Can a soldier use his email?

BR SUBJECT REFERENCE & - Federal Ministry of Defense Klaus von Heimendahl Department Head Personnel and Ministry of Defense rlın HOUSE ADDRESS Stauffenbergstraße 18, 10785 Berlin POSTAL ADDRESS 11055 Berlin Distribution Tel +49 (0) 30 2004 at rax +49 (0) 30 2004 nnnnne E-MAIL BMVg P / BMVg / BUND / DE Instruction on free rail travel for soldiers in uniform for private purposes Agreement between the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg), the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) for free Transports of soldiers of the German Armed Forces in uniform on the trains of the DB AG from August 17, 2019 43-05-21 / PI1 Berlin, November 13, 2019 On August 17, 2019 the BMVg, the BMVI and the DB AG have an agreement closed, which will enable active soldiers from January 1, 2020 to use DB AG's long-distance trains for private journeys in uniform free of charge to be able to use egg. The political goal of the agreement is to increase the visibility of soldiers in public so that they are perceived in society as citizens in uniform on a day-to-day basis. With their appearance in uniform, the soldiers strengthen the image of the Bundeswehr as part of society and positively shape public opinion of the Bundeswehr. In addition, the commitment and sense of responsibility associated with serving as a soldier should be publicly recognized. Therefore, wearing the uniform is an essential condition for taking advantage of this offer. The agreement already covers the entire long-distance traffic of DB AG, ie the “white trains”, including the pre- and post-carriage and thus the corresponding feeders in regional traffic. For purely regional traffic, the agreement currently only applies to
Connections in the tariff sovereignty of DB Regio AG, ie not for journeys within tariff associations. The BMVg is working together with the BMVI to expand the existing agreement to include all regional transport. The following procedural provisions are laid down for the use of the offer of free rail travel for soldiers in uniform for private purposes ': Purchase of a "zero euro ticket" before departure' 1, To use a train connection, a valid ticket is required for each single journey (" Zero Euro Ticket ”) required. The ticket must be booked via the special entry point provided for the Bundeswehr in the DB AG booking system. Regional transport connections are not yet included in the agreed scope of services and can therefore not be booked via the special boarding service. To book tickets, digital booking codes (“eToken”) are required, which reduce the fare to “zero euros”. A separate eToken is required for each trip. Initially, the eToken will only be available via the IntranetBw, provided that the soldier can access a company computer for this purpose. To do this, the soldier must log in to the IntranetBw with their personal login. Soldiers generally purchase eToken for themselves and use them for their own journeys. Soldiers who do not have access to a work computer first obtain eToken from their units or offices. For this purpose, the units or agencies name members of the armed forces in their area who are to perform this distribution role. Details on this will be specified separately. ? Given the complex structures in regional transport, this expansion will only be possible in the foreseeable future in the course of 2020, assuming successful negotiations. ? At the same time, handouts will be made available to all soldiers as well as their superiors and travel agencies in November 2019, which will provide the necessary information for use. In addition, regional information events for multipliers will be offered in November and an FAQ page will be set up in the IntranetBw. In addition, a topic-related live chat is planned on the IntranetBw at the beginning of December 2019. 3 Based on the current status, it can be assumed that it will be possible to purchase the eToken at the beginning of December 2013, and that it will be possible to book tickets via the special entrance from mid-December 2019. The exact dates and further procedural information will be announced in good time. 2
10. This regulation applies for the transitional period until another, web-based solution for obtaining the eToken has been created. A transfer of eToken to inactive soldiers is not permitted. Selling or other commercial or commercial use of the eToken is prohibited. | The booking of several alternative tickets for the same, delayed connection is not permitted unless this is necessary (after a booking has already been made) for business reasons. The requirement is to use this offer as if you were booking journeys by train “for your own account”. The offer is limited to the use of the second carriage class without a seat reservation. A seat reservation and the transition to the first carriage class can be booked separately by the soldier at their own expense. The tickets booked contain the name of the traveler in addition to the addition 'Bundeswehr'. They can be printed out and / or loaded into the DB Navigator app. Carrying out the trip The ticket booked via the special entry in the DB AG booking system is personal and non-transferable. It also does not include any authorization to take along. The ticket is only valid for the connections entered on the ticket (train connection). In the event of cancellation or delay, the passenger rights of DB AG apply (e.g. use of the next possible connection in the event of a train cancellation without the need to re-book a ticket). However, financial compensation or reimbursements according to the Passenger Rights Ordinance are excluded. The journey may only be started as a soldier in the Bundeswehr with an active employment relationship in uniform ‘. A valid troop ID must be carried and shown to the railway staff on request. When using the offer, soldiers wear a uniform in accordance with central regulation A1-2630 / 0-9804. Reference is made to the provisions of section 110 there regarding the wearing of the uniform when not working. These also apply without restriction to the use of the railroad for private journeys. * Reservists have soldier status during the period in which they are called in and thus have the same entitlement to free rail travel as all active soldiers. 3
15. The requirement to wear a uniform when using the offer for private trips does not mean that the trip can be counted as working time. Private journeys are also considered to be part of leisure time in uniform. 16. Soldiers are not entitled to a seat on the train unless they have made a seat reservation at their own expense. Unreserved seats are to be released if necessary. 17. Special attention is drawn to the provisions of the $ 17 Soldiers Act on conduct on and off duty. As with other journeys in uniform, soldiers who make private journeys in uniform must be aware of their special role model function and their duty of conduct. In addition, soldiers in uniform are always expected to be actively willing to help in general situations. 18. When traveling privately in uniform, soldiers do not have any special sovereign or legal powers, but only what are known as “every man's rights”. Dealing with unused zero euro tickets 19. Booked tickets cannot be canceled or returned. 20. The number of tickets booked and not used in whole or in part is to be recorded centrally and with little effort by the units or departments and recorded for the respective month. Details on this and on a query of the scope are specified separately. Final notes 21. Every soldier is free to make use of the offer. There is no legal entitlement to use the offer. 22. The first point of contact for questions about using the offer and purchasing e-tickets is the project group set up in the BMVg (BMVg ProjGrp Bahnfahren / BMVg / BUND / DE @ KVLNBW or [email protected]). 23. The agreement merely supplements previous regulations without changing or replacing them. In particular, the provisions for carrying out and accounting for business trips or trips home according to the Separation Allowance Ordinance are not affected by this agreement.
The addressees ensure the announcement and compliance with the above information in their area of ​​responsibility. This applies provisionally until the GVPA has given its final approval. Klaus von Heimendahl Lieutenant General