Who would win Batman against Red Hood?

Under the Red Hood? Hot rumors about the "Batman" solo movie!

What was his casting not panned and crushed. Ben Affleck as Batman, that can't be anything! And now? Affleck has already convinced quite a few complainers of himself, the critical voices are based on the previous impressions of Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice noticeably quieter. Warner Bros. stands so firmly behind him that you can take him for the new one Batman- Want to have a solo film as a director and screenwriter, not just as a Dark Knight.

A friend becomes an enemy

But what can we expect there? JoBlo claims to know and can confidently sell its story rumors after having recently won one Marvel- Has hit the bull's eye, keyword Thor 3 - Ragnarok. So let's get started: Red Hood, behind which ex-Robin Jason Todd hides, is said to be in the first new Batman-Film play a huge role, especially for Bruce Wayne / Batman. In principle he is that DC Comics-Answer to Marvels Winter Soldier, a former sidekick who got on the wrong track and later seeks redemption. Should be in the script the "A Death in the Family" and the "Under the Hood" storylines from the comics flow in.

Scavenger hunt with bats

The basic plot: Jason Todd has risen from the dead as Red Hood (via the Lazarus Pit?) And works in the shadows to make everyone believe he is Batman. He makes his former mentor look like a criminal and scatters clues to his true identity, which Bruce is supposed to find and finally solve. We have one of these pointers in the trailer Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice I've probably seen it when the newspaper clipping with the scrawled "You let your family die" really was a "gift" from Red Hood.

Two more old friends

It all leads to a confrontation between Batman, Red Hood - and the joker! Exactly Jared Leto is supposed to act as a top villain alongside Red Hood. His first appearance will be next year in Suicide Squad. And where is Dick Grayson, the first Robin? He is now on the road as Nightwing and is inBatman v Superman - Dawn of Justice mentioned but not shown. To do this, he shouldBatman appear and assist Batman in his battle against Red Hood and the Joker. As well asBatman v Superman - Dawn of Justice as well as for Suicide Squad a cameo by Red Hood would also be conceivable. When casting, you're looking for a newcomer, comparable to Ray Fisher as a cyborg. The Red Hood look should basically correspond to that in the comics and also from the ArkhamVideo games shouldn't be that far away.

What do you think of this flood of information, are there any useful items?