“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you do. That is the ultimate. "

We can find Zen when our minds are free and when our souls are open to the world.

Being zen means accepting success and failure with the same calm and staying centered even when the world falls apart.

Zen wisdom # 40

“Zen does not confuse spirituality with the thought of God while peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is only to peel the potatoes. "

The power of Zen lies in its ability to transform our lives to the core.

By gaining spiritual awareness, our perception of life is purified and we open ourselves to the joy of life every minute, no matter how boring our activities may appear from the outside.

Zen wisdom # 41

"The quieter you get, the more you can hear."

By discovering Zen spirituality, you discover the power of stillness and peace.

You learn that when you are calm you can hear, see, and feel more because all your senses remain alert to the outside world.

When you talk, you focus on your words and how your words are received, and you miss what is happening around you.

Zen wisdom # 42

“Pay attention to your thoughts because they become your words. Pay attention to your words for they will become your deeds. Watch your deeds when they become you. "

Thoughts, words, and actions are powerfully interconnected.

Our thoughts become words and words become actions, meaning that controlling and refining our thoughts leads to better deeds.

Zen wisdom # 43

“Searching is suffering. Looking for nothing is bliss. "

In order to find zen we have to stop all searches. Only when we stand still and patiently wait for life to take its course can we discover the bliss of Zen.

Looking for things means having desires, and desires are traps that never let us rest.

Zen wisdom # 44

"Consider your own place in the universal oneness that we are all a part of, that we all rise from, and that we all return to."

We are all unique beings with our own personalities, but our individuality does not negate the universal unity of life.

We are connected to everything and everything that exists has power over us because of our shared sacred source.

Zen wisdom # 45

"If you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good campfire that leaves no trace of you."

Acting half-heartedly is not good practice because it forces you to separate your true thoughts from your actions.

Whenever you do something, you have to make sure that you put all of our souls into it and that is the only way you can hope for success.

Zen wisdom # 46

"Only when you can be extremely flexible and soft can you be extremely hard and strong."

Zen gives us different, peculiar definitions of strength and weakness.

Those who are flexible and open to change are actually strong, while those who remain rigid to change are actually weak.

Zen wisdom # 47

"Muddy water is best cleaned up by leaving it alone."

The world is so loud and full of stimuli that it is impossible for us to hear our own thoughts.

In order to regain balance and find our voice, we must withdraw into silence, where we are free to explore the innermost chambers of the soul.

Zen wisdom # 48

"Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it is dark."

There is neither good nor bad in Zen teachings. Everything bad that happens is the result of people hurting themselves through negative thoughts and actions.

People cannot find peace because they keep making noise and they cannot find light until they stop hiding in the shadows.

Zen wisdom # 49

"The only Zen that you can find on the tops of the mountains is the Zen that you bring up there."

Zen can only be found in ourselves. It is hidden within us and travels with us wherever we go.

We cannot look for him outside, in a distant land, because he comes out of our own spiritual selves and is one with him.

Zen wisdom # 50

"Think with your whole body."

Zen is balance and harmony. Thinking with the body and feeling with the mind is the ultimate conquest of Zen practice.

Our minds, souls and bodies need to communicate with each other and find a congruent way so that we can discover the essence of Zen wisdom.