Helped Raikage with Borutos training


Tsunade is the granddaughter of the first Hokage and the great niece of the second Hokage. She was a former member of Team Sandaime. She is best known for her excellent Iryonin abilities, which are deadly in connection with her extremely high physical strength. She is also a member of the Densetsu no Sannin from Konoha with Orochimaru and Jiraiya. Furthermore, after the death of the third, Hokage, she became the fifth generation.

Tsunade is a slim, middle-aged woman, but outwardly she has the appearance of a young woman, since her appearance is a permanent henge no jutsu, which gives her a young look. During the fight with Jiraiya against Orochimaru, her chakra consumption was so high that her body could no longer sustain the transformation after the fight. This gives her her real appearance again, but her body immediately rebuilds the transformation.[5] Even when Pain invaded Konoha, Tsunade lost all of her chakra and thereby her youthful appearance.[6] Since she then falls into a coma, this time this condition lasts longer. She has beige-brown eyes and hydrogen-blonde hair, which she has tied back in two braids and extends to her back. She also painted her fingernails and toenails red. Her lips are made up in a subtle pink. She has a purple yin seal on her forehead, which resembles that of her grandmother. Before losing it in a bet against Naruto, she wore the turquoise necklace of the First Hokage. In a conversation with Kakashi, Jiraiya mentions that Tsunade's chest is 106 cm.[7] Mostly she has a green coat that she wears openly with a red circle on the back 賭 (kake, "Bets") it says, which is probably an allusion to your hobby. Underneath, she wears a gray blouse, but without sleeves and with a wide neckline. She wears a blue belt around her waist, which is the same color as her trousers, and she also wears black high-heeled shoes. She is also known as the most beautiful kunoichi in the world.[8]

Tsunade is not the type of person who peddles his feelings and even less is she subtle. She is loud, energetic and passionate, outwardly has a very rude way with others and because of her strength, she is easily classified as a "scary person". It was only since her return that Tsunade found her love for Konohagakure and all its values ​​in her heart. She has been very discouraged and hurt at the deaths of the people who mattered most to her. Despite all this, she is quickly classified as superficial due to her rude nature. Very few people see that there is more behind the facade. She is also a very quick-tempered personality and often lets her emotions run wild, like when she found out about Kakashi's death, but she quickly regains her composure.[9] She also often tends to forget or get over her troubles with alcohol. She is downright an alcoholic, because she doesn’t say no to a sip of sake even when she has to do chores or other more important things as a hokage. Ironically, she does not tolerate a lot of alcohol and therefore has to throw up now and then, if consumed too much.

Tsunade with her lover

She also suffers from a gambling addiction, which she apparently inherited from her grandfather, the Shodai Hokage.[10] Because of her lack of talent in it, she is recognized all over the world Densetsu no Kamo (伝 説 の カ モ, "Legendary Sucker") known.

The reason for her former bitterness is the loss of two special people. Both her little brother Nawaki and her great love Dan wanted to become Hokage in order to protect the people in their village. But they both lost their lives in the Second Ninja World War. After losing her little brother, Tsunade was Konohagakure even more determined to protect her grandfather's legacy. After Dan's death, however, Tsunade changed. As a result of these experiences, Tsunade became cold and apathetic and rarely shows her true feelings outwardly, and after the death of her lover, Dan, she developed an enormous fear of blood, which holds great disadvantages for an Iryōnin.

She left her home with her student Shizune and the pig Tonton. Due to the negative events in the past, she also lost the will of the fire. But she regained it after meeting Naruto, whose appearance and character reminded her of these two, so she finds her old self again. Over time, she worries more and more about the villagers and does everything to protect them. So she is very shocked at the extent of the destruction caused by Pain. This makes her look very kind-hearted in contrast to Danzō. This, however, not least contributes to her coma.



She was on a team with Jiraiya. Jiraiya seems to be very impressed by Tsunade's appearance, he showed his interest from the first meeting with her. But all his attempts to seduce her failed. She is also so disgusted by his perversity that she almost killed him with six broken ribs, both arms broken and some broken organs when he tried to tense up in the women's bathroom.[11] Nevertheless, he is very important to her, even if she denies it, she was very worried about him when he told her that he wanted to leave for Amegakure. She is ready to leave everything behind in order to come to his aid if he gets into trouble. In addition, Jiraiya was in love with her all his life without her knowing about it.

