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You are probably more interested in the facts than the numbers. The calculations of the vegan calculator are based on surveys by Cowspiracy. If you haven't looked at the documentation with all the facts on the subject, you can stream it on Netflix.


About a third of the world's drinking water is used for meat and milk production. No other food consumes as much drinking water as the manufacture and processing of animal products. By not using these products, you save around around on average 4164 liters Drinking water Every day.


Over 50 percent of the world's grain is fed to livestock. By doing without animal products, you save around in theory 18 kg of grain daily.

Land (forest / rainforest)

Over 16,000 kg of vegetable food can be grown on an area of ​​0.6 hectares of land. With the same area on land, only 170 kg of meat can be produced. It only takes a tenth of this area for a vegan to feed him for a year. To feed a meat eater, it takes 18 times as much land as a vegan.


A full 51 percent of the global greenhouse gas comes from animal breeding. If you put together the emissions of all means of transport (cars, planes, ships, etc.) in a direct comparison, this comes to just 13 percent. By switching to a vegan diet, you can get over 9 kilograms harmful CO2 daily save on.


Livestock farming takes its toll. Above all that of the animals. We produce food for more than 10 billion people around the world. A large part of it simply ends up in the trash. About 10,000 years ago, 98% of the earth was inhabited by wild animals. Today this 98% consists of humans and their farmed animals. With a vegan lifestyle, you not only set an example for the environment and resources, but you also actively help to save animals. Thanks for that.

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Many people are still unaware of the implications of their day-to-day decisions. For this reason, we ask you to share this post with other people in order to point out this problem. With our vegan calculator it is easy for everyone to see what even 30 days as a vegan can do.

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