What is the Samsung Galaxy S3 overrated

Benchmark test: Samsung Galaxy S3 compared with the competition

As announced in advance by the Korean company, the Exynos 4412 quad-core processor works in the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and provides the necessary performance so that the new flagship can display the surface smoothly. The higher clocked Mali 400 graphics chip, which should bring some performance with it, is also very likely on board.

As is well known, every new Android smartphone is scrutinized and compared with the competition with the help of various benchmark tests. This of course also applies to the new Galaxy S3, which currently has the best performance and can also outperform the iPhone 4S:

In comparison with the current smartphones and their processors, the Exynos 4412 quad-core processor can of course convince and outperform the entire competition in some tests. This means that the device can of course set itself apart from the HTC One X and take a good lead. Nevertheless, the numbers of course say little about the actual handling of the device and in daily use there shouldn't be much difference between the smartphones.

With the Galaxy S3, Samsung was able to introduce the most powerful smartphone yesterday evening. Although not all expectations have been met, the Galaxy S3 will certainly sell like sliced ​​bread and be the next box-office hit from Samsung.

via SmartDroid