Why do people fear to spend time alone?

I am one of those people who believe that the best moments, things and people come by themselves, precisely when you think least about them. I firmly believe that those who are natural and relaxed, in the right place at the right time, create more and more strong and solid connections.

I made up my mind to be alone for a while. And by alone I don't mean to isolate myself from people, but from the hustle and bustle of the world in order to concentrate more on myself and to grow as a person.

I've chosen to spend more time doing what I'm passionate about, with my friends and family, reading more, writing more, dancing more, singing more, laughing more, and being happy with myself .

I try to be beautiful only for myself, to groom and dress myself up for myself and to fall in love with myself.

I chose to debug myself from whoever is not good for me: bad habits, negative actions, bad thoughts, and harmful people.

I have chosen to give exactly the affection and attention that is given to me; no more and no less. Not out of pride and even less out of vanity, but out of self-love, I want to learn to recognize when I give too much and get nothing in return.

I have decided to be alone because there is no one in this world who can make me happier than myself.

I didn't decide to be alone because of a depression etc., not even out of bitterness or because my heart was broken, not even because "everyone is the same" ... or even least because of this last emphasis. No, not all are the same and neither are I, that's why I decided to be alone.

The fact that I have chosen to be alone does not mean that I am locking the doors of my heart; it rather means that I need time to be prepared to love everything and everyone again without prejudice.

The fact that I have decided to be alone does not mean that I will spend the whole time in silence, but that I want to enjoy every single feeling that comes up to the maximum for as long as I can, because in the end when the lights go out, because: "How can you feel happiness if you have never experienced sadness?" I read that somewhere ...

The fact that I've chosen to be alone doesn't mean that I don't have the maturity to have a stable relationship; it means that I have more than enough maturity to know that you don't seek love and approval like a madman, but that people will find each other on their own in due course.

I have chosen to be alone because there is nothing worse than a person who fears being alone. Because being alone does not mean being apathetic, but rather a person who gets to know himself as he really is. You then only surround yourself with people who are worth it.

Having people and (many) friends to escape your loneliness is the worst thing you can do. With wrong friends, loneliness tends to increase. Fear of being alone is the greatest evidence of self-denial and fear. It is also proof that you do not (yet) know that you can only find happiness in yourself and not in other people or things.

Those who surround themselves with people just to avoid being alone will sooner or later be shipwrecked ...

I have decided to be alone because I want to let my wounds heal, get to my essence and create my own happiness in order to later share it with someone who also loves himself when he is alone.

I made a conscious decision to be alone because no other person can comfort me over the inner emptiness. Because that is exactly the way to final loneliness.

To be alone with oneself is (vitally) necessary and should be practiced by everyone at certain intervals.

The School of Icon has a number of modules that can be used to practice solitude. You won't want to miss anymore!

And you won't put your ICon down again.