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Totally versed: These are the 25 hottest series!

Rank 25: Two and a Half Men

23rd place: The Good Wife

This series looks almost asexual on the surface, so the characters act in a controlled manner - above all the eponymous Alicia (Julianna Margulies). That is why the occasional sex scenes tingle immensely just because of the surprise effect. The actors actually manage to bring eroticism onto the screen in a believable way, even without a lot of bare skin.

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22nd place: girls

The woman is herself: Lena Dunham's handling of the “normal” everyday life of young women in New York - including sex - made the series a hit. The unexcited, almost casual staging of many bed scenes is particularly noticeable. Just happened, so the message.

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Rank 21: Magic City

The series - which ran into two seasons - tells the story of a hotel owner in the 1950s who got involved with the mafia to save his business. His hotel is visually very revealing, which is ensured by high-class prostitutes and gangster lovers.

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20th place: Shameless

The father is an unrestrained drunkard, the family is constantly broke ... How do you pass the time? The at least adolescent members of the clan quickly develop a few good ideas that the viewer explicitly admires. From flower sex to abstruse varieties, everything is represented - the characters always remain lovable.

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19th place: The Affair

The drama about an affair with serious consequences is not only nobly cast and acted, but shows sex in different variants - and always very believable. Above all, the intimacy between the figures creates a crackling erotic tension.

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18th place: nip / tuck

Two cosmetic surgeons and a full-blown excess of testosterone: that's the basis for this series. While one of the married men only dreams of forbidden fruits, the other lives out everything - and everything is easy to see. “Nip / Tuck” is undoubtedly the most erotic doctor series.

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17th place: Lost Girl

It is not entirely irrelevant that the charismatic (and beautiful) Bo finds out while having sex that her vagina is a deadly weapon. Because Bo is a succubus: a female mythical creature who steals the semen from sleeping men unnoticed. She struggles against her nature, but quickly encounters difficulties.

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16th place: Banshee

10th place: True Blood

The vampires in the "True Blood" universe not only have a thirst for blood, but also a mighty libido. In the humid south of the USA, the climate alone seems to provide erotic tension, because here basically little time goes by until two - or sometimes more - actors shed their clothes and good manners and attack each other. Sometimes it ends fatally ...

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9th place: Hung

Ray (Thomas Jane) has a big thing up his sleeve and after a few domestic disasters decides to make a lot of money with this gem. But he's not exactly lucky when it comes to choosing his pimp, which leads to heavily erotic, but not always lucrative sex scenes.

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8th place: Game of Thrones

Actually, the characters are fighting bitterly for power over the continent of Westeros. But the scriptwriters miss few opportunities to put their actors in the picture without textiles. Emilia Clarke, who plays the role of Daenerys Targaryen, has since spoken out against playing nude scenes any longer.

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7th place: requests

The animal in man plays a big role in the werewolf series. And this animal obviously places great importance on reproduction. It's good that the actors are anything but camera shy when it comes to the point. The aesthetic illumination of the lively hustle and bustle provides additional stimuli.

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6th place: Orange Is the New Black

3rd place: Californication

Combining sex and humor in a great mix - is that even possible? Sure, “Californication” shows how it is. There is a lot to see here, but also a lot to laugh about at the sometimes absurd varieties of physical love. The sex scenes get a lot of pepper from the cast, especially the laconic David Duchovny.

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2nd place: Masters of Sex

Not only actress Lizzy Kaplan makes this series an erotic highlight, but also the plot - after all, it's about sex in all conceivable forms. Pleasing: Although the scenes cover pretty much everything between clinical unemotional sex and pure passion, they are never embarrassing.

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1st place: Spartacus

More is not possible: In ancient Rome there was apparently more sex than meals a day. Fighting and intriguing sometimes become a minor matter. In any case, the well-trained performers shine not only in the dusty arena, but also in the ancient lotter bed with varied positions.

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