Dan Katō

Dan Katō was Tsunade's lover. They met at a congress where he, like Tsunade, campaigned for more medicine ninja in combat. It turns out that Dan has also had the experience of losing a sibling and they are otherwise very similar. She gave him her grandfather's necklace. But in the course of the Second Ninja World War he died in her arms as a result of severe injuries that even Tsunade was unable to heal. This event left deep emotional wounds on Tsunade.[12]


Shizune is one of the few people who Tsunade really trusts and lets close. She left the village behind with Tsunade a long time ago and was taught by him in Iryōninjutsu. She also seems to be the more sensible of the two as she tries to dissuade Tsunade from entering into a deal with Orochimaru. She is loyal to Tsunade and cares a lot about them, for example if Tsunade has drunk too much alcohol again or neglects her work as a Hokage. She is also completely overwhelmed by her joy when Tsunade wakes up from her coma.[13]


Naruto stands protectively in front of Tsunade

At first she underestimates Naruto, but later she recognizes the same will in him as in Dan and Nawaki. He ultimately helped her choose to return to Konoha to become Godaime Hokage. He has grown very dear to her during the course of the plot, so she wants to protect him at all costs, even if she will pay for it with her own life. She has great confidence in him, so she firmly believes that one day he will become a Hokage and she is convinced that he is strong enough himself and no longer needs protection.[14][15] In the fight against Pain, Naruto protects her from him, while she recognizes Minato and Jiraiya in Naruto. In the fourth ninja world war she supports him because she firmly believes in him and his abilities as Jinchūriki. To do this, she even stands in the way of the supreme commander of the Shinobi Alliance, the Raikage.[16][17]


Sakura asks Tsunade to accept her as her student after she realizes that she could do nothing to save Sasuke. Since Tsunade discovers the same will and motivation in Sakura that drives her and through Kakashi knows about Sakura's intelligence and strong will, she accepts them as a student. However, she announces in advance that she will not be squeamish about Sakura.[18] She teaches Sakura both Iryonin techniques and the necessary chakra control. As a result, Sakura learns devastating physical attacks just as Tsunade can do. Due to the excellent chakra control, Sakura is able to form the Byakugō no In like Tsunade, by releasing it, Sakura can use the Ninpō Sōzō Saisei - Byakugō no Jutsu and is thus next to Tsunade, the only Iryonin set up by Tsunade -Break rules. In addition, the Sannin taught her student to summon Katsuyu. She is also very proud of Sakura's performance on the battlefield in the fight against the Jūbi.[19]

Childhood and Team Sandaime

Even as a little girl, Tsunade learned from her grandfather, the Shodai Hokage, her later passion, betting, which Hashirama regrets but takes with humor. As Genin, Tsunade is with Jiraiya and Orochimaru in the team of the third generation Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Sandaime Hokage conducted the happy test with the young team, in which Jiraiya obviously fails because he is tied to a tree trunk in the end. Tsunade makes fun of it, Jiraiya, who doesn't like it at all, gets angry and insults her as Flat chest tsunadewhich, in turn, angered Tsunade. Jiraiya and Tsunade clash even more often because of their personalities. Her grandfather, whose necklace she inherited, passed away at an unknown date.

Second ninja world war

The Sannin face Hanzo

The Second Ninja World War raged, at the time her little brother Nawaki was twelve years old. For his birthday she gave him her grandfather's necklace, which he was visibly happy about. The next day, however, Nawaki died brutally in combat. So Tsunade got the chain back.[20] With her two teammates, Tsunade meets Hanzo, the leader of the village of Amegakure, in battle. Despite all their skills, they are inferior to this after a tough fight, but this one is impressed by the fact that the relatively young ninja are the only Konoha Nins to have survived the fight against his soldiers, so he spares their lives and gives them the title Densetsu no Sannin (伝 説 の 三 忍, "Legendary Three Ninja"), which made them famous in the shinobi world.[21] On the way back to Konoha they meet three war orphans who ask them for something to eat. As the three ninja make their way home, the three run after them. Tsunade asks bluntly what else they want when Yahiko explains his request, Jiraiya decides to stay with the orphans and suggests that Orochimaru and Tsunade return to Konoha alone. Due to the death of her little brother, Tsunade campaigned intensively for more Iryonin to be used in combat in order to reduce the number of victims and proposes this at a conference, but it meets with little approval. She is supported in this matter by Dan, her future fiancé. He too lost his little sister in the fight and therefore the desire to protect the people he loves and to become Hokage. She also gives him her grandfather's necklace as a present. But even he does not succeed in realizing his dream, as he dies in a later battle of his serious injuries, despite Tsunade's efforts to heal him. [12]

