What is social voyeurism


The noun Voyeurism means the secret viewing of people, but in a broader sense also any form of pleasure in viewing.

The term describes the sexual feelings and behavior of voyeurs, colloquially also called tensioners. The opposite of voyeurism is exhibitionism.

The term is based on the French word voyeur (Seer) attributed.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[vo̯ajøˈʁɪsmʊs]

Usage examples

He could have a penchant for Voyeurism don't deny.

Establish social networks through the possibility of publishing any, sometimes pseudo-professional photos, the Voyeurism in society.

This television commercial is just a harmless example of the sexually charged garbage that surrounds us every day. Not to mention those television series whose sense and purpose is solely in the exhibitionism of the actors and in the Voyeurism the viewer seems to exist, series that do not shy away from humiliation, no matter how wicked they are.
- Ulrich Greiner, column five before 8:00: We want to be back in, Zeit Online, 02/07/2014

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