How pessimistic are you

Translation of "a bit very pessimistic" in English

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Well, it kind of sounds to me a bit very pessimistic at.

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Mr President, I found it a little pessimistic from Mr. Schulz to shout: We are not the majority.
Mr President, I thought it was a bit pessimistic of Mr Schulz to say that we do not have a majority.
My name is Jonathan Zittrain and during my last few jobs I have always been one bit pessimistic.
Some contributions to the debate were very pessimistic embossed.
It must be said, however, that according to the information available, he was personally very pessimistic is.
However, the 21.1 dB listed in the table as Lges is one very pessimistic Number.
But unfortunately most of these losses are inevitable. The sum of losses in table 1 is declared very hard width the value of 21.1 decibels.
This is how my wife became very pessimistic and was often desperate.
You're a very pessimistic Human.
Here is one very pessimistic Assessment of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin Febr.
Here is a very pessimistic evaluation by the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin Febr.
So my world is very dark very pessimistic.
But we have one very pessimistic Approach to cities.
I do not want to hide from you, Honorable Member, that I am on this issue very pessimistic am
Since we know how long it takes to get legislation into force in the Union, we can very pessimistic be.
Knowing how long it takes for legislation to go through the Union machinery, there is every reason to be very pessimistic.
Mr President, do in terms of the economic prospects of the European Union very pessimistic Forecasts the round.
These very pessimistic Analysis seems correct, and ahead of this year's review conference, it almost feels like the dams are breaking.
This analysis may be very pessimistic, but it would appear to be accurate, and, as we draw near to this year's review conference, one begins to feel that things are at bursting point.
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