As a result of this experience, she develops strong fears of failure and a phobia of blood, which prevent her from continuing to work as a ninja. Together with Shizune and the pig Tonton, she leaves the village and travels a lot. She mainly passes the time with gambling and betting. However, she is not particularly successful in this and is known as a legendary loser, which is why she is also heavily in debt. However, she does not give up hope and tries her luck again every time.[22]

Looking for Tsunade

After Orochimaru attacked Konoha [[and his arms were sealed, he comes to Tsunade, who has just left a casino to have his arms healed. She is surprised to see them again and notices that his wound is not a normal injury and asks him how he got it. When he tells her that he killed her former teacher, she is shocked and says he has not changed a bit, but threatens him with death immediately afterwards. However, in return, Orochimaru offers her to revive two of her loved ones: her brother and her fiancé. However, Tsunade is not sure whether to do it, so Orochimaru gives Tsunade one week to decide. Jiraiya and Naruto also go in search of Tsunade at the same time in order to offer her the position of Hokage. The two of them find her by chance in a bar and inform her about the current events in Konoha and make her an offer to become Hokage, which she refuses. When she criticizes the "profession" of the Hokage, Naruto loses his composure and challenges her to a fight. She accepts and says she, as one of the legendary Sannin, doesn't need more than a finger to hit him.

Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru meet

After all, she wants to know from Naruto why he is so upset. The reason is that Naruto also wants to become Hokage. Tsunade recognizes the same enthusiasm and determination to become Hokage in Naruto that Dan and Nawaki had. Naruto tries to attack Tsunade with his incomplete Rasengan but fails. Tsunade still doesn't take him seriously, however, and bets him on the First Hokage's necklace that he won't be able to learn the Rasengan in a week. The evening before she informs Orochimaru of her decision, Tsunade knocks Shizune - who wants to prevent her from her plan - and puts a powder in Jiraiya's sake to prevent the two from following her. Opposite Orochimaru, however, she decides against his offer and tries to kill him because she cannot reveal the dream of Nawaki and Dan. A fight begins between Tsunade and Kabuto.

Tsunade is injured by Kabuto, but Naruto, Jiraiya and Shizune rush to help Tsunade in time. While Jiraiya is fighting Orochimaru, Shizune tries to render Kabuto harmless, but she does not succeed. When he tries to kill Tsunade, who is also badly injured, Naruto intervenes. Although Kabuto is far superior to him at first, he does not give up and ultimately even manages to use the Rasengan. Tsunade is very impressed and pulls himself together again. She fends off all attacks by Orochimaru on Naruto by throwing herself in front of Naruto to stop the sword blows and stabs, and afterwards gives him her grandfather's chain. Finally, she loosens the seal on her forehead to regain her strength, thereby releasing enough chakra to use Sōzō Saisei, thereby healing her severe injuries. She now decides to give everything to protect Konoha as a fifth generation Hokage. Well, when Jiraiya's strength also returns, the three Sannin summon their Kuchiyosetiere and the fight between the three goes into the next round.

Tsunade kisses Naruto on the forehead

Tsunade manages to seriously injure Manda with Gamabunta's giant sword as the battle progresses. Orochimaru tries to strangle Tsunade with his tongue, but this is able to free itself through her strength and knocks Orochimaru down. The angry Manda disappears, Orochimaru and Kabuto realize that they have lost and are forced to flee, but Orochimaru threatens to destroy Konoha. In memory of her late brother, Nawaki and her lover, Dan, she puts the chain of the First Hokage on Naruto because he won the bet. Due to the high consumption of chakras during the fight, Tsunade cannot maintain her youthful appearance for a short time.

Later, in a bar, Naruto expresses his displeasure with the impending appointment of Tsunade as Hokage, and she challenges him to a fight. This time she only uses one finger in the fight, but she only uses it to knock off Naruto's forehead protection and then kisses him on the forehead. Naruto is now more forgiving and together they leave for Konoha.

