Where can I sell laptop parts

Laptop defect - sell in individual parts?

Quote from Sirius666S:

If you don't want to continue searching for clues, you have no choice but to sell it.

But would definitely sell it in parts.

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Because of the individual parts, I have to take everything apart again anyway, so I'll be looking for clues one last time. But otherwise sell. Are such parts actually in demand?

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Quote from species_0001:

how do you know the battery is full? probably one day the power socket was over. it still ran with the battery until the battery was empty and from then on it was dark.
of course, other things can be broken too. but this is such a common acer phenomenon that it very likely sounds like it here

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I know that because the notebook hung on the power supply for 1 week, the CHARGING LED lit up, i.e. also charging the battery. And one morning I see that the LED is no longer lit, I want to turn it on and it doesn't work. But the battery should be full to the top after 1 week on the electricity.

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Quote from JamesFunk:

The problem with selling in pieces is that you don't know what's wrong.

And selling every part as defective is probably not worth it ...

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So I know 100% that the display works, the HDD, keyboard, touchpad, DVD drive and the RAM. I tested it on another acer.
The only thing I can't test is the battery, board and cpu, and if necessary I can still put them in as defective, better 2 € than throw in the bin.