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Thailand is reintroducing a 14-day quarantine for all vacationers

From TRAVELBOOK | April 30, 2021, 11:52 a.m.

So far, Thailand has been considered a model state in the fight against corona. But now the numbers have been increasing rapidly for a few weeks. This has resulted in new restrictions - also for travelers. TRAVELBOOK has all the information about the current entry regulations and corona rules in Thailand.

Thailand is tightening the entry rules due to rising corona numbers. The recently introduced quarantine relief for travelers will be lifted again. From May 1st, everyone - including those who have been vaccinated - will have to be in isolation in special hotels for 14 days. Since April 1, the quarantine period for vaccinated people had been reduced to seven days and for travelers without vaccinations to ten days.

In the Southeast Asian country, which has so far been considered a model country in the fight against the virus, the numbers have been rising rapidly for a few weeks. There were record values ​​several times in a row. On Thursday, authorities reported 1,871 new cases within 24 hours - a slight decrease from the previous few days. Ten people died in connection with Covid-19.

The most recent outbreak is believed to have originated in Bangkok nightspots. Many of the cases are the particularly contagious British variant. Many people hope that the important tourism sector will be revitalized soon. In March, for example, Phuket had submitted plans that vaccinated holidaymakers would be allowed to vacation on the island without quarantine from July. It is questionable whether this will still be possible in view of the increasing numbers.

Vacationers have to pay for hospitalization themselves

Multiple COVID-19 tests are required during 14 days of isolation in a quarantine hotel. Travelers who test positive must go to a hospital for further isolation and possible treatment, writes the Foreign Office (AA) on its website. Those affected would have to bear the costs of hospitalization and treatment themselves. A continuation of the quarantine in the booked quarantine hotel is excluded in this case. The AA expressly points out that “the German embassy has no influence on the measures taken in accordance with national infection protection regulations”.

Which entry requirements currently apply to Thailand?

At the end of December last year, Thailand relaxed the previously strict entry regulations for tourists from 56 countries. According to the regulations that have been in force since then, tourists from countries such as Germany, France or the USA no longer need a visa, but a certificate stating that they were not infected with the corona virus 72 hours before their trip. In addition, travelers must prove a place in a quarantine hotel in Thailand. In the two weeks they spend there, a total of three corona tests will be carried out.

Due to ongoing entry restrictions, the Federal Foreign Office is currently advising against unnecessary tourist trips to Thailand.

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Further corona safety requirements for Thailand vacationers

In addition to proof of a negative corona test and the obligation to go to a quarantine hotel for 15 days (14 nights) after arrival in Thailand, there are a few other requirements for Thailand vacationers. Upon entry, a valid flight ticket must be presented as well as a health insurance policy with a minimum coverage of 100,000 USD (approx. 84,400 euros), which, among other things, Includes Covid-19. In addition, tourists from abroad must present an approved Certificate of Entry (COE) when checking in at the airport.

Further safety regulations when entering Thailand are a Covid-19 screening and the mandatory download of the “Thaichana” app, which can be used to track chains of infection.

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Impending mass unemployment due to Corona in Thailand

The popular holiday and travel destination Thailand had not allowed foreign tourists into the country for nine months due to the corona pandemic - and has since suffered from the economic consequences. Last year, Thailand recorded just under 40 million visits by foreign tourists, and according to various sources, the travel and tourism sector's share of the gross domestic product (GDP) was more than 10 percent in 2019.

According to an estimate by the Thai Tourist Office TAT, around four million people were employed in the tourism sector before the outbreak of the corona pandemic - more than 2.5 million could become unemployed as a result of the months-long border closure.

(With material from dpa and Reuters)

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