Tsunade as Hokage

Back in Konohagakure, she keeps her promise she made in the fight against Orochimaru and accepts the post of Hokage. After her return, she first takes care of Sasuke and Kakashi, who were injured by Itachi Uchiha, then examines the seriously injured Rock Lee, although she initially has no good news for the latter and even advises him to end his ninja career. When Izumo and Kotetsu bring her the news that Orochimaru is after Sasuke and the young Uchiha has already made the village on the way to her former comrade, she decides to call Shikamaru, who immediately puts together a team to bring Sasuke back . Meanwhile, Lee decides to take the risk and have an operation - although the chance of success is only 50% and he will die if he fails - because being a shinobi is his dream. Tsunade is also a bit more optimistic and agrees to the operation, which ultimately succeeds. After it became known that Sasuke Uchiha had left the village to join Orochimaru, she formed a team led by Shikamaru Nara and sent them away to bring Sasuke back. She also asks Sunagakure for support for the team. Although the team manages to defeat the Otogakure no Shinobi Yonin Shū with the support of the Sunanin, they can no longer save Sasuke. Chōji Akimichi is badly injured, but Tsunade manages to heal him. After Sakura visits Naruto in the hospital and learns that Sasuke could not be brought back, she asks Tsunade to teach her Iryōninjutsu out of frustration at her weakness and fainting.

Later, while Naruto and Jiraiya are on a training trip, Tsunade accepts Sakura as her student and teaches her Iryonin techniques and Taijutsu. Otherwise, the desk work that is a Hokage's job is not exactly Tsunade's taste, and Shizune often has to discipline her to do all the paperwork. Her face is also carved on the Hokage monument during this time.
After Naruto and Jiraiya return from their training trip, she assigns Team Kakashi to bring back Kazekage Gaara, who was kidnapped by Akatsuki, despite the risk posed by the organization. Later in a conversation with the two elders, who want to persuade Tsunade not to send Naruto on the mission, which includes finding out Orochimaru's goals and also finding Sasuke, as this is far too dangerous, as Akatsuki is lurking for Naruto However, Tsunade manages to convince the two of them, but suddenly Danzo Shimura appears, so Team 7 is assigned a new team member, namely Sai from Anbu Ne. Since Kakashi is unable to do so, she assigns a Anbu named Yamato to the team. After a Ninsō Tsunade reports that the Hi no Tera was destroyed by two Akatsuki, Chiriku was killed and the two are now in Hi no Kuni, Tsunade decides to act and set the newly founded Nijū Shōtai on the two Akatsuki. After Naruto's fight against Kakuzu and Hidan, she examines Kakuzu's corpse, discovering severe microcellular injuries from Naruto's Fūton: lawn shuriken, which also appear on Naruto's arm. Therefore, she forbids the use of this technique and demands that Kakashi and Yamato tell Naruto about it.

The hunt for the Akatsukian leader

Jiraiya visits his old teammate because he has new information about Akatsuki, Tsunade wants to know all the information immediately, but he invites her to have a drink at Shushuya to tell her there. She can't resist that and so they talk lively about their past and their lives, so you can tell how close the two are. Tsunade also seems to have known Naruto's parents.

Tsunade is overwhelmed by her grief
She also tries to talk Jiraiya out of the dangerous plan to track down the leader of Akatsuki, fearing he will not return alive, but he calms her down and suggests a wager that she will bet he will die and he against it and says that she doesn't have to worry as she has never won a bet. It is Tsunade who later reports on Jiraiya's death with Fukasaku Naruto. At first she seems very composed, even when Naruto accuses her of negligently accepting Jiraiya's death. She immediately takes action to resolve the code Jiraiya left on Fukasaku's back. Later, her facade also crumbles and, thinking about the past with her teammate, she bursts into tears.

Pain's attack on Konoha

Tsunade observes the destruction of the village

When she learns that Akatsuki's leader is invading Pain Konoha, she seems to be expecting it after Jiraiya's death. When she sees the picture of devastation, she declares a state of emergency. Thinking of Fukasaku's words about the Child of Prophecy, she wants Naruto to be called back by the Myōbokuzan. However, the elders of Konoha speak out against this measure of Tsunades, in order not to give Akatsuki the opportunity to get their hands on the Kyūbi. Tsunade is angry that they still didn't trust the next generation of the village. Tsunade, however, has confidence in Naruto's powers and tells Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane that Naruto is not a weapon of the village and that they must have confidence. Like her predecessors, she decides to defend Konohagakure with all her might. She goes to the roof of the Hokage residence and summons Katsuyu, who splits up to heal the villagers together with Tsunade. When she learns of Kakashi's death, she loses her temper for a short time and destroys a pillar of the Hokage seat. When Chōji shows up to give her new information about Pain's abilities and appearance, she immediately regains her composure and tells him that his father's life can be saved if he rushes to get him to the hospital.

