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Title: The UN's Corona Solidarity: Warm Words and Economic Sanctions

Solidarity through sanctions? The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution to combat the corona pandemic. It is called for "increased international cooperation". However, an application to end the illegal economic sanctions that are exacerbating the coronavirus consequences was rejected. The fact remains that real solidarity is prevented above all by those Western states that speak of it the loudest. Of Tobias Riegel.

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The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution to combat the corona pandemic, which can be found in this Twitter message. The text calls for "increased international cooperation". A draft submitted in parallel by Russia and other countries, which was supplemented by the abolition of economic sanctions and other key humanitarian issues, was rejected, however. The draft can be found under this link. According to a message from the Russian UN ambassador, he calls for, among other things:

â € œThe rejection of trade wars and unilateral sanctions adopted without the mandate of the UN Security Council to ensure early access to food and medicine; the fight against financial speculation with essential goods.â €

Solidarity only as a phrase

The fact that, even under the impression of Corona, a document was rejected that condemns the illegal economic sanctions that significantly aggravate the consequences of Corona shows: It remains the case - real solidarity is prevented above all by those Western states, the loudest by speak to her. According to the Russian UN Ambassador, these states can be specifically named:

â € œAs you know, our document was not adopted by consensus. Ukraine, Georgia, the UK, the US and the EU prevented it. We regret that a small group of states advocating sanctions-based policies appeared unwilling to heed the UN Secretary-General's call and refused to put aside politicized approaches and interests.

Russia nevertheless supported the resolution that has now been passed, as it is an important signal that should help bring the efforts of the UN member states together, said the UN ambassador. The adopted UN text states (in the familiar style of ineffective warm words), among other things, that one recognizes the â € œunparalleled effects of the pandemic, including the serious damage to societies and economies as well as global travel and trade and the devastating effects on the Livelihoods of peopleâ € œ.

Western myths are exposed

The UN process shed more light on the discrepancy between the empty phrases and the actions of some powerful states. This criticism is not intended to shield Russia and other countries from legitimate criticism, especially with regard to domestic political deficits. In terms of foreign policy, however, a line can be drawn between those states that increasingly initiate and advocate sanctions and those that reject them as political weapons. This attitude is to be supported, without exception all existing economic sanctions include stopped. Anyone who continues to defend them is politically and morally sidelined. The NachDenkSeiten have just described in this article that the corona virus and its consequences have what it takes to expose â € œthe Westâ € and its double standards, which have hitherto been hidden behind media campaigns:

â € œThe rudeness with which some western states are currently (additionally) ruining their own international reputation seems reckless. And not only its own reputation is threatened: At the same time as the national reputation, the EU as a political idea is also deprived of the last vestige of its aura. The pace of the (additional) erosion of the reputation of the EU and the US is staggering. Doesn't the defeat in the area of ​​propaganda self-portrayal towards China seem sensitive? The new ambassadors of humanity are therefore no longer the bearers of freedom and the market economy from the West, which have always been a media myth. These ambassadors seem to come from Cuba, China and Russia today.â €

The article also sees opportunities for knowledge in the current intensification:

â € œAt the same time, broad sections of the population may finally be aware of what has always been screaming at high heaven, but has been masked by democracy under phrases: The western sanction regimes are all (without exception) a crime. (â € ¦) For a long time, with the help of compliant journalists, Western states have succeeded in obscuring these crimes, at least vis-à-vis less informed citizens.â €

â € œMeans of economic coercion are to be rejectedâ €

The episode in the UN can be a further piece of the puzzle in this erosion of the reputation of the EU and the USA in particular. It is not surprising that this erosion is countered by the allegations of state propaganda, primarily by the Russian side. The current UN process is taking effect at a time when Western economics and the wars, sanctions and meddling caused by Corona are already under closer scrutiny, as the NachDenkSeiten have described in the article â € œCorona unmasked the Westâ €. One of the highlights of this unmasking is described there by the US medium â € œGrayzoneâ € and deals with the currently becoming clear contrast between Western economic sanctions on the one hand and the nonetheless willingness to help of the countries affected by these sanctions on the other:

â € œThe sanctions the United States has imposed on dozens of countries around the world in an attempt to overthrow their independent governments have only made the global coronavirus pandemic worse. But at the same time, some of these nations targeted by US economic warfare have taken the lead in efforts to contain the Covid-19 outbreak. "

The NachDenkSeiten have described further background information on the nature of economic sanctions in this article, among other things. A move by the “77 + China” group of countries represented in the UN is also discussed there. The overdue and important document requires, among other things:

â € œ2. Urges the international community to take urgent and effective action to prevent the application of unilateral economic, financial or trade measures that are not approved by the relevant organs of the United Nations and that comply with the principles of international law or the Charter of the United Nations Nations ... .. are incompatible;

3. Calls on the international community to condemn and oppose the imposition of such measures as a means of political and economic coercion against developing countries ... ..; â € œ

The splitters call for unity

The phenomenon that those journalists and politicians are now calling for â € œsolidarityâ € (and at the same time preventing it in the UN), who have only provoked the social divisions, has recently been discussed in the NachDenkSeiten, among other things, in the article After the bad deed in Hanau: The Spalter call for unity and describe the article The phrase virus: Steinmeier and solidarity.

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