How do I forget a close friend

I have been trying to forget him for 2 years.

Now I have to cry myself out here ... I know that there is almost no advice for this situation, but maybe there are girls who feel the same and what I might. could do to forget him.

I have been in love with a very close friend for 2 years. He constantly gives me hope in what he says, but maybe I interpret too much into what has been said, that can of course also be the case. And in the next moment he takes away all hope that something could come between us. I have the feeling we are getting closer and closer, but I know that he is out of reach for me. A woman feels when the man is ready for you and I had this feeling with all men who wanted something from me, only with him a brief feeling of hope, but not so strong.

He's been single for 2 years and I know he's going to have a girlfriend soon ... that's the way of things. And I know it will tear me apart I urgently need to forget about him.

Talking to him about my feelings doesn't work because I love his compliments, his closeness (even if only as a good friend), and the hopes he gives me are only illusions, but they are the stuff of my dreams. I don't want to lose that.

To be in love for 2 years is hard, I just can't forget him. Once I even wanted to break off contact with him after a heated argument, but after that I missed him so much, he is also very important to me as a good friend. Only this constant infatuation and dreaming just annoys me.

Does anyone know?