Together with Katsuyu, Tsunade heals the villagers

Then suddenly Pain appears in Tendō's form, the Anbu immediately notice from his appearance that it is the enemy. Pain remembers Tsunade and says they haven't seen each other in a long time. Tsunade also remembers and identifies him as one of the three orphans from Amegakure, he immediately asks about Naruto, but Tsunade doesn't give him an answer when he explains his plan to Tsunade how he wants to create peace, she gets angry and hits him, he shouldn't underestimate the fifth Hokage and thinks that Akatsuki is nothing more than a pact of terrorists. However, Pain interrupts her and replies that she shouldn't be so arrogant and that her peace is only possible through the suffering of others. Tsunade admits that Konoha has not always acted justly, but that this does not justify his way and she will continue to fight him and that Pain Naruto will never get when he replies that the Konohanins cannot protect Naruto forever, she says that too not necessary as Naruto is strong now. But suddenly Pain sinks into thought and says that Naruto is not here but in Myōbokuzan. When Tsunade heard this, she was deeply shocked. Pain says there is no more reason to stay in Konoha and leaves the roof of the building, but before that he realizes that their attempts to protect themselves from his almighty power are useless and says that they think they are the only ones on which matters, but peace has made them foolish and reckless. He ignores Tsunade's objections and says that only if he teaches them real pain will they understand what real peace is. Then he flies away, Tsunade and the Anbu chase him, but suddenly he stops in the middle of Konoha and uses a devastating Shinra Tensei, which destroys the entire village. The only thing Tsunade could do is to loosen her seal through Infūin: Kai and send all of her chakra to Katsuyu, who uses it to protect the villagers and heal the injured.

Tsunade wants to oppose Pain

When she sees the extent of the destruction, she is speechless at first, but afterwards she swears that she will never forgive Pain for this. Although Naruto arrives and she is very exhausted, she still faces Pain to defend the village as Godaime Hokage and yells at him that she will never forgive him, that he tramples the treasure and dreams of previous generations steps and says she will defeat him as Hokage here and now. However, Pain is no longer interested in her and lets Shuradō attack her, but Naruto protects her by destroying the body with one blow and says she can rest as he now takes up the fight against Pain. She gives Naruto Katsuyu and is then brought to safety by Gamakichi. After doing everything she could, she falls into a deep coma that doesn't seem to be life threatening.

Preparations for war and the establishment of the Jinchūriki

Tsunade wakes up from a coma

Naruto wins the fight against Pain after talking to Nagato, who revives all of the villagers he killed. However, Tsunade is still in a coma. Therefore, at a meeting with the daimyo of Hi no Kuni, a new Hokage is elected. Kakashi Hatake is proposed, but Danzo can convince the feudal lord to nominate him as Rokudaime Hokage. After Danzō arouses the mistrust of the other Kage at the Kage meeting and fled, the other countries are looking for a contact person, it seems that this has been found in Kakashi. Meanwhile, Danzo is defeated in the fight against Sasuke Uchiha and commits suicide to save the village. Since Tobi has declared war, Kakashi has to be appointed the new Hokage as soon as he returns home to represent Konoha, but before that, Tsunade surprisingly wakes up from her coma and is reinstated in office. Immediately after she wakes up, she eats a lot of food, because she thinks her chakra level is not yet normal again and otherwise she will even take on her real appearance again. So she eats up the entire supply of the Hoker residence. After she has finished, Kakashi comes and explains the current situation in the shinobi world. Tsunade is surprised that a shinobi alliance was able to develop with the consent of Raikage and Tsuchikage. She also cannot believe that Madara Uchiha is still alive. She is not very enthusiastic about the forthcoming fourth ninja world war and thinks that the fate of the Uchiha would affect them all now and calls a meeting.

