What are your soulmate's criteria

Interview about love without limit with Anne Heintze: How we find our soul mate

Anne Heintze has written a new book. In “Soul mate - love without limit” the author describes what a soul mate is and how we recognize it. An unconditional love for other people paves the way to a soul partnership and a happy relationship, also with yourself. We are happy that Anne talked to us about her new book.

Dear Lady HeintzeMany people long for that one partner whom they trust unconditionally and with whom they share a deep love. Does it really exist - our soul mate, who is only meant for us?

Yes, there is this soul mate, but that doesn't mean there can only be one. There are many souls with whom we are connected and we can all encounter them if we want to see them.

The unconditional love full of trust can also be lived without the belief in soul partnership. Soul mates are not always automatically life partners with whom everyday life can be lived in harmony, on the contrary: These encounters are often a single challenge to our trust in ourselves and other people. Soul mate teach love (n.)

And how can we recognize our soul mate?

This question no longer arises with people who have met a soul mate: They just feel it deeply within themselves. Your inner being goes into a resonance, it is a knowledge and recognition beyond the mind.

In your book "Soul Partner - Love Without Limit" you describe a path to unconditional love. What do you mean by unconditional love?

Soul love is unconditional: it does not demand, it gives freedom, she has the welfare of the other in mind. Unconditional love lives from the desire to know the kindred soul in happiness and contentment. The pure Love without limit will strive for it and act in such a way that the partner can be happy. One would like to make life easier for the partner and use closeness to the heart for a never-ending love.

What inner qualities do we need in order to live unconditional love?

You can prepare intensively to live love without limits: through self-love, honesty towards yourself, paired with loving openness towards other people. Tenderness, sexuality, closeness, humor, laughter - dialogue on all sensual levels, are also among the ways to love without limit.

Especially when it comes to the topic Self love the way to a happy soul partnership leads through the happy relationship with oneself. One can only develop appreciation for another person if there is appreciation for oneself.

What is the difference between a "normal" love relationship and a soul partnership?

Most love relationships start with InfatuationHowever, soul partnership often skips this infatuation. There is immediately a deep connection, an inner recognition of the other noticeable. Often it feels like coming home warm. It feels different than the famous lightning strike, which is often used to describe hot love at first sight. Then it is often the case that it is unbelievable Parallels were in lovers' lives or previous occasions where they might have met.

Many people “strangle” a lot in new relationships, in soul partnerships this is often not necessary, because it is not necessary because this enchanting bond exists from the beginning. Soul mates often communicate non-verbally.

For all singles: Is there any point in going on a targeted search for a soul mate? And how do you even recognize this special person who is meant for you?

The one thing about targeted search is that it is mostly dated Will fed. But this prevents the "Flow“, Let it happen or, in the worst case, make it impossible to find your soul mate. Nevertheless, everyone can do a lot to invite their soul mate into their life: by preparing themselves for the love in their life and learning to trust their own wisdom.

On the basis of self-love, the soul mate is found much more easily. In the book, I presented 25 criteria that make it easier for you To recognize soul mates and many ways that invite love into life without limit.

Let’s assume that you’re jubilant because you met someone who throws you completely off track. Is being madly in love a sign of soul partnership?

Such intensity of feeling can be in love and feel similar to the encounter with a soul mate. But being in love is above all connected to biochemical processes: The Hormones play crazy. We all know that. And we all know the feeling when falling in love disappears. Soul love is something different: an inner recognition of the other person, the feeling of having known each other for a very long time, a deep one Shaking of the soul, the knowledge of the nature of the other and the unintentional and unconditional love without limit.

What is your advice to people who are looking for a partner? What can you specifically do to find your soul mate?

Always show yourself completely, be completely honest with yourself and do not pretend. Show everything you are and have all strengths and weaknesses. Share your thoughts and feelings, talk about yours Fears and longings. Do not bow down, do not wallow in mistakes and flaws, but leave the victim role forever, never to return.

The key to love in partnership is self-love. Only those who love themselves can also be loved and give unconditional love to other people.

You write that a relationship between soul mates does not necessarily mean a lifelong partnership. The decisive factor is not the duration, but the intensity that enables both partners to grow internally. Still, how do you deal with it when such a special relationship ends?

Grief, suffering, regret. Intense and without avoiding all of the pain that comes with it. Otherwise they will only get bigger. Then: carry on. True to the motto: "Fall down, get up, straighten the crown, go on". BECAUSE: The experience of having found a soul mate also means that deep Ability to love is available.

That gives courage, that gives hope. My own experience, and that of many other people, shows: Anyone who has been able to experience such love once, accept and give it, will do it again. Because he invited love into his life!

Thank you for the interview!