Why is Romero Britto's art so expensive

"What would LIFE be if there was no COLOR"





Whether some art critic is a kitschy work,
too colorful, too flashy or too banal to find interesting
sated gallery owner Harry Mensing, 50, no. Created
from what makes him happy - and his customers
shaft. Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall or Joan
He appreciates Mir6 as much as he appreciates the Pop Art of Andy
Warhol or Guldenstern's and Romero Britto's rush of colors.
His taste in art, his feeling for the beautiful is popular.
That is why Mensing is now master of a unique one
Branch network with ten branches, among others in Hamburg, Düsseldorf
village, Berlin, Cologne, Sylt and Palma de Mallorca. BUNTE wanted
know from the successful gallery owner: What makes an art
work out? And what can it cost?



Mr. Mensing, what is art for you?

Art has to reach and inspire people. There
does not matter whether it is a great designed car or a classic
Sches Bild is about. Art is an expression of creative
vity. And whether something is art, everyone has to do it for himself
decide for yourself.


If I want to buy something from you, how much
Do I have to invest at least money?

Around 1000 euros.


And where is the upper limit?

A year ago I got a Chagall for half-
be million sold. But that was an exception.
Otherwise, the upper limit is a good 100,000 euros.
You have it as the largest gallery in Europe in the Guinness Book of
Records made. What is your secret of success?
My father set the Guinness Book Record in 1986.
represents. The secret of success? Recently the woman told me
of a prominent customer: “Mr. Mensing, I feel with you
me well. I don't feel like I'm just a 'woman of'
to be invited and not be able to have a say. "For me is
one of the main functions of the art of having fun with it
and to be able to express one's own personality through them.


You coined the slogan "Art your Life". What does that mean?


This is a felt term: for me, art is an expression of
Personality and shows through the uniqueness of the work of art
the uniqueness of the person who creates or acquires it. There-
beyond that, the art is a legacy, a personal message,
which sometimes works across generations.


Critics accuse you of being too commercial.

What do you think?


For me, commerce is nothing negative: ultimately means
he is nothing but popularity. I think it's great like Warhol
dealt with it. When someone accused him of his art
was superficial, he said: "Yes, of course, and the superficial
I am the most beautiful. "With that he took the wind out of his critics
the sails. Today collectors pay ten million for a Warhol
lion euros and in some cases a lot more.


You are an active artist yourself, but for that see pspeak

not pleased. Why?

I am primarily an art dealer. And that should also be the case
ben. But I still have a lot of ideas, let's see ...


They create very aesthetic installations, for example from
colorful packaging of sweets or candied apples.
Can art be beautiful?

When art critics claim that art shouldn't be beautiful,
then I find that absurd. A work of art must be first and foremost
liked and have a statement. I love works with candy
ten. The artistic packaging is a milestone for me
Pop Art - not just since Andy Warhol. Probably he
the promise behind it still keeps us in moments today
our carefree childhood.


You work a lot with the Brazilian neo-pop-art artist
1er Romero Britto, who for his happy pictures
is praised. What do Britto's pictures give you?

What would life be if there was no color? When outside
everything is dreary and gray - how much you long for one
blue sky! Color is something positive, something special.
Bringing childhood into play, human creativity
vity as the greatest form of consciousness at all - that is what
what makes a work of art. Britto paints the joy of life.


A Britto quickly costs 15,000 euros. Isn't that expensive?

After a few days one of my customers
I bought a Britto for 18,000 euros and
then said to me: "I will now pay you theoretically
is five euros a day for ten years. This is me
worth the picture. After all, I look at it every day
and I look forward to it. "When you think about the subject like that"

art is not that expensive!

What do you think of cheap "art" like them.
for example at furniture giant Ikea?

This is art in a completely different price segment, but absolutely
lut justifiable. Whether you are looking for an original or a furniture store
Printing hanging on the wall is usually a question of financial resources
Possibilities and the personal attitude towards art.


Do you also sell art that you don't like?

There are definitely works in my galleries that I myself
wouldn't hang. But something that I don't like at all
I could hardly sell. My taste is though
strongly influenced by the feeling that inspires my customers




Harry Mensing is with

of art and that

Art trade opened

to grow. Aged

23 years ago

he is the business of his

late father

Josef Mensing.

The headquarters with

the largest gallery

Europe on over

2000 square meters

Exhibition space

is in Westphalian





Bull installation comes from
by Harry Mensing himself
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