Donald Trump's sister likes him

Donald Trump's sister: "He's a liar. He has no principles."

The sister of US President Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, went into court harshly with her famous brother in a private conversation. Trump is a liar and has no principles, says Trump Barry in a secretly recorded conversation with her niece Mary Trump, reports the Washington Post.

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Donald Trump's older sister Maryanne has described the president as an unprincipled, unprepared and lying politician, according to a report. The statements come from sound recordings made by Trump's niece Mary, which she made available to the Washington Post.

"He has no principles," said Maryanne Trump Barry, a retired federal judge, according to the recordings. The 83-year-old condemned the "damn tweeting and lying" of her now 74-year-old brother.

According to his sister, Trump cheated on the university entrance test

According to the recordings, Barry also says that her brother does not read anything - an accusation that is often raised in Washington. Barry also claims that Trump paid someone to take a qualifying test that enabled him to study at the University of Pennsylvania's business school, the Wharton School of Finance.

The niece Mary Trump had already reported this fraud allegation in a book in July without specifying the source; the White House denied at the time. The book ("Too much and never enough - how my family created the most dangerous man in the world") was also published in German in August. Trump's recently deceased brother Robert had tried unsuccessfully to stop publication of the book. On the first day of publication alone, the 240-page book sold 950,000 times.

Reaction from the White House: "Who cares?"

According to the Washington Post, Mary Trump has 15 hours of sound recordings of similar conversations that she recorded without her aunt's knowledge. According to the newspaper, such recordings are legal in New York State. The Washington Post published excerpts of the recordings on its website.

The White House released a Trump statement on the report on Saturday night. "Every day it's something different, who cares," said Trump. Instead of commenting directly on his sister's comments, he said he missed his recently deceased younger brother Robert. It was said that he would continue to work hard for the people in America. Not everyone agreed, but the results were obvious. "Our country will soon be stronger than ever," announced the president. (mgb / dpa / afp)