Compared to our ancestors, we are geniuses


All other people do not have the ability to creatively solve a problem or to create something new. Unless they have a flash of inspiration or are kissed by the muse - bullshit - don't let that convince you, this is simply not true.

Joseph Beuys already said: "Everyone is an artist."

I cannot answer whether he is right. But pretty much everyone drew, painted, or made up the most absurd stories as a child. I still remember how little Tom flew into space for hours under a coffee table prepared with a bedspread and had the most exciting adventures. In retrospect, one might think that children instinctively prepare for a creative life and learn creativity through play. Probably because in other times it was necessary to survive in his cave to look at the remains of the animal that had just been dismantled at his feet in order to create a better weapon in a creative way to kill an even larger animal. If you keep in mind that the human brain has not changed for around 40,000 years and the first writings are only around 5,000 years old, one thing is clear to me: humanity has to be creative.

But can new useful ideas be created or problems solved with creativity alone?

Historically, the word “creativity” (creative) comes from the Latin “creare”, which means something like created. Creativity stands for a design, creative potential. This is expressed in aesthetic-artistic areas such as art, design or product development, the free play with ideas, as well as in the concrete solving of problems.

In agency life it quickly becomes clear that a designer is not in a vacuum, but that he always builds on the knowledge of the tried and tested. He also considers the basic rules that are specified either by the customer or the marketing industry. At the same time, it opens up to the unknown, the new through novel combinations of known knowledge. So a good briefing is important!

"We need a nice logo."

That's a sentence you don't want to hear as a designer. As described above, the designer is in a vacuum and it is difficult or simply impossible to fall back on tried and tested standards. One thing must be clear to us: the creative creates these rules himself if he is not given any guidelines. Because only in this way is it possible for him to deviate from the norm or to break out of solidified thought structures. "How can you think outside the box if this is not clearly defined?"

Think again about the story. Creative people such as artists, explorers or geniuses who act haphazardly are generally referred to with little understanding as “weirdos or chaos”.
All those who work with designers should be told: "Please define the parameters, because nobody likes to be a weirdo".

Unrecognized geniuses also include people whose new creations and ideas are not understood, or even seem disturbing to some. These designers or artists are then said to be ahead of their time. But sometimes it's really like being in a shark tank: every attempt to defend a new idea is devoured skin and hair. It is difficult for new ideas. Many ingenious works of art that are celebrated today were despised by contemporaries. The implementation of a good idea is therefore a social process and not a creative one. It goes without saying that this is about the right communication. I am sure that good cooperation and mutual trust lead to ingenious, creative creations and allow us to constantly develop. Just like our ancestors, who improved to kill the largest animals in the forest.

We all have the necessary creative potential. Whether we are able to use it depends on how much we have the courage to acknowledge our creative self and to develop it.



Published by Marina

On July 28, 2017
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