The Kage meet again

Together with Shikaku she leaves for Kumogakure to meet the Kage again. Ōnoki thinks she is actually too old for that and should make a younger place, but she replies that he is no better in this regard. Mifune is of the opinion that they first need information about the strength of the opponent, Tsunade replies that one of their teams has found a hiding place, but it could also be a trap. When the Tsuchikage asks where they are hiding Hachibi and Kyūbi, Tsunade becomes completely furious and says they need the strength of B and Naruto instead of hiding them and that the opponent is Madara Uchiha after all and that they use all the strength they can they have, but Gaara replies that it would be too much of a risk if his friends were also involved. Since the other Kage apparently agree with it and Shikaku, too, sees it that way, Tsunade also agrees, the Raikage already has a place in his mind, namely here in Kumogakure, since no Akatsuki comes from Kumo. When they receive the information that their secret operation, the detention of the Jinchūriki has been exposed and Akatsuki has heard about it, Tsunade is very concerned and says that Akatsuki will most certainly take the initiative, since Naruto and B are the main targets. However, Ōnoki decides to go in order to secure the situation there. The Kage met for the last time before the war to discuss the situation again. You decide which units there should still be. Tsunade advocates that there should be a medicine and logistics unit, as well as a reconnaissance unit, after which Mifune presents his self-designed forehead protection, on which the symbol of the Shinobi alliance is emblazoned, about the unity of all nations in this To illustrate war. When all units march out to battle, Ōnoki and A stay back in Kumogakure, determined to win this war.

Fourth ninja world war

Outbreak of war

Tsunade and A meet Naruto and B

Together with the Raikage and the Tsuchikage, Tsunade sits in the headquarters at the reconnaissance unit and coordinates the events from there, when she learns about all the people who were resuscitated for the war, she is dismayed that her former fiancé Dan could be among them. In the meantime, Shikaku works out a strategy for confronting this force. Ōnoki says that the strategy is perfect except for one point, Shikaku is amazed. Tsunade replies that the conjured Nidaime Tsuchikage is no ordinary shinobi and only Sandaime Tsuchikage can take on him. Then the Tsuchikage sets out to support Gaara's division in battle. The Raikage is also considering heading to the battlefield when he learns that the King Kyōdai have been sighted. Tsunade admonishes the Raikage to calm down, since he is the general of the Alliance after all, but he says that she can only be so calm because she does not know the whole story of the King Kyōdai after A tells her about the peculiarities of the two they do not believe what they have heard. A little later they learn that Kinkaku has been transformed into Kyūbi no Koromo. When the news reaches them that Naruto and B have escaped from Shimagame, A immediately decides to leave and asks Tsunade to come with them. When they meet B and Naruto, she is impressed by Naruto's new Kyūbi chakra mode and the incredible chakra he now exudes. An argument breaks out between Naruto and the Raikage. He is determined to stop Naruto, when Naruto asks Tsunade if she understands him and lets him through, she replies that she is here as the leader of the Shinobi alliance and cannot make any individual decisions as Hokage. Then Naruto tries to get past A, he wants to stop Naruto at all costs, even if he has to kill Naruto for it. Tsunade, who is shocked by the Raikage's decision, tries to stop him, but B gets ahead of her and stops his brother. She replies that if he wants to kill Naruto, the Hachibi must also kill him. When A asks her to help him, she refuses and stands protectively in front of the two of them. She justifies it with the fact that no one else would be able to control a biju so well. But Naruto and B manage to get past the leader of the Shinobi alliance without their help. Then she and A return to the headquarters, where they learn about the Zetsu raids on the Shinobi Alliance and that these consist of their grandfather's cells. So the situation seems more and more hopeless. But Naruto's intervention can stabilize the situation.

Fight against Madara Uchiha

Tsunade and the other Kage arrive

For a detailed description of the fight see here
When the summoned Madara Uchiha almost completely destroyed the 4th Division, Tsunade sets out to fight the Uchiha. Finally she is teleported to the battlefield by the Tensō no Jutsu together with A, which she survives by opening her Yin seal and healing herself with Sōzō Saisei. Once there, she first heals Ōnoki and Gaara. To Madara's statement that Tsunade is weak and that he will kill her first because she is a descendant of Hashirama Senju, but not even close to his strength, she replies that he should not underestimate the Hi no Ishi. She releases her seal and attacks Madara, with the other Kage helping her. Finally, Tsunade even manages to hit Madara, whereupon this is sealed by Gaara. Tsunade congratulates the Kage on their victory, but it turns out that it was just a Mokuton Bunshin and is pierced by the emerged Madara with one of Susanoo's swords. Thanks to Byakugō no Jutsu, she survived and continued the fight.

Tsunade manages to meet Madara

Madara notes that this is the power of Shodai Hokage. Tsunade provocatively asks Madara why he doesn't use Moku Bunshin in order to be in the majority, which would mean, however, that he has no confidence that he can defend himself. Madara replies that there are five of them while he is a single one, but Mei replies that they know about the strength of their counterpart and that there is nothing to be scorned about. Madara agrees with Mei, saying that five against one is a perfect number for a game. He then uses Tajū Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu, one bunshin for each kage. He asks maliciously whether the bunshins should fight with or without Susanoo. After a joint initiative by the Kage, they succeed in defeating all doppelgangers. When they were about to seal the legendary Uchiha, he showed the Kage his true power and revealed his Kanseitai - Susanoo. Tsunade can't believe that her grandfather could fight something like this.

Tsunade meets Dan again

Before it could hit the Kage for the first time, the Susanoo disintegrated because Edo Tensei was dissolved by Itachi Uchiha at that moment. But Madara tries to carry out a frontal attack on the Kage. Tsunade fends off this with her bare fists, but threatens to be spit on by Madaras Susanoo, and her Byakugō no Jutsu stops working at this moment. However, she was able to escape the attack because Dan, who used Reika no Jutsu, rescues her and provides her with chakra again. Now the fight against Madara continues, who has not dissolved and has gained control of his body.Despite the numerous attempts, the five Kage do not succeed in stopping Madara Uchiha. This leaves them all badly wounded. Tsunade herself lies under a tree trunk that has separated her lower half of her body from her torso. However, she still has enough chakra to summon Katsuyu. She immediately offers her help and wants to put her back together. But Tsunade refuses her offer and wants to heal the rest of the Kage before she heals herself.[23]

Fight against the Jūbi and its Jinchūriki

Tsunade is healed by Karin

She is later found by Orochimaru, who is on the road with Suigetsu and Karin. Tsunade, who can no longer maintain her permanent transformation due to the high consumption of chakras, is not at all pleased to see her old teammate again. Katsuyu also reacts aggressively to Orochimaru's demeanor, but the Sannin succeeds in winning Tsunade's trust, and as an additional proof of trust he instructs Karin and Suigetsu to heal her. After the Godaime Hokage has fully recovered and learns about the current situation on the battlefield through Katsuyu, she thanks Orochimaru and decides to go to the battlefield of the Shinobi Alliance with the other Kage, who are also healed.[24] On the way to the battlefield, she hears a voice that she identifies as that of her grandfather, who uses Shindenshin no Jutsu to speak Shinobi to everyone present in order to encourage them to keep fighting.[25] She later arrives on the battlefield with the other Kage to support the Shinobi Alliance. First of all, she heals the weakened Shikamaru, and she also praises her student for her actions. Afterwards, she talks to her resuscitated grandfather, who apologizes to her for the problems he has bequeathed to the next generations.

Trapped in Mugen Tsukuyomi

They now decide to fight together and fell the Shinju. Together with Sakura she releases her Byakugō no In, together they are able to summon a tenth of Katsuyu from the Shikkotsurin onto the battlefield to support the fighting Shinobi. The alliance now supports Sasuke and Naruto in the fight against Jūbis Jinchūriki, together they manage to defeat Obito Uchiha. When the triumphant shinobi demand that Obito be killed, Tsunade puts a stop to them. After the kyūbi has been extracted from Naruto and he is dying, Gaara brings him to Tsunade, but since she no longer has a chakra, she sends Sakura to help them.

Madara Uchiha, who has become the jinchūriki of the Jūbi, starts the Mugen Tsukuyomi, and Tsunade is also caught in it. In her dream, Dan is still alive and Hokage, Jiraiya and her little brother Nawaki are also alive and joking with each other. Likewise, in her dream, Orochimaru never left the village. After the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, the two dissolve the Mugen Tsukuyomi, which frees Tsunade.

After the end of the war, Tsunade passed her position on to Kakashi Hatake.

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As a member of the legendary Sannin and Godaime Hokage, she is one of Konoha's strongest and most capable fighters. She is a remarkable fighter and Iryōnin and is also dubbed the world's strongest kunoichi.[8] According to Jiraiya, no one has yet been able to outdo her in her fighting or medical skills.[26] As a convention of the Senju and Uzumaki clan, it has a long lifespan and strong vitality. Your kuchiyose partner is the nudibranch Katsuyu.

Chakra reserves and control

Tsunade opened her seal

Tsunade has an enormous amount of chakra, which she can control perfectly, so she could heal many people at the same time with the help of Katsuyu and a joint jutsu when attacking Pain on Konoha. [27] On her forehead is a yin seal, in which she has stored enormous amounts of chakra through perfect chakra control, when she loosens the seal through Infūin: Kai, she is capable of chakra-robbing techniques such as Sōzō Saisei or even the reinforced form Byakugō no Using Jutsu, even though she has used up a lot of chakra herself, she is still able to donate Ōnoki Chakra for his last Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu. It can also survive Tensō no Jutsu like this, although it is not suitable for transporting people. With the help of her outstanding chakra control, it is still possible for her to bring her naturally extremely high physical strength to an even higher level, with which her attacks reach an even higher destructive power. She achieves this by releasing her chakra to the appropriate part of the body with great precision, so she even manages to attack Manda with Gamabunta's huge sword or to smash Madara's Susan sword with a simple blow.


Tsunade is a master of Kuchiyose no Jutsu, and she is conjured up by the slug Katsuyu. Their fighting style is perfectly coordinated. With the Katsuyu: Mōryōjika they are jointly able to heal a large number of allies at the same time. As an offensive technique, Tsunade has mastered Ranshinshō, with which she creates an electric field around her hand that damages an opponent's nervous system when hit against an opponent, so that he no longer has control over his movements. According to the Jin's writings, she has mastered the SeishitsuhekaRaiton, Suiton, Katon and Doton. However, she did not show this in the course of the plot.


Tsunade allows certain cells to regenerate through Sōzō Saisei

Tsunade's best known trait is her medical skills, she is famous worldwide for her arts and she is also often called the best Iryōnin in the world.[8] So she was able to heal Kakashi and Sasuke from the damage of Tsukuyomi and also Rock Lee's injuries sustained during the fight with Gaara. Through the development of the Jutsus Ninpō: Sōzō Saisei, she is able to constantly regenerate her cells through chakra and thus heal any kind of injury. Since cells cannot multiply as often as they want, Tsunade shortens their lifespan with each use. Through the further development of this Jutsu, she can use Ninpō Sōzō Saisei - Byakugō no Jutsu, which does not require finger signs, can heal any wound without great effort and whose effect lasts as long as it has chakra, this is what Madara recognizes as the power of Shodai Hokage .[28] Tsunade has also drawn up certain rules for her students, these are:

  1. An Iryōnin has to support her team members as long as they can still breathe themselves.
  2. An Iryonin is not allowed to intervene in the battle.
  3. An Iryonin should always die last on a team.
  4. Only those who manage to master Ninpō Sōzō Saisei - Byakugō no Jutsu are allowed to break the previous three rules.[29]

Taijutsu and physical strength

Tsunades Taijutsu in action

Tsunade possesses tremendous physical strength which, when combined with its speed, is deadly. It is able to split the ground with just one finger or to smash a meter thick wall in one fell swoop. It is also easy for them to throw people 100 meters through the air in one fell swoop.[30] She also proves this strength in the fight against Madara Uchiha, so she manages to smash the chest of Madara's Susanoo. In the further course of the fight she even manages to knock down a complete Susanoo with one blow. Madara herself says that Tsunade's speed is inferior to that of Raikage A, but she is stronger than him. She also has a very high reaction speed, so she was the only one of the Kage who was able to react in time to Madara's attack and fend off Katon: Ryūen Hōka no Jutsu with her bare arms.[31] She also has a very high level of stamina and vitality, so she can still move even though her muscles are torn. Even though she is badly injured and exhausted, she continues to fight Kabuto and Orochimaru. She also survived very serious injuries such as sword stabs in the abdomen or chest. Even in the divided state after the fight against Madara, she is conscious to still try to save the other Kage. This property can be traced back to her ancestors, the Senju and Uzumaki, as she inherited the high life force and vitality.

Other skills

Tsunade is extremely talented in dealing with poisons, so she was able to mix the only antidotes in the Second Ninja World War that neutralized Chiyo's poisons, which is also the reason that she has such an aversion to Tsunade. Furthermore, Tsunade has a very high intelligence, so she is able to heal Sasuke and Kakashi from the psychological consequences of Tsukuyomi. In the mission divisions of the teams, she works strategically, she also pays attention to a balanced line-up. Even if her temperament often gets out of hand, she is very analytical and calculating in combat.

Skills parameters

Tsunade's ability parameter looks like this: