Why do I find Python programming boring

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Post Sun Mar 03, 2013 18:03

Well - very good question. I'll answer that first and I'll also say something about it: NO.

My first programming language was XPROFAN. I knew the basics and also knew some API. Since this language was event driven, I didn't have to use OOP. In the long run, the code became quite unclean, i.e. you could no longer understand and read individual sections so well. My problem with the language was this: The code was getting too 'boring' for me. It was pretty much always the same thing that I probed because you couldn't do everything from scratch with that language. Above all, the registry functions were bad, because XPROFAN is based on 32bit and therefore cannot read 64bit keys correctly. I'm 15 and I'm not even interested in programming games (I actually find this kind of programming boring!). My subject area is registry, network and as a hobby I remove malware. (I'm currently in an English 'AntiMalwareBoard' in training to become a so-called 'Malwarefighter'). It is important to me to know malware internally, i.e. the program code of a Trojan (to be understood as far as possible) and of course to write tools against it. Since Python is a simple and quite high-level language, I chose this one. I have a fixed goal. I want to go on the great adventure of examining the heart of the system. And the script language was also chosen deliberately, you can achieve a lot with small scripts. From this follows: quantity! = Quality. The syntax for XPROFAN is completely different, similar commands would only be len, if, else, while and print. Otherwise everything is different.

I think I'm trying to build a math calculator. Import a module and use its functions. Good or bad idea