Can we stop killing each other?

To be human?

So this human seems to be a kind of justification.

Let's look at another example. A dog owner goes for a walk with her dog. Suddenly the animal will jump at you and possibly injure you. Some masters stay calm - others beat the dog. If you are a non-animal lover, you will often hear a comment like “But he is badly brought up, you have no control at all?” Or an attempt is made to explain why the dog is jumping up right now.

Two friends are talking on the phone. They know each other very well and spend a lot of time together. Nevertheless, one of them is aggressive, just annoyed and doesn't really listen. The next day he apologizes and the thing is eaten: “That's completely normal. Everyone has a bad day. That's human."

If one researches the definition of humanity, one finds the following: “The term human behavior (with emphasis on the attribute human) has a normative content. (…) Under this condition, the word humanity in a narrower meaning denotes human traits that are objectively considered right or good, for example compassion, charity, kindness, mildness, tolerance, benevolence, willingness to help. (...) "(Source: Wikipedia)

The last three paragraphs contradict each other. The dog is not forgiven, although it is an animal that, according to the animal documentation, is actually primitive. The human being, the more highly developed being, on the other hand, is not given negative credit for social misconduct on the grounds of humanity. According to the definition, human is a trait of the human being that is considered to be correct. There is no aggression or bad mood there. That said, it's actually not human to be intolerant and angry.

So something else has to be human.
So let's look at the facts: What does a person do? How does this affect other species?

The above-average rapid global warming begins with industrialization. This changes the habitat of all species drastically, many die or probably will die. Industrial agriculture needs more and more pesticides and fertilizers, so the soil is destroyed, which has an impact on animals below the ground, and the insect landscape suffers massively due to the monocultures. The pollution of the oceans by plastic waste, among other things, leads to massive deaths of fish. Industrial fishing disrupts the marine ecosystem through massive interference with populations; the bycatch quota is enormous, which kills many animals unnecessarily. The acidification of the oceans caused by global warming causes coral reefs to die and this habitat, which is a shelter for many fish, is lost. The rainforest is being cut down for soy and palm oil plantations, which means death for animal species that are already threatened by other man-made factors. Elephants, whales and other formidable animals are hunted for their meat or certain parts of the body such as the tusks.