When did Styx make it big?

A shadow flits through the alley. A pair of yellow eyes light up briefly, then it's dark again. Seconds later, a door opens as if by magic. Styx has reached his goal, on the table in front of him is the box with the guards' pay. With a sneering grin, he lets the prey disappear into his cloak.

Styx is a goblin: about the size of a five-year-old child, green skin, long pointed ears, amber eyes. And he is the protagonist of the game "Styx: Shards of Darkness". Object of the game: steal gold from humans, spy on dark elves and find magical quartz crystals - if possible without getting caught. Fortunately, Styx is an extremely skilled master thief and assassin. Even a little semi-darkness is enough for him to sneak past most opponents without being seen.

In addition, the goblin masters magical tricks: he can make himself invisible, poison drinking water with his spit, create and control a clone of himself. And with his magical look he can see in which direction enemy soldiers are looking; so where he shouldn't be sneaking in order not to set off an alarm.

Goblins are far from welcome in the world of Styx. All non-goblins only speak of the "green plague". The humans have set up a military unit especially: the goblin butcher. The dark elves imprison the greenskins and torture them. The dwarves can smell goblins from a great distance and hunt them down for a little bounty. And then there are the mutant dog-sized cockroaches that don't see anything, but hear Styx when he moves too fast. The goblin really only has enemies. He survives because he's the only one of his kind who can talk and has a little brains (and magic tricks).

The best are the many different possible solutions

As in comparable stealth games like "Thief" or "Dishonored", the player does not move in an open world, but rather travels to self-contained locations for each assignment. However, the levels in "Styx: Shards of Darkness" are similar to high ropes courses. There are many different ways and methods to achieve the goal. Sometimes a rope is stretched between two houses on which Styx can hang himself; sometimes there is a hole next to the guarded entrance through which it just fits. Handles like those found in climbing halls are attached to the walls of rocks and houses, but they are not brightly colored, the dark fantasy atmosphere of the game should be preserved.

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The great thing about "Styx: Shards of Darkness" is that there are numerous possible solutions and paths through the levels. Humans, dark elves, dwarves and mutated cockroaches have different strengths and weaknesses, so that the player has to adapt his strategy individually in order to remain undetected. Dwarfs, for example, can smell Styx without seeing him. So the player has to avoid them, while Styx can squeeze past dark elves right away. It helps to study the patrol paths of the enemies. Sometimes Styx can poison a drink, sometimes distract an opponent with a clone or a thrown clay jug. The direct fight actually never makes sense, as the goblin in it usually dies